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1980: 50 Works for 50 Years

Mark Lazarus

"Cuttings #32"

Mark Lazarus (1953-) was born in Chicago and was instructor of sculpture and design at South Dakota State University, 1979-1984. South Dakota Art Museum director Joseph Stuart wrote, “[Lazarus’] work in a variety of forms is predicated on a rich imagination, a thorough knowledge of art history and new developments and a sensitivity to intellectual/visual interplay.”

In his Cuttings series, the making and painting of thick paper sheets were preliminary to the cutting of that paper into strips for reassembly. What is seen are various sections of the paper interior, along with the inlays and penetration of shellac from the paper-making process.

The representation of art faculty in the state is one facet of the museum’s permanent collection and this exhibit. Lazarus represents South Dakota State University in "50 Works for 50 Years" with Mel Spinar (1975), Madeline Ritz (1988), Tim Steele (1989), Ada Caldwell (1992), Nathanial S. Cole (1995), Jeannie French (2011), and Peter Reichardt (2018). Additionally, Carl Grupp (1977) and Robert Aldern (1981) taught at Augustana University, Martin Wanserski (1978) and William Wold (1979) at the University of South Dakota.

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