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One Month Club

Each year, the brave men and women of SDSU let their razors rust away and allow their beards and leg hair to grow unchecked for the month preceding Hobo Day. Weary Wil and Dirty Lil judge the resulting facial and leg hair (or lack thereof) just before Cavorts Talent Show on Friday night of Hobo Week. Prizes are awarded in four men's categories and three women's categories. So, proud hobos and hoboettes – let it grow!

Registration has closed for this year's participation, but you can still bury the razor in spirit!

Two Week Check-In Information

Submit your two week check-in photo for the One Month Club on October 15 from 8:00 AM through 9:00 PM by clicking on the button below. Any questions or concerns can be directed to Andrea Berends (information below).

Two Week Check-In Form

Rules for One Month Club

In order to remain in competition, all participants must check in after two weeks. Participants will receive a collectible One Month Club button at the two week check-in, and will receive a One Month Club t-shirt at the final virtual check-in during Hobo Week on Friday, October 30th. Winners will be recognized on the Hobo Day social media accounts and will be selected from the category winners. 

Questions? Contact Andrea Berends via email or by calling the Hobo Day Office at 605-688-5524.