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Make-It Monday: Garden Markers

Spring means garden planning for many people across the state – gardeners are eagerly making plans, buying and starting to grow seeds, and dreaming of warm, summer days.  If you are looking for a fun way to show what you are growing this year, check out these fun garden markers!

Find a helpful how-to video below:

"Corn and Peas Garden Marker Rocks"


  • Rocks
  • Paint (variety of colors)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Permanent markers (optional)
  • Paint pallet (or disposable plate)
  • Clear sealant (optional)
  • Paint protection (smock or old t-shirt to wear and tablecloth or something to work on)
  • Cleaning Supplies (water, soap and paper towels)


  1. Let’s get ready to paint! Throw on a smock or old t-shirt to wear in case you spill some paint and cover your work surface with a tablecloth or something you can get paint on.
  2. Gather your rocks and clean them with soap and water. You’ll want one rock to mark each thing you are planting.  Allow rocks to dry.
  3. Pour out some paint onto a paint pallet or plate to use for a base coat.  I suggest using something that is bright and easy to see on the grass or soil.
  4. Using your paint brushes, paint a base coat on your rocks. Allow time to dry.
  5. Once dry, use a small paint brush and paint or a permanent marker to decorate your painted rocks.  You can paint a picture of what you are planting, write the name, or both! Allow time to dry.
  6. If you want to keep these rocks beautiful for years to come, you can use a clear sealant to seal and protect your work.  If not, you might have to make some touch-ups in the future!
  7. Allow everything to dry for 24 hours before using, and have fun planting!


Make-It Monday projects will be posted each Monday (except for holidays) throughout the museum closure for COVID-19.  For a full list of previous projects, visit Make-It Monday.

Questions? Contact Sarah, the museum's education coordinator.