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Ready to take over Snapchat?

We're excited to feature your student experience on the SDSTATE Snapchat.

Here are a few pointers to follow:

Give a shoutout.

Consider promoting your takeover through your personal social media channels the day before or the day of. Include the [sdstate] account name so friends and family know where to follow.

Begin the takeover with a short introduction.

Include name, major and possibly hometown. Think of adding leadership roles or involvements.

  • "Hi Snapchat, my name is John Doe. I'm a senior XYZ major from Sioux Falls, and I'll be taking over the SDSU Snapchat today."
  • Don't worry about consolidating your introduction to only one snap. Feel free to expand with multiple snaps, so viewers have an understanding of who you are and the purpose of your takeover.

Document activities throughout your day.

Aim to post at least once every hour. Include a mix of both photos and videos.

  • Activities can range from studying in the library to an athletic practice to a campus event. Showcase the fun you have during a typical day.
  • Don't be afraid to ask peers to star in your videos alongside you.
  • Activities can also include off-campus community involvements. For example: volunteering, enjoying a walk in the park, Frisbee golf, visiting the Brookings Humane Society, etc.
  • Promote upcoming campus organization events you're involved in.

Mention a few of your own students tips and advice. 

Favorite campus meal, a Jackrabbit (life) hack, your study spot, how you spend free time, etc.

Consider a question and answer portion.

Midday during your takeover, ask Snapchatters to snap in questions. We will forward you questions received by the account*. Respond by listing the questions in the text and answering verbally.

  • In the text bar: "What is your favorite meal on campus?"
  • Verbal response: "I love the [meal] from [dining place]."

Wrap up the takeover.

Consider including resources for viewers to get more information about the club, organization or academic department.

  • "Thanks for joining me, Snapchat! Email [club president] if you'd like to get involved with [organization]. Go Jacks!"

Keep these content tips in mind.

Stories should:

  • Be fun and playful
  • Share pictures and videos that are silly and funny
  • Showcase the unique parts of SDSU
  • Use correct grammar
  • Be positive

Stories should not:

  • Post inappropriate content (anything including/referencing sexual activity, drugs, alcohol, profanity)
  • Post about controversial topics (politics, religion, the legal system, sexuality, medical conditions, etc.)

*Students are not given the direct account credentials. Learn more about our Snapchat software, Mish Guru, on Snapchat Campaigns.

Contact Sofiya Zybaylova with further questions. Our team will be readily available during your takeover if you need Snapchat assistance, or if any problems arise.