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University Archives

The University Archives Collection contains official and unofficial material from all aspects of the university, including publications and records from campus departments, historic material documenting the early days of SDSU, historic records of campus organizations.

Administration Building at South Dakota State College
Administration Building at South Dakota State College

SDSU Archives strives to collect and maintain records having permanent historical value to South Dakota State University, including administrative records, departmental and student group records, faculty papers, publications, Agricultural Experiment and Cooperative Extension materials and materials from individuals and organizations associated with the university.

The collection contains official and unofficial material from all aspects of the university, including publications and records from campus departments, historic material documenting the early days of SDSU, historic records of campus organizations.

Preservation copies of all material published by any department or area of the university are also retained. These materials include, but are not limited to, catalogs, brochures, flyers, informational bulletins, promotional materials, programs and other material printed by organizations related to or a part of the university.

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Academic Affairs Records (UA 2)

Academic Evaluation and Assessment Office Records (UA 21)

Academic Senate (See: Faculty Senate and Related Committees Records (UA 4))

Academic Women's Equity Coalition Collection (UA 50.10)

Administration Office Records (UA 3.0)

Administrative Council Records (UA 50.6)

Admissions Office Records (UA 20)

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Department of Records (UA 8.8)

Agriculture and Biological Sciences ;Records, College of (UA 5.0)

Aldrich, J.M. Diaries (UA 53.14)

Alexander, Ruth Ann Papers (UA 53.22)

Alumni Association Records (UA 17.0)

American Indian Student Center Records (UA 63.1)

American Indian Student Association Records (UA 63.3)

American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program Records (UA 63.2)

Animal Science, Department of Records (UA 5.5)

125th Anniversary Planning Committee Records (UA 51.5)

Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design, Department of Records (UA 9.2)

Army Administration Schools, Enlisted Branch No. 3 Collection (UA 50.9)

Arts and Sciences Records, College of ;(UA 6.0)

Athenian Literary Society Records (UA 35.1)

Athletics, Jackrabbit Records ;(UA 46.0)


Barnes, Allen Papers (UA 53.3)

Berg, Sherwood O. Papers (UA 53.13)

Billow, Joye Ann Papers (UA 53.25)

Biology and Microbiology, Department of Records (UA 5.6)

Boarding Club Ledgers (UA 52.6)

Briggs, Hilton M. (UA 53.37)

Brookings Veterans Society Records (UA 35.2)

Brown, George Lincoln (UA 53.59)

Buildings and Landmarks, SDSU Collection (UA 48)

Burns, Robert V. Papers (UA 53.19)


Career Center Records (UA 27)

Cecil, Matt Papers (UA 53.23)

Centennial Steering Committee Records (UA 51.1)

Chemistry and Biochemistry, Department of Records (UA 6.5)

Civil and Environmental Engineering, Department of Records (UA 8.1)

College on the Hill Research and Manuscript Collection (UA 17.1)

Commerce Department Records (UA 6.15)

Communication Studies and Theater, Department of Records (UA 6.1)

Continuing and Extended Education, Office of Records (UA 15)

Cooperative Extension Service Records (UA 5.4)

Council of Higher Education [COHE] Collection (UA 49)

Cuba Trip Collection (UA 46.1)

Curricula Evaluation Committee Records (UA 51.4)


Dairy Club Records (UA 35.3)

Dairy Science, Department of Records (UA 5.7)

Dakota Agricultural College Board of Regents Ledger (UA 52.3)

DeLong, H.H. Collection (UA 53.82)

Departmental Histories (UA 52.7)

Diversity Enhancement, Office of Records (UA 45)

Doner, David B. Scrapbook (UA 53.34)

Dornbush, James N. Papers (UA 53.18)


Eastern South Dakota Science and Engineering Fair Collection (UA 50.14)

Economics Club Records (UA 35.17)

Economics, Department of Records (UA 5.1)

Education and Human Sciences, College of Records (UA 7)

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Department of Records (UA 8.2)

