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4-H Engineering & Technology

Aerospace and Rocketry

Humans have had dreams of flying long before da Vinci's flying machine. Today we have not only achieved human flight, but continually strive to improve and perfect it. Aerospace combines the study of aeronautics (science of operating air-craft) and aeronautics (science of travel beyond Earth's atmosphere) to design, manufacture and operate flying vehicles. 4-H allows youth to explore aerospace through flying kites, hot air balloons, remote control airplanes, gliders and rockets.

Computers and Networking

Computers have become a part of our everyday life. They are used for manufacturing, retail, agriculture and so much more. In the 4-H computer program, youth can explore the impact of computers in society as well as build websites, develop software and write computer games. 


Every day we flip switches and push buttons to power up various items, but how does flipping a simple switch turn on the light, or how does pushing a button boot up the computer. The answer can be found by investigating electricity and circuits. Within this program area you can learn all about electricity, circuits, voltage, amperes, resistors and conductors. You can wire a lamp, put together an electric motor or even build a radio.  


What gets keeps motor going? Motorized vehicles are used daily for work, travel, and recreation. With owning and operating them, it is important to know how to care for them as well as the safety required to operate them. This 4-H science area allows youth to explore how engines work as well as how to safely operate and care for automotive, small and tractor engines.  

Geospatial Technology

Used in everything from growing crops to tracking down criminals, geospatial technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. Geospatial technology is used to analyze the earth's features and visualize measurements. It generally involves global positioning systems (GPS), geographical information systems (GIS) and remote sensing (RS). 


They're not just a creation of science fiction, they exist all around us. Robots combine aspects of design, mechanics and electronics together to manufacture materials, travel where humans can't, collect data and aid people with disabilities.

Video and Sound

4-H Filmmaking Studio and Workshop is an online space that has videos and virtual workshops geared toward youth interested in making films.


For more information visit the project resource tab of South Dakota 4-H.