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1998: 50 Works for 50 Years

unknown, Oglala Sioux

untitled (women’s breastplate)

This breastplate and a beaded dress not currently on display originally belonged to Maggie Red Bear (c. 1878 - ?). The pair have important provenance and many ties to the museum. The dress and breastplate were passed down to Maggie Red Bear’s adopted daughter, Emma Amiotte (1913 – 1997), aunt of Arthur Amiotte, an important Lakota artist whose collage, Different Worlds, can also be seen in this exhibition. Emma Amiotte was another important Lakota artist, whose dolls are represented in the permanent collection. After being sold, the dress was purchased from the Parsons Indian Trading Post and Museum by the South Dakota Museum Art Guild, in 1991, to be donated to the museum. The breastplate was sold to O.J. Lair and then purchased by Cathy and Ken Vogele to be donated to the museum in 1998. The Vogeles recently donated their important collection of American Indian art and artifacts to the museum and the exhibit of moccasins, baby carriers and dolls are on display in The Cathy and Ken Vogele Collection.

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