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Data Center Maps

Providing a demographic snapshot

During spring 2010, Data Center personnel were trained in mapping software so that they could construct maps to display selected social indicators. This involved one undergraduate student, Danielle Thooft, gathering the data for the maps. Following this, graduate student (now Doctor) Saileza Khatiwada, verified the data and began constructing the maps. This work was made possible using funding secured by Dr. Diane Kayongo-Male.

Map Categories

Maps primarily consist of demographic data, such as median household income, or health-related data regarding topics such as babies born with low birth weights. These maps sometimes lack county labels, since counties are color-coded, so we have included a map with counties labeled, for reference purposes.

Demographic (We are working on updating the data)

  • The list of our maps displaying demographic characteristics, such as per capital personal income and the percentage of female-headed families below the poverty line, is available.

Health-Related (We are working on updating the data)

  • View the list of our maps displaying health-related population characteristics, such as age-adjusted mortality rates for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

If you have questions about our maps or other demographic topics, please email us or call 605-688-4132.