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4-H Biological & Chemical Science

Animal Science

4-H Animal project are about so much more than fitting steers and leading them around an arena. It is a project that requires responsibility and allows youth to learn about animal care and aspects of animal science. These aspects include animal nutrition, health maintenance, genetics, breeding and food production. These topics combine various science areas including, but not limited to: genetics, microbiology, physiology, chemistry and reproduction. 


All around us biotechnology is working to fight diseases, reduce environmental footprints, feed the hungry and produce cleaner energy. Biotechnology utilizes biological systems and living organisms to produce products that benefit society.  


Insects and bugs are all around us, you just have to look to find them. No matter how small these creatures are, they have a big impact on the world around them. Through entomology, youth can explore the insects in their backyards and learn the role they play in our world. With 4-H entomology you can create an educational display or start a collection. 

Food Science

If you have ever baked a cake or even eaten an apple, you have taken part in food science. Food science encompasses how our body utilizes food as well as what changes food goes through on its way to our plates. The realm of food science encompasses food safety, food preparation and even nutrition.  

Plant Science

We are reliant of plants for the food we eat and the oxygen we breath. Explore how plants serve these needs and what it takes to make them grow.


For more information visit the project resource tab of South Dakota 4-H.