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Internship in Sociology

What is an Internship?

The internship provides sociology majors with supervised work experience related to their field of study. Most students who have completed the internship have found it to be an invaluable experience for testing their career goals and for establishing credentials and contacts that aid them in finding permanent positions after graduating.

The internship is taken for credit. Internships are conducted during all semesters including summer.

Twelve credit hours are required of all students in the Human Services Specialization; these credits count toward the required 45 credit hours needed to complete that program. Internship credit hours are university electives for students in the General and Human Resources specializations. They may earn between six and twelve credit hours.

Credit hours earned in the internship count toward the upper division (300 and 400) credit hours required of all SDSU students.

Initial Internship Requirements

In order to enroll in SOC 494—Internship in Sociology, a student must:

  1. Provide the Internship Coordinator with an unofficial, current transcript
  2. Provide the Internship Coordinator with a resume
  3. Provide the Internship Coordinator with a photograph of himself or herself
  4. Be a declared sociology major
  5. Be of Junior or Senior status
  6. Be in good standing with the university and have a GPA of 2.20 or higher

There are also internship experiences available at the graduate level. Graduate students wishing to sign up for internship credits should talk to their advisor and the internship coordinator about the opportunities to enroll in SOC 794 Internship.

Planning and Registering for the Internship

The student is responsible for initiating the planning of the internship. It is the student's responsibility to contact the Department Internship Coordinator. Each student must have written consent from the Coordinator prior to registering for SOC 494.

Selecting a Site

The student is responsible for finding the internship site and securing the internship. Internships may be paid or unpaid.

Recent internship sites have included:

  • ADVANCE-Brookings
  • Aramark- HR
  • The Bakery-Entrepreneurial Cooperative
  • Brazoria County Alliance for Children-Texas
  • Brookings County Sheriff's Department
  • Brookings Police Department
  • The Compass Center-Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services
  • Daktronics-Brookings
  • Dept. of Social Services/Child Protection Service (in Sioux Falls, Lake Andes, and Watertown)
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Hope Lutheran Church, Day and After School Care-Sioux Falls
  • HyVee-HR and Management
  • Jackson County Court Services-Minnesota
  • LifeScapes-HR
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Red Cross
  • Six-West Community Corrections-Minnesota
  • South Dakota State Penitentiary- (Unit Manager AND Correctional Officer)
  • SDSU Department of Sociology
  • SDSU Facilities Management HR
  • Ultimate Services/Natural Resources Conservation Service-Brookings
  • Yellow Medicine County Family Services- Minnesota

Initial Meetings with the Internship Coordinator

The process begins with the student meeting individually with the Coordinator and discussing what the prospective intern would like to accomplish during the internship, where the internship will be conducted, and filling out the necessary paperwork. The planning stage of the process may take one to two semesters prior to the start of the internship. The intern must complete all the requirements and paperwork as directed by the Departmental Coordinator prior to the beginning of the internship. The paperwork must be completed and submitted to the Coordinator at least six weeks prior to the end of the semester proceeding the time period when the internship is to begin.

Meeting the Requirements of the Internship

The student must meet all the requirements set forth by the internship agency in which the internship will be conducted. Each agency may have different requirements; therefore it is important that the student work closely with the Internship Coordinator. A complete list of requirements is in the SOC 494 syllabus.

How is the Internship Graded?

The internship grade is a "U" (fail) or "S" (pass) and does not affect the GPA.

Contact Information

For more information contact:

Marlene Schulz
Departmental Internship Coordinator
04F Hansen Hall