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Guild Acquisitions

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Since its founding in 1971, the South Dakota Art Museum Guild has provided invaluable support and service to this institution. Guild members serve as greeters at the welcome desk, volunteer their time and talent in preserving the collections, act as docents in leading tours, organize and guide engagement activities and organize an annual slate of excellent public programs featuring artists, art historians, curators and more. In 2017, the Guild made a monumental decision to begin designating half of all membership dues to the Guild Acquisition Fund. As a result, the museum approaches the Guild for funding for exciting potential acquisitions.

This exhibit gathers a selection of objects which were acquired for the Museum’s permanent collections with funding from the Guild. The objects on display were primarily made by regional artists, and their dates of creation range from c. 1900 – 2020. In the 1980s the Guild funded the purchase of the photographs by Cynthia MacAdams and J.P. Atterberry, and paintings by Dorothy Morgan and Georgiana Ketiler. In 1991, the Guild funded the purchase of the beaded Lakota dress, which had been held by the Red Bear/Amiotte family. At some point, the dress was separated from its breastplate. The Guild’s donation inspired Cathy and Ken Vogele of Rapid City to locate, purchase and donate the breastplate to the Museum, reuniting these important objects. In recent years, the Fund helped the Museum acquire the works by Keith BraveHeart, Harvey Dunn, Jerry Fogg and Donald F. Montileaux.

The works on display in this exhibit represent the steadfast support of the Guild. Each artwork underlines the trust they have placed in the Museum staff to build a collection that is rich in diversity of practice, media and subject matter. The South Dakota Art Museum thanks all Guild members, past and present, for their support of the museum, its staff and its collections and all they do to inspire creativity, connect people and enrich lives through art!

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The South Dakota Art Museum Guild provided the funds to acquire all of the works in this exhibition. Thank you to each and every Guild Member who has supported the Guild Acquisition Fund through your Guild membership dues!

Operational support for the South Dakota Art Museum is provided by South Dakota State University and the South Dakota Arts Council.