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Wounded Knee Massacre

The Wounded Knee Massacre took place December 29, 1890, and was a conflict between the North American Lakota People and representatives of the U.S. government which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Lakota  men, women, and children.

"Image of the opening of the fight at Wounded Knee."
The opening of the fight at Wounded Knee.

Available Resource(s):

This website lists the operating hours of the museum and contact information, along with some information about the event itself.

Visit the Wounded Knee Massacre Monument in Wounded Knee, SD located on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in southwestern South Dakota .

First Hand Accounts from Wounded Knee

Report by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs after Wounded Knee

Surviving Wounded Knee by David W. Grua

A study conducted to preserve the memory of those who were at Wounded Knee in 1890. 


Image Citation: Remington, Frederic, Artist. The opening of the fight at Wounded Knee. South Dakota Wounded Knee, 1891. Photograph.