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Waneta Hall

About Waneta Hall

I Love Waneta Because...

"Waneta is very inclusive. It's a smaller community so everyone is close to each other. Friendships span throughout the building."

Hall Features

  • Lobby Area:
    • Flatscreen TV with cable
    • Pool Table
  • Kitchen on 1st Floor
    • Cooking Supplies
  • Laundry on first floor
  • Wireless Internet
  • Sand volleyball court

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History of Waneta Hall

Waneta Hall is named after a famous Sioux Indian chief  WANETA ("He Who Rushes On"). Waneta, "a steadfast ally of the British in the War of 1812, was born in about 1795 on the Elm River in northern South Dakota. He was the son of the Shappa Indian Red Thunder. 

Both men enlisted in the British army for the War of 1812 and fought with storied bravery. Waneta was badly injured at the Battle of Sandusky. The British later commissioned Waneta a captain and invited him to London. By 1825, Waneta had allied with the Americans and rejected the British. 

He signed the Treaty of Fort Pierre (1825) and the Treaty of Prairie du Chien (1825). Waneta died at fifty-three years of age near the present-day Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota" (B.E. Johansen & D.A. Grinde, Jr. The Encyclopedia of Native American Biography 1997, p. 406).

Waneta is located on the west side of campus with a main entrance that faces 9th street.