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Sioux Falls Testing Center

The SDSU - Sioux Falls Testing Center in FADM 168 provides a quiet, secure and comfortable environment for students to complete exams or study for the next big test.

Students wearing masks while on their laptops

Schedule/Re-Schedule an Exam at the



There are 15 computers installed with lockdown browsers ready for students to use for computer-based tests and paper-based tests. Our academic accommodation's room is a great distraction-free zone and is also equipped with two test-ready computers. NOTE: Students can ask for sound canceling ear buds.

If you would like to schedule an exam, please visit our Schedule an Exam page to learn more or directly visit Exam Registration. The college provides services for the following:

Questions on Testing Policy?
Test Day Rules/Policy

ACUUPLACER Placement Test

The ACUUPLACER is a computer-based placement test designed to assess individual skill levels in reading, English and math. The results of the ACUUPLACER are used by academic advisors to place students in the college courses matching their skill level, goals and academic background.


Placement in English and reading courses is based on ACT, SAT or Smarter Balance test scores earned in the past five years. Entering students who have scores older than five years, or who have not taken the ACT, SAT or Smarter Balance tests are placed in classes by use of the College Board ACCUPLACER. Initial placement into math courses will be based on a student's Math Index. 

Challenging Placement

As an entering or transfer student if you don't like your placement you are allowed to take the ACCUPLACER twice to challenge it. There is a $21.50 challenge charge that must be paid prior to testing.  

Students who are not enrolled in the appropriate courses based on ACT, SAT, Smarter Balance, Math Index, Challenge Index or ACCUPLACER scores will be notified by e-mail through the Math and English Departments. Failure to adjust courses or take a placement test prior to the add/drop date for the semester will result in the student being administratively dropped from math and/or English courses.

Study Materials

Study materials and more are available at Collegeboard ACCUPLACER


Results are available immediately after completing the test; students will receive a copy of their score report. 

Schedule an ACUUPLACER

There isn’t a time limit for the ACUUPLACER. Most students take 30-45 minutes per section; the number and difficulty of questions vary and are based on the responses to previous questions. Students may request an appointment to take the ACUUPLACER during normal operating hours. We do not administer ACUUPLACER tests during midterms or finals week.

Proctor Services

Pre-Approval for SDSU - Sioux Falls Classes

Students who need to complete a missed test may do so at the Sioux Falls Testing Center. The student must first contact their instructor who will submit the test and any details to the Sioux Falls Testing Center. The center does not proctor exams for an entire class.

Pre-Approval for SDBOR Classes

Students must get approval from the SDBOR school offering the class before testing at the Testing and Resource Center:

Pre-Approval for Non-SDBOR Classes

Students who need a test proctor for a class not offered by a SDBOR university will be charged a proctor fee. Students are responsible for contacting the instructor or institution offering the class to get a proctor form.

Contact Us

SDSU - Sioux Falls Testing Center
Address: 4801 N. Career Ave. Sioux Falls SD, 57107
Phone: 605-274-9550 | Fax: 605-782-3232
Email Testing Center

Contact the Testing Center if you do not see your course listed in the dropdown menu during the Exam Registration process.