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4-H Youth Development

4-H offers encouragement and support for kids who want to organize and carry out volunteer projects. They clean up river banks, adopt a stretch of highway to keep it litter free, work with older adults, mentor younger students, or get involved in other kinds of volunteer and service learning. In some communities, older 4-H youth serve as youth representatives in city or county governments or as panelists on teen courts.

4-H clubs have regular meetings and officers, but that is just the start. 4-H members get involved in their communities as volunteers and youth leaders. They learn new things by completing dozens of different kinds of projects. They go on trips, have parties, host international students, participate in local government, experiment with science, make art, go to camp, learn to canoe, or take care of an animal.

Our program focuses on positive youth development and human capital. We utilize subject matter that enhances that development. We recognize that the youth of today are our future leaders. What they learn and experience in the 4-H program will help them develop into contributing citizens who will give back to their communities in the future.

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