Carolyne Hart

Carolyne Hart joined the museum staff in April 2017, moving from Fort Collins, Colorado to lead Marketing and Membership Development. Her focus is raising the museum’s visibility as a tourist destination and in the art community, and as a favorite place for locals and SDSU students and staff to come with family and friends. Also important is developing membership and sponsorship programs that encourage people to support the museum financially and with their time and influence.

Finding creative ways to communicate and connect people has been the hallmark of Carolyne’s career. During her 24 years with Hewlett Packard (HP), Carolyne led strategic marketing and business development project teams throughout Asia, Europe and the United States. In 2007, she followed a creative passion, launching Pressed In Press® where she designed and published devotional gift books featuring her own photography and over 50 family heirloom books that honor past generations, preserve memories for current generations and impart vision to future generations.

Most recently Carolyne served as the Director of Social Media and Digital Marketing for IBEC Ventures, a consulting firm for businesses creating jobs in impoverished communities throughout Asia and Africa. Her interest in international business and culture was sparked early in life, growing up in Ames, Iowa in a family of travelers (including her mother, retired SDSU faculty member, Harriet Swedlund). Carolyne pursued that interest earning degrees in Far Eastern Studies from The University of Chicago and Business Administration from Stanford Graduate School of Business as well as doing thesis research at London Business School and The East West-Center in Hawaii.

As new Brookings residents, Carolyne and her husband Dennis enjoy exploring Brookings’ arts and restaurant scene as well as cooking and gardening at home. They’ve been married 38 years and launched three kids all at once into college, prompting the decision to move closer to their universities and Carolyne’s parents. Social media provides an outlet for sharing the “Never Boring” life at the Hart household and helps Carolyne stay connected with friends across the country.