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The Unspun Tale: Sheep in South Dakota

The Unspun Tale: Sheep in South Dakota

South Dakota is fifth in the nation for sheep production. It plays a vital role in South Dakota’s agricultural economy, but is often overlooked. The Unspun Tale: Sheep in South Dakota exhibit explored South Dakota sheep production, past and present. It was on display from April 2016-October 1, 2017. The museum staff gathered oral histories, family photographs, and artifacts from all corners of South Dakota to enrich the exhibit’s interpretation. There are hands-on activities for all ages to try to enrich the visitor’s experience.

The exhibit discussed:

  • The elements that make South Dakota a great state in which to raise sheep
  • The difference between range and farm flock production
  • The process of wool: from pasture to a finished garment
  • The different cuts of meat and ways to cook lamb
  • The future of the sheep industry


The Unspun Tale: Sheep in South Dakota is made possible by generous donations provided by the South Dakota Sheep Growers Association, Clarkson Family Foundation, The Shepherd’s Gift: GM1 for HD, Brookings Fiberworks Guild and other private donors.