Print Lab History

The SDSU Print Lab began as a laboratory where students majoring in the print sciences learned how to set letters, make plates, operate presses, and more, mastering all the skills of the printing process of that day. Many of those processes still happen every day in the Print Lab, but the addition of computers has greatly augmented the practices of printing, making it much faster and easier to publish in days what used to take weeks or months.

The full time staff of 15 experienced technicians and operators at the SDSU Print Lab are responsible for producing the print pieces of the campus, from business cards to books to banners, using many of the same methods of the early days, and more.

Today’s print includes 3D printing, imaging into items of glass, wood and metal, and cutting exact shapes out of adhesive paper, as well as printing variable data, large format and on fabric. From large displays and posters, to tiny lettering etched into a pen, today’s print is high-tech, and it’s available on campus.