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General Sociology

The world awaits all who have a major in sociology.  And the Department of Sociology at South Dakota State University will prepare you for a place in it.   Whether your dream is to work in the specialized fields of criminal justice or human services, gain knowledge and skills to land many different kinds of jobs, or prepare for graduate school, we will help you achieve it.

Why Sociology?

Often students want a broad liberal arts education that will qualify them for many different kinds of occupations, such as group work with youth or the elderly, community development, business, college admissions, social services, and government jobs.  Most match their sociology major with a major or a minor in economics, psychology, human development and family studies, leadership and management of nonprofit organizations, and political science.

Other students selecting this option want a job in the criminal justice system.  They will match their major in Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice.  In addition to the criminal justice and core sociology courses, they will take criminology courses:

SOC 325—Domestic and Intimate Violence
SOC 351—Criminology
SOC 354—Victimology
SOC 402—Social Deviance
SOC 455—Juvenile Delinquency
SOC 456—Community Corrections

Sociology is often an excellent choice for students who will attend graduate or professional school after receiving their bachelor's degree.  These students want an advanced degree so they can better compete in the job market, qualify for a job in the federal government, teach at the university level, or practice the law.

Required Courses In Major

SOC 284—Investigating the Social World (3 credit hours)
SOC 307—Research Methods I (3 credit hours)
SOC 308—Research Methods II (3 credit hours)
SOC 403—Sociological Theory (3 credit hours)
SOC 489—Capstone Credits (3 credit hours)
SOC/ANTH electives (18 credit hours)

Students in this major must maintain a GPA of 2.20 or higher.