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Original Museum Video Content and Past Program Recordings

Check out some of our original videos created in house at the museum and recordings of previous exhibit programs.  For more information on any of these subjects, contact the museum at 605-688-6226.


Dyer's Garden Series: Mordant Process


Dyer's Garden Series: Plants for Dying

 “Including Unmarried Women in the Homestead Act of 1862” with Hannah Haksgaard

No Crossroads: Community and the sense of place on the Great Plains with Dr. Tom Isern

 A state in transition, rural South Dakota since the 1970s with Dr. Chuck Vollan

"Proving Her Claim" Author Talk by CK Van Dam 

"One of a Kind" with Dr. Carter Johnson 

"Drowning in Dirt: Joseph Hutton and the Dust Bowl" Speaker Dr. Dale Potts

 "The long depression: South Dakota's Experiences in the 1920's and 1930's" with Dr. Chuck Vollan