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Private Events Rental Policy

The South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum (SDAHM) does not allow any activity or event that may result in damage or disturbance to the collection or the facility. All activities and events at the museum must be appropriate for the SDAHM and must be approved in advance by the museum staff. SDAHM reserves the right to determine appropriate use and the right to refuse service. SDAHM programs and events have priority of use. Fundraising events are prohibited unless in partnership with the museum.

Facility Requirements

The museum reserves the right to determine appropriate capacities per event.

  • All sit-down and buffet dinners are limited to 80 people.
  • Receptions serving hor d’oeuvres and drinks (using 1–3 tables) are limited to 200 people depending on the event. Please discuss your needs and the museum staff will determine if it will work in our gallery space.
  • All events must conclude by 11 p.m. and all guests must vacate by this time.
  • All equipment and rentals (i.e. projectors, extra tables and chairs) must be removed by 9 a.m. the following morning. Special arrangements may be needed for Saturday evening events for Sunday pick-up.
  • All refuse and all catering equipment must be removed immediately following the event.
  • Weekend events will be charged a custodian fee. The custodian is only responsible for clean-up of the public areas and removal of trash. Please clean up as much as possible after the event.
  • Moving of museum property is not allowed without permission of the Museum Director. All efforts will be made to accommodate the organization using SDAHM and its guests.
  • Advanced approval is required for any use of decorations, props, etc. inside and outside SDAHM.
  • Advertising and publicity naming the museum as the location may not begin until the event has been approved by the Museum Director.

Prohibited Items:

  • No Smoking
  • Lit Candles or open flames
  • Glitter / confetti
  • Fresh Flowers (brings in pests that eat artifacts)
  • No Fog or bubble machines

Requesting an Event

Request for the event must be made at least 30 days in advance. The Rental Agreement Form must be signed and deposit paid at least two weeks prior to the event. If not completed, the event will be considered canceled. Museum Contact E-mail: SDSU Ag Museum orMichelle Glanzer

Canceling an Event

If the requestor needs to cancel the event, they must contact the museum as soon as possible, SDSU Ag Museum. The SDAHM retains all deposits if canceled within 14 days prior to the event.

Food and Beverage Service

All parties must agree to use SDSU Catering (Sodexo) for catered events held at the museum. The requestor must contact the SDSU Catering directly for their dining and beverage needs. Please contact SDSU Catering or call 605-697-2571. They will directly bill the requestor and payment will need to be made directly to them. The museum does NOT have a kitchen available for use in the Museum.  Any food or beverage will need to be prepared off-site and brought in. The same for any clean up.


Four eight-foot tables and fifty chairs are provided under the rental fee. Any additional chairs, tables, or equipment needed will have to be rented directly from SDSU Facilities. This is a separate charge that will be directly billed from Facilities to the requestor. Please contact 605-688-4136. The museum is not responsible for placing the order for extra tables, chairs or equipment.

Safety and Security

Requestors are liable for damage to the SDAGM and its contents. The Liability Deposit will be returned after the event if no damages occurred from the event. If the requestor needs security, please call the University Police Department for more information.


SDAHM has limited parking for daytime hours. Daytime events require parking passes to be hung from your car mirror. Please talk with museum staff about obtaining your parking passes. Evening and weekend events do not require parking passes.