Social & Human Services Minor

Students who take the Social and Human Services minor will be well prepared for the growing number of entry-level professional positions. Students in this minor learn basic approaches to human and social services and develop basic skills in implementing those approaches. They complete introductory social-work courses for those interested in considering social work. The minor also provides flexibility for online students who are interested in social and human services-related careers and wish to add this option to their program of study.

The required courses in the Social and Human Services Minor are required by the SDSU’s articulation agreement with USD’s Department of Social Work, and meet the Council on Social Work Education requirements. Electives are designed to address the skills and knowledge employers look for in their hiring process. These courses provide initial preparation for students interested in careers that utilize a social systems approach.

The goal of this minor is to provide students with course work, training, and field experiences so they can excel in the field. The University of South Dakota (USD), Oglala Lakota College, the University of Sioux Falls and Presentation College offer bachelor’s degrees in Social Work. SDSU has an articulation agreement with USD to allow students to transfer into the Social Work program. Students transferring to USD through the articulation agreement may complete this minor through SDSU.

To minor in Social and Human Services, a student must take a total of 18 hours of coursework, 12 hours of which are required courses with the remaining six hours to be selected from a list of approved electives shown below. Further, a grade of “C” or better is required in all minor courses. No classes may count for both the minor and the major or for any other minor offered by the department.

Required Courses (12 hours)

  • SOC 270 Introduction to Social Work
  • SOC 271 Social Work Skills & Methods
  • SOC 286 Service Learning
  • SOC 400 Social Policy

Elective Courses (6 hours)

  • CJUS 456 Juvenile Justice
  • PSYC 305 Learning & Conditioning
  • PSYC 327 Child Psychology
  • PSYC 357 Psychological Therapies
  • PSYC 358 Behavior Modification
  • PSYC 414 Drugs & Behavior
  • PSYC 451 Psychology of Abnormal Behavior
  • PSYC 477 Psychology Testing & Measurement
  • SOC 250 Courtship & Marriage
  • SOC 283 Working with Diverse Populations
  • SOC 325 Domestic Violence
  • SOC 377 Documentation in the Practice Setting
  • SOC 382 The Family

2020–2021 Social & Human Services Minor Catalog

Career Opportunities

Students that minor in Social and Human Services will have useful skills in a variety of career areas, some of the most common careers include:

  • Case Managers
  • Child/Adult Protective Workers
  • Probation & Parole Officers
  • Court Services Workers
  • Employment Counselors
  • Financial Assistance & Benefits Counselors
  • Community Planner or Organizer
  • Medical Assistance
  • Social Insurance
  • Veterans' Agencies
  • Victim Services Specialists