Eminent Farmer and Homemaker Collection 
(SEE South Dakota Eminent Leaders in Agriculture, Family and Community Records

Engineering Controversy Records (UA 8.10)

Engineering Extension Records (UA 8.6)

Engineering Resource Center Records (UA 8.5)

Engineering, Jerome J. Lohr College of, Dean's Office Records (UA 8.0)

English, Department of Records (UA 6.2)

Environmental Health and Safety Office Records (UA 43)

Ethel Austin Martin Program in Human Nutrition Records (UA 24)

Evans, David Allan Papers (UA 53.16)


Facilities and Services Collection (UA 41)

Faculty Association Records (UA 50.2)

Faculty Meeting Records (UA 50.3)

Faculty Publications (UA 53.2)

Faculty Round Table Records (UA 50.4)

Faculty Senate and Related Committees Records (UA 4)

Faculty Women's Club - SDSU Club Records (UA 50.1)

Family and Consumer Sciences, College of, Dean's Office Records (UA 9.0)

Fenn, Florence and Geraldine, Inner-City Scholarship Collection (UA 9.4)

Finance and Business Records (UA 18)

Financial Aid Office Records (UA 23)


Gambill, Norman Papers (UA 6.9.2)

Gamma Sigma Delta Records (UA 35.16)

Gardner, Wayne Papers (UA 53.85)

Gartner, F. Robert Papers (UA 53.21)

Geography Club (Gamma Theta Upsilon) Records (UA 35.4)

Geography, Department of Records (UA 6.13)

Gibbons, William Papers (UA 53.46)

Global Studies Program Records (UA 6.19)

Graduate School Records (UA 11)

Greek Council Records (UA 34)

Grant, Geoffrey and Sue Papers (UA 53.32)

Gritzner, Charles F. "Fritz" Papers (UA 53.29)


Hansen, N.E. Papers (UA 53.4)

Harding, A.S. Papers (UA 53.5)

Health, Physical Education and Recreation, Department of Records (UA 6.8)

Hendrickson, J.P. Papers (UA 53.20)

Higher Education Faculty Association, SDSU Branch Papers (UA 50.11)

History, Department of Records (UA 6.14)

Hobo Day Collection {UA 62)

Hogan, Edward P. Papers (UA 53.17)

Home Economics Club Records (UA 35.5)

Home Management Records (UA 9.1)

Honors College, Van D. and Barbara B. Fishback Records (UA 36)

Horticulture, Forestry, Landscape and Parks, Department of Records (UA 5.2)

Human Development, Consumer and Family Sciences, Department of Records (UA 9.5)

Human Resources Office Records (UA 44)


International Affairs Records (UA 30)


Johnson, Delmar R. Records (UA 42.4)

Johnson, W. Carter Papers (UA 53.68)

Journalism and Mass Communications, Department of Records (UA 6.3)


Kappa Delta Pi Records (UA 35.20)

Kerr, R.F. Papers (UA 53.6)

Klock, Frank Papers (UA 53.69)

Kramer, J. Howard Papers (UA 53.7)


Latin American Area Studies Program Records (UA 6.16)

Lee, MaryJo Benton Papers (UA 53.24)

Lewis, James K. "Tex," Papers (UA 53.33)

Library Records (UA 14)

Little International Agricultural Exposition Records (UA 5.12)


Marketing and Communications, University Collection (UA 40)

Marking, James Papers (UA 53.36)

Marquardt, Steve Papers (UA 53.84)

Martin, Dave Papers (UA 53.27)

Mathematics and Statistics, Department of Records (UA 8.3)

Mechanical Engineering, Department of Records (UA 8.4)

Military Science, Department of Records (UA 6.7)

Miller, John E. Papers (UA 53.15)

Miltonian Literary Society Records (UA 35.6)

Miscellaneous Committees Collected Files (UA 51.0)

Modern Languages and Global Studies, Department of Records (UA 6.6)

Multicultural Affairs Records (UA 47)

Music, Department of Records (UA 6.4)

Musson, A. L. Papers (UA 53.8)


