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The SDSU Students’ Association (SA) dedicates itself to providing leadership and vision to the students of the university and to provide for their immediate as well as long-term needs and desires.

Members of the Students' Association are required to fill positions on 2 campus committees. These committees are as follows: 

  • Academic Affairs
  • Academic Appeals
  • Campus Planning and Design
  • Diversity and Enhancement
  • Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability
  • Faculty Development and Leadership
  • Information Technology
  • Integrated Marketing and Communications
  • Intercollegiate Athletic Board
  • International Committee
  • Library Committee
  • Parking and Traffic
  • Research and Scholarship
  • Tenure and Promotion
  • Undergraduate Student Experience
  • Student Conduct
  • University Activity Fee and Budget
  • Wellness Center Advisory
  • University Food Service Advisory
  • Student Union Advisory
  • Student Promotion 


Finance Committee:

All student organizations are eligible to apply for financial assistance from the Students' Association. We offer several categories of funding based on what your organization's needs and goals are.  Please contact our finance chair for more information about how SA may be able to help your unique financial situation.

Communications Committee: 

All communications between SA, SDSU and the public are done in collaboration between the SA Programming & Public Relations Chair and his or her communications committee. If you are interested in collaborating with this committee, contact our Communications Chair