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Siteimprove is a web accessibility tool to create more accessible, inclusive web content. Siteimprove’s web accessibility tools enable you to easily follow and adhere to international Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) across all conformance levels.

Siteimprove Tutorials 

Link text is too generic

By using "Click Here," "Learn More," "More Information," etc. as link text, you assume your site visitor has the visual context to know where they will be directed (i.e., a specific program page, campus event, etc.). The link text should be a description of where the visitor will end up.

Source: Siteimprove, Accessibility: Links

Proper Heading Structure

The headings on a webpage must be hierarchically organized in order for screen readers to view list of all headings on the page. The screen reader uses the heading code (H2-H6 and WAI-ARIA headings and their 'aria-level') to create this list. Some users also tab through the headings of a page. When creating your pages, pay attention to your heading order.

Pro Tip: Paragraph items are considered to be H3. Therefore, H2 must be used before using any kind of paragraph.

Source: Siteimprove, Accessibility: Headings


When publishing content, it is easy to misspell. Misspelled words can not only hurt your credibility, but also your quality assurance score.

Finding and fixing spelling mistakes is an essential part of maintaining a successful website.

Source: Siteimprove, Quality Assurance: Misspellings