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Ordering Your Textbooks

SDSU - Sioux Falls offers courses from South Dakota State University, University of South Dakota and Dakota State University. To determine which institution is offering each course, refer to your registration information. See example schedule below.

Screenshot of a sample class schedule

Where Do I Order My Books?

When Should I Order My Books?

The earlier you order, the more chances you have to find the best deals. It is recommended that you order 2-3 weeks before the term begins.

What Does First Day Access Mean?

First Day Access is a South Dakota Board of Regents adopted program. It converts physical course materials into instantly accessible, totally interactive and adaptive digital content, while drastically reducing the cost to students.

Can I Charge My Books To My Student Account?

Students can charge any textbooks ordered through SDSU’s bookstore to their student account. To do so, students must create an account within Jackrabbit Central.