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1983: 50 Works for 50 Years

Diana Tollefson


Diana Tollefson (1918 – 2009) was an artist, poet and arts educator. She grew up in Minneapolis, MN and studied under Josephine Lutz Rollins and Walter Quirt at the University of Minnesota. Tollefson was a longtime arts educator in Western South Dakota, completing her career as Professor of Art at Black Hills State College. Midwesterners likely remember Tollefson as the host of the South Dakota Public Broadcasting television programs, Draw with Me and Just Imagine, which broadcast in South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa in the 1960s – early 1990s.

Habitation was the gift of Mrs. Jack Youngberg of Brookings, South Dakota. Mrs. Youngberg's first name and her association with the museum are lost to history. We would love to reach out to thank the Youngbergs for the donation to the permanent collection. 

Did anyone in the Brookings area know Mrs. Youngberg? let us know! 

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