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Artistic Gem

State's Artistic Gem

The South Dakota Art Museum is the state's artistic gem! The museum serves the diverse peoples and communities of the state and its visitors as South Dakota's premier visual arts resource, leading in preservation practices, museum standards and art education. 

Our crown jewels:

  • Curates more than a dozen new exhibits each year, featuring South Dakota, regional, national and international artists.
  • Leads in Visual Thinking Strategies, a visual arts program that uses art to teach thinking, communication skills and visual literacy.
  • Supports local and regional artists through sales in the Museum Store.
  • Houses and cares for the world's largest Harvey Dunn collection.
  • Collaborates with SDSU on bringing arts to the forefront by including traditional and digital art with music, dance and theatre. 
  • Created the Harvey Dunn Grassland Preservation Project
  • Provides access to our collections for researchers and students, including internships, workshops and service-learning opportunities.
  • Preserves our collections for present and future generations. Watch the conservation survey video.
  • Living our mission every day and caring for our state's artistic treasures.