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Art in the Schools

Lesson Plans

In conjunction with the Fourth Grade South Dakota School Standards in Social Studies, the art museum has developed lesson plan packets about South Dakota artists for grades 3-5 that teachers can use when teaching South Dakota social studies.

The following list is varying topics that the lesson plan packets cover. If interested in receiving any PDF version for personal use, feel free to email us.

  • Art in the Schools
  • Ada Caldwell
  • Arthur Amiotte
  • Ben Reifel
  • Carl Grupp
  • Charles Greener
  • Dale Lamphere
  • Dick Edie
  • Dick Termes
  • Don Montileaux
  • Grete Bodogaard
  • Harvey Dunn
  • Henry Rezac
  • Jes Schlaikjer
  • John Peters
  • Kay Cheever
  • L. Lova Jones
  • Lloyd Menard
  • Myra Miller
  • Oscar Howe
  • Robert Aldern
  • Robert Penn
  • Roger Broer
  • Signe Stuart