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Keeping it Under Control (5/12/21)

2021:004:001 Bull Leader1988:026:001 Bull Pole
2021:004:001 Bull Leader and 1988:026:001 Bull Pole

A bull leader or bull tongs hook into a bull’s or cow’s nose or nose ring to control the animal while being transported or receiving medical treatment. The plier action controlled by the spring keeps the leader in place.  A rope or a chain can be attached to the loop end of the device. If a bull was difficult to handle, one could use a bull staff. Bull staffs were designed in the early 20th century as a means of controlling an animal. A staff was roughly 4 feet long with a spring clip at the end. The spring clip attached to the ring in the nose or the loop end of the bull tongs. The staff allowed a safe distance between handler and bull.