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Arc of Life: Illustrations by Paul Goble

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"Arc of Life" explores different phases of life captured in Paul Goble’s books and illustrations. Nine books have been selected that reference the experiences, joys, growth, wisdom, difficulties and resolutions experienced during different phases of life. The nine phases of life and books represented include pre-birth/creation in Re-making the Earth, infancy and toddlerhood in "Star Boy", early childhood in "Dream Wolf", middle childhood in "The Lost Children," adolescence in "Horse Raid", early adulthood in "Love Flute," middle adulthood in "Buffalo Woman", late adulthood in "Death of the Iron Horse" and death and dying in "Beyond the Ridge."

All of the books these illustrations are drawn from are available for reference in the exhibition gallery. Many are also available for purchase in the South Dakota Art Museum Store.

Learn about the Paul Goble Collection.