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Wounded Knee Occupation


The Wounded Knee Occupation occurred in 1973 when the American Indian Movement seized Wounded Knee, South Dakota and occupied it for 71 days to protest the tribal council president, Richard Wilson.

"Native American activists during the Wounded Knee Occupation. A sign above the door in the background reads “Independent Oglala Nation Wounded Knee.”"
Native American activists during the Wounded Knee Occupation. Sign above door reads, “Independent Oglala Nation Wounded Knee."

Available Resource(s):

The audio from this news story includes first hand accounts of the Wounded Knee Occupation from residents of the Pine Ridge Reservation during the occupation.

This collection of statements from the Oglala Sioux Tribal President, South Dakota senators, etc. explains the events leading up to and following the Occupation at Wounded Knee.

This collection contains information from Senator Abourezk regarding the Occupation of Wounded Knee. Information on how to contact the USD archives can be found on here.

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