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Saloon Photographs (11/4/21)


These two young men are having fun posing at a photography studio as cowboys in a saloon. The painted saloon backdrop and a few props make for an entertaining photograph. The photograph was taken at the Green Dragon Studio by Jacob P. Hoffman in Sioux Falls. The studio was located at 127 ½ and later 128 Phillips Ave. from 1915 to 1947. Hoffman employed several people, did regular studio work and had a developing department where film could be sent and developed. From 1912 to about 1929, the Green Dragon did postcard photography and printing. The Green Dragon Studio also did wedding photos, portraits, passport photos and sponsored photo contests.

Jacob Hoffman came to Sioux Falls in 1912 from St. Paul, Minnesota. Prior to coming to Sioux Falls he and his partner Ed Reed operated studios in Minneapolis, Fargo, North Dakota, Duluth, Minnesota and Sioux Falls. In 1915, the partnership was dissolved and Hoffman took over management of the Sioux Falls studio.