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Campaign Guidelines

Students' Association Election Campaign Guidelines & Grievance Procedures

The following campaign guidelines are defined by the Students' Association Bylaws. All candidates must adhere to the campaign guidelines.

Questions about campaign guidelines should be directed to the Students' Association Vice President.

Contact us with questions about campaign guidelines

Campaign Guidelines: The Corporation Senate shall maintain the following Campaign Guidelines and Grievance Procedures in all Corporation Election Applications.

  1. Campaign Materials
    1. Campaign materials cannot be visible from the polling stations on Election Days and cannot be within fifty (50) feet of polling stations. It shall be the responsibility of the candidates to remove posters within fifty (50) feet of polling stations prior to polls opening.
    2. Campaign posters may be printed at your own expense.
    3. Campaign posters and materials may not use the official Corporation logo.
    4. Campaign posters must include “sponsored by the Office of Student Activities.”
    5. Any materials purchased by Student Fee dollars may not be utilized for campaign purposes, other than the blue painter’s tape available to all students.
    6. Posters must be hung using blue painter’s tape. The Students’ Association will have painter’s tape available for all students in the Students’ Association office.
    7. Other campaign materials may be utilized, unless they have an adhesive backing.
    8. Candidates may not use the Corporation name to reserve meeting rooms or Union Main Street tables for any campaign purpose.
  2. Displaying Campaign Materials
    1. All campaign materials must be displayed in accordance with campus policy.
    2. Posters and signs may be hung in approved areas and bulletin boards.
    3. Those wishing to hang posters in residence halls should speak with Residence Hall Directors at each hall before displaying any posters or signs in the hall. Each residence hall may have a different policy.
    4. Facilities and Services can answer questions about where to display posters and signs in other campus buildings. Facilities and Services does not require that campaign materials be approved before posting. Should posters or signs not be in compliance with University Policy, they may be removed. University Policy may be found in the SDSU Facilities and Services Service Guide under Section I: SDSU Publicity/Posting Policy.
    5. A special bulletin board will be set up in the Main Street of the University Student Union for campaign posters. The board will be provided by the Corporation.
    6. An official ballot photo will be taken of all candidates by Corporation personnel for use on the official ballot. If a candidate fails to take a photo prior to the election, their name will not have an accompanying photo on the ballot.
    7. Campaign materials are allowed on any University Student Union approved advertising space, excluding University Student Union bulletin boards that are different than the bulletin board previously mentioned. All campaign materials inside the University Student Union must be taken prior to start of election.
    8. Chalking is allowed on sidewalks, but not under awnings or any surfaces that would not be touched by rainwater.
  3. Candidates and Campaign Materials
    1. Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates are allowed inside the polling stations; they may wear campaign t-shirts. Candidates may not solicit at all inside the buildings that contain the polling stations. Candidates are not allowed to loiter around the polling station.
    2. Neither candidates nor their campaign volunteers may set up their own polling locations or use computers while in the presence of voters to gain an unfair advantage.
    3. Candidates are responsible for all campaign volunteers and their actions.
    4. Campaign volunteers participating in Get-Out-The-Vote efforts must be outside of all polling station buildings and not within fifty (50) feet of the polling station entrance, which will be marked on election days.
  4. Debate
    1. A formal debate may be organized for Presidential slates after nominations and petitions have been closed. Details will be provided to all candidates at least one (1) week prior to the debate.
    2. Formal debates may be organized for senatorial races.
  5. Election Grievance Procedures:  The Students’ Association maintains a formal grievance procedure for settling election discrepancies and violations.
    1. An acceptable grievance must prove to have an effect on the outcome of the election and/or have malicious intent.
    2. Any candidate who wishes to file a grievance must do so either five (5) working days after the election or five (5) working days prior to the beginning of the new term, whichever is sooner. This grievance must be filed with the Vice President of Student Affairs.
    3. A grievance committee comprised of the Corporation advisors will be created.
    4. The grievance committee will decide to take one or more of the following actions: no action, request formal apology from offender(s) to victim(s), inclusion of victim(s)’ ticket into possible run off, redo election, elimination of offender(s)’ ticket, or other actions deemed suitable by the grievance committee.