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Harvey Dunn

Harvey Dunn

"Picture of Prairie is my Garden"

          Harvey Dunn is the most well-known South Dakota painter. He was born near Manchester, South Dakota in a nine-by-seven-foot shack. He went to South Dakota State University to study art. From there, we went to study under Howard Pyle in Delaware. He became a famous illustrator for magazines like, Harper’s Weekly, American Legion Monthly, and The Saturday Evening Post. Towards the end of this life, he taught art in New York.


South Dakota Art Museum – Harvey Dunn: Imagining Others

               Open now until December 11, 2019

Dunn, Harvey. An Evening in the Classroom: Notes Taken by Miss Taylor in One of the Classes of Painting (New York: Dover Publications, 2019).

               This book reflects on Harvey Dunn, the teacher.

 Karolevitz, Robert F., The Prairie is My Garden: The Story of Harvey Dunn, artist (North Plains Press, 1969).