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Little "I" Memories Wanted

Photo Courtesy of SDAHM (54 237 LI 1954)
Photo Courtesy of SDAHM (54 237 LI 1954)


Did you find your soul mate while dancing in the green chips, show in lamb lead, or participate in any of the other activities that take place during Little “I”?  The South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum and the SDSU Little International Executive Committee are on the hunt for photographs, memorabilia, and oral histories from past participants for an exhibit celebrating Little International’s centennial in 2023.

The museum will start collecting photographs, memorabilia, and oral histories starting with the 2022 Little International exposition (April 1-2) through Hobo Day (Oct. 29, 2022). People are encouraged to contact the museum if they are interested in scanning or donating photographs, recording their memories, or checking with museum staff about a possible donation or loan of artifacts or other memorabilia.


Frequently Asked Questions

Photo Courtesy of SDAHM (59 208 LI 1959)
Photo Courtesy of SDAHM (59 208 LI 1959)

I can't make it during Little "I" weekend.  Can I stop in to donate items or record an oral history another time?  Yes!  Fill out this survey with your name, contact information, what you are interested in donating, and when you will be in Brookings.  One of our staff members will contact you to set up a time to meet during business hours.

I have photographs to share.  Do I have to donate the actual photos?  That is up to you.  You can either donate the original photos to the museum OR we can scan a high resolution copy on a photo scanner so you can keep the original.

Can I just drop off or mail in my old awards, photos, or anything else I'd like to donate?  No - and there's a few reasons why:

  • All donations must be approved by the Collections Committee to avoid duplicate items in the exhibit or our collection,
  • We require additional information about the items you are interested in donating, and
  • There are forms you need to fill out if your item(s) are accepted.

Questions about donations will go through our collections coordinator, Carrie Van Buren.

Photo Courtesy of SDAHM (75 666 LI 1975)
Photo Courtesy of SDAHM (75 666 LI 1975)

If I donate photos, artifacts, or give an oral history, is it guaranteed to be in the exhibit?  Unfortunately, no.  With over 3,800 current and former Little "I" staff members plus thousands of previous participants, we can't guarantee something will be included in the exhibit.  However, your donations will be a part of our museum collection for years to come so others can continue to remember the Little "I" legacy.

If I live too far away from the museum to visit, can I record my own memories to send in?  Yes!  Contact Sarah Jacobs, education coordinator, for information on questions to answer, how to record, and how to submit your audio recording.

How long are you collecting items for this exhibit?  Our collection period will start during the 99th Little "I" Exposition (April 1-2, 2022) and end on Hobo Day (October 29, 2022).

How long with the exhibit be open?  The exhibit will open during the 100th Little "I" Exposition in the spring of 2023 and will remain open through Little "I" in 2024.

I'm passionate about Little "I" history and would like to make a financial donation towards the building of the exhibit.  Can I do that?  Yes!  Our museum offers free admission, so donations are essential for our museum growth.  You can visit our donations page or contact Gwen McCausland, Director, with any questions.

If your questions were not answered above, please contact Sarah Jacobs, education coordinator, to point you in the right direction.