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SDSU Rodeo Coalition Committees

August 2019

Rodeo Campus Committee

Committee Mission:To help bring to fruition Goal #1 of the Coalition’s Strategic Framework which reads:

Imagine a rodeo campus situated on approximately 35 acres near Brookings with stables for team members’ horses and equipment; pens to hold practice livestock; parking space for horse trailers; a storage area for hay, straw and maintenance equipment; two outdoor arenas; and one large indoor arena with offices for coaching personnel, rooms for Rodeo Team and Club meetings, and an area for recognizing sponsors, supporters, and SDSU’s most famous rodeo athletes.

SDSU Rodeo Boosters and Steer for State Committee

Committee Mission:To help bring to fruition Goal #4 of the Coalition’s Strategic Framework which reads:

Imagine hundreds, and maybe more, alumni and friends of the SDSU Rodeo Program who are members of a formal organization, the SDSU Rodeo Boosters This membership organization would have different tiers of membership, but all tiers would be recognized at every appropriate opportunity, including in the Jackrabbit Stampede program. The roles of the Boosters would be to help (a) generate greater awareness of SDSU’s Top-5 opportunity, (b) identify and recruit top rodeo talent, (c) generate financial and “political” support for the rodeo campus, an expanded coaching staff, and scholarships, and (d) support other needs such as travel for SDSU rodeo team members who qualify for the College National Finals Rodeo. In doing so, the Boosters would also become synergistic with a revitalized Steers for State program, a program that has provided important scholarship support for SDSU rodeo athletes. 

Promotion, Marketing and Recruitment Committee

Committee Mission:To support SDSU and its Rodeo Team and Club through various awareness, promotion and marketing activities, including assistance in recruiting rodeo athletes.

NOTE: The Promotion, Marketing, and Recruitment Committee has an external orientation. However, in conducting its work it is essential this Committee develop and maintain strong lines of communication to SDSU’s administration, the SDSU Foundation (including the Council of Trustees), and the SDSU Alumni Association.

Fundraising and Development Committee

Committee Mission:To work closely with the SDSU Foundation in providing support and leadership for the development and implementation of a fundraising strategy that includes both endowed and non-endowed giving in supportive of three key elements in the Coalition’s Strategic Framework: a rodeo campus, personnel, and scholarships.