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Here at SDSU we take an integrated approach to STEM education. At its core STEM education is not about science, technology, engineering, or mathematics independently, rather it is the exploration and implementation of how these areas integrate together. Additionally, we have an inclusive philosophy that acknowledges how content beyond mathematics and sciences can enrich problem-based learning experience. All disciplines, in some way or the other, share a goal of problem solving, whether it is trying to understand something that is puzzling; finding a practical solution to a vexing situation; designing or creating something new and testing and evaluating it; or using prediction, reasoning, and analysis to make a decision, interpretation, or draw a conclusion.

STEM@SDSU conducts STEM related research project and through extension and outreach, provides resources and training for students, parents and teachers. Both of these areas have come together in our Rural Innovation Lab. The Rural Innovation Lab is a collaborative project with a local school district that is implementing an interdisciplinary, problem-based learning environment.