Club and Intramural Sports

Competition = Fun, for... 

Any personality. Any major. Anyone!

When our students aren't busy studying, they're busy having fun!

Intramural Sports

Maybe you were an athlete all throughout high school or maybe you've never played a sport—it doesn't matter—you can do intramurals. The emphasis in intramural sports is three-fold: having fun, being social, staying active. Not a bad combination!

Join an intramural sports team and your competition might be your roommate, your hall mates, or classmates from Biology 101. Or maybe you won't know anyone—but you will soon. At least 6,000 students participate each year.

Club Sports

Feel the need for a little extra competition? Club sports might be for you.

If you’re a member of a club sport, you’ll be competing against other schools. Unlike SDSU's varsity athletic teams, club sports aren’t governed by NCAA and there are no scholarships available for participants.

You will travel for matches, games, and competitions. A few of the club sports are men’s teams and a few are women’s, some are co-ed.

If you want to get in the game, visit the Miller Wellness Center Recreation Programs Department for more information.