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Thinking Thursday: Traveling Scavenger Hunt

I think we can all come to the agreement that the past few months have been full of interesting twists and turns – but now that summer is here, many of us are looking for ways to get out of the house find some safe activities to do while on a bike ride, drive, or a walk around the neighborhood.  If you are on the hunt for a fun learning activity for yourself or your family this summer, take our Traveling Scavenger Hunt out for a spin!

Find a helpful video on how to start your scavenger hunt below:



  • Writing Utensil
  • Scavenger Hunt List with Facts (below)


  1. Before you head out on your road trip, bike ride, or walk, print out the scavenger hunt list below this instruction section.  If you don’t have a printer, you can write the list out on a separate sheet of paper or have it handy on an electronic device like a smartphone or tablet.
  2. Get out and explore!  Try to find as many items as you can.  Depending on where and how you are traveling, you’ll find some items easier than others.
  3. As you check an item off the list, share the provided fact related to that item with your family or friends that are exploring with you.  If you want to learn more, I’ve included the link to the source of the information!

Scavenger Hunt Items to Find


Thinking Thursday projects will be posted each Thursday (except for holidays) throughout the museum closure for COVID-19.  For a full list of previous projects, visit our Thinking Thursday website.

Questions? Contact Sarah, the museum's education coordinator.