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Snapchat Campaigns

We use Snapchat to tell the Jackrabbit experience though campus events, study abroad trips and national academic travel. Our content encapsulates the diverse social atmosphere of SDSU, and the academic opportunities students enjoy on and off campus.

University Marketing and Communications is the content curator for the university account. We handle primary content generation and strategy, but departments and student organizations are able to submit ideas for Snapchat stories.

Our stories speak to a primary audience of current students. Prospective students are a secondary audience, as they are able to view what to expect from SDSU student life.

Snapchat stories include:

  • Campus-wide events (Inauguration, Graduation)
  • Event previews (Theater performances)
  • Game day
  • Weekly event calendar
  • Faculty/Staff takeovers
  • Student takeovers

Snapchat Takeovers

Snapchat takeovers are a way for students and campus organizations to voice the energy of student life. We look for enthusiastic Jackrabbits to showcase their student involvements, campus engagement and school spirit.

Here are a few examples of past student organization takeovers:

  • Hobo Day Committee
  • KSDJ
  • State-A-Thon
  • Study Abroad
  • Staters For State
  • State University Theatre
  • University Program Council

If interested in a takeover, follow these steps:

  • Contact us to submit a Snapchat takeover request—email Andrew Sogn with inquiries.
    • Please include your campus involvements and what you would like to cover in your Snapchat takeover.
  • Schedule a time to meet with our social media team to discuss takeover details.
  • Read the student takeover guidelines.

Mish Guru

Our Snapchat software, Mish Guru, gathers snaps (photo or video) sent to SDSTATE and basic analytics. Using this tool, we are able to seamlessly execute takeovers and track story success.


  • Every time someone sends a snap to SDSTATE, it will be recorded in Mish Guru. The user will be notified that a screenshot was taken.
  • After review, our social media team is able to repost the snap to the university story.


  • Following a story or Snapchat takeover, Mish Guru displays stats such as:
    • Total views
    • Total screenshots
    • Percentage of story watched
    • Average time watched
  • If your department or organization would like record of story insights, contact Andrew Sogn.
Summer Bucket List. Tour the South Dakota Art Museum. Day of Wednesday, May 31st 2017 3:30 p.m, 31 May 2017. Segments in Story: 10; Total Story Time: 0:28; Avg Time Watched 0:15; Total Screenshots: 9; Total Views: 25,652; Unique Viewers: 2,661; Average Amount Watched: 56%; Finished Entire Story: 93%; View Insights.