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Senator At-Large Process

Becoming a Senator At-Large

Immediately following the General Election and throughout the academic year, empty seats on the Students' Association Senate may become available. When a seat becomes vacant the Students' Association Board of Directors hosts an At-Large process which is publicized on social media, the weekly Rabbit Report, and throughout marketing strategics across campus. Any current SDSU student can run in the At-Large process by taking out a petition and completing an interview. Once all interviews are complete, our Board of Directors will vote on a At-Large nominee who will be sworn in at a regular senate meeting. To learn more about being a Senator At-Large and what it entails, view our Bylaws.

There are currently 2 At-Large positions available for the 2023-2024 term.

To take out a petition, please email Vice President Bentz and request a petition. Learn more about the petition process below.