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2007: 50 Works for 50 Years

Yan Zhou Xu

The Drought

Yan Zhou Xu was born in Qin Dao City, China. He earned a Master of Fine Art degree from Tulane University. He has studied and taught at the Shangdong Institute of Arts and the Central Institute of Fine Arts in China; at Luther College in Canada; and at Newcomb Art College in the United States. A major figure in the school of rural realistic painting in China and master of contemporary realism, he became a member of the Chinese National Society of Artists at the young age of 24. When he was 28, he became the first artist in China both to publish a monograph and to have a solo exhibition in the Chinese National Fine Arts Museum. In 1990, he became the youngest visiting Fine Arts Professor ever invited to North America by the Canadian Government. He is also the only Asian artist to win the Four Arts Awards in the 68-year history of that Palm Beach, Florida show.

Yan Zhou Xu has had many one-man exhibitions in museums and major galleries. This painting was included in a 2006 exhibition of his work at the South Dakota Art Museum, and subsequently purchased for the permanent collection. He currently lives and works in Loveland, Colorado.

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