Native American Club Records (UA 35.7)

Natural Resources Management, Department of Records (UA 5.10)

Non-Traditional Student Club Records (UA 35.8)

Non-Traditional Student Programs Records (UA 26)

Nursing, College of Records (UA 12)

Nutrition, Food Science and Hospitality, Department of Records (UA 9.3)


O'Neill Papers (UA 53.67)

Olson, Roberta K. Papers (UA 53.41)


Pearson, David F. Papers (UA 3.1)

Pharmacy, College of Records (UA 13)

Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society Records (UA 35.9)

Phi Upsilon Omicron Records (UA 35.10)

Philosophy and Religion, Department of Records (UA 6.12)

Physics, Department of Records (UA 8.9)

Plant Science, Department of Records (UA 5.8)

Plumart, Phillip E. Papers (UA 53.35)

Political Science, Department of Records (UA 6.10)

Powers, William H. Papers (UA 53.9)

Prairie Repertory Theatre Records (UA 65)

President's Office Records (UA 1)

Professional Journalists, Society of, Sigma Delta Chi Chapter Records (UA 35.15)

Psychology, Department of Records (UA 6.11)

Publications Council Records (UA 50.5)


Records and Registration Office Records (UA 22)

Reel Images Film Society Records (UA 52.8)

Remnant Trust Committee Collection (UA 51.6)

Residential Life Records (UA 31)

Richardson, Marilyn Papers (UA 53.11)


Scabbard and Blade Records (UA 35.11)

Scholastic Affairs, Committee on Records (UA 51.2)

Scholastic Standards Committee Minutes (UA 51.3)

School of Agriculture Records (UA 52.11)

School of Design, Department of Visual Arts Records (UA 6.9.1)

Schultz Nobel Prize 30th Anniversary Planning Committee Records (UA 51.7)

SDSU Advisory Council Records (UA 50.7)

SDSU Clipping Scrapbooks (UA 52.4)

SDSU Ephemera Collection (UA 52.9)

SDSU Foundation Records (UA 16)

Sewrey, Charles L. Papers (UA 53.10)

Sigma Xi, SDSU Chapter 139 Collection (UA 50.12)

Sociology and Rural Studies, Department of Records (UA 5.9)

South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station Records (UA 5.3)

South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum Collection (UA 39)

South Dakota Art Museum Records (UA 38)

South Dakota Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (SDAIAW) Records (UA 46.2)

South Dakota Board of Regents Collection (UA 52.5)

South Dakota Eminent Leaders in Agriculture, Family and Community Records (UA 50.13)

South Dakota EPSCoR Records (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) (UA 56)

South Dakota Water Resources Institute Records (UA 5.11)

South Dakota Club Records (UA 35.12)

State University Theatre Records (UA 66)

Stuart, Joseph and Signe Papers (UA 53.65)

Student Affairs, Division of Records (UA 19)

Student Essays (UA 52.2)

Student Health and Counseling Services Records (UA 29)

Student Organization, Collected Files (UA 35.0)

Student Research Papers (UA 52.10)

Student Union and Activities Records (UA 32)

Students' Association Records (UA 37)

Summer Session, Director of Records (UA 50.15)

Svec, Harry Papers (UA 53.83)


Technology and Security, Division of Records (UA 42)

Title III Strengthening Institution Program Grant Records (UA 52.12)

Trump, Alfred G., Jr. Papers (UA 53.39)


University Center Records (UA 50.16)

University College Records (UA 10)

University Marketing and Communications Records (UA 40)

University Program Council Collection (UA 33)


Van Zante, Helen J. Endowment Collection (UA 50.8)

Veterans Advising Records (UA 28)

Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, Department of Records (UA 5.13)

Visual Arts, Department of, School of Design Records (UA 6.9.1)

Volstorff, Vivian V. Papers (UA 53.12)


Wagner, Robert T. Papers (UA 53.31)

Wahlstrom, Richard C. Papers (UA 53.26)

Water and Environmental Engineering Research Center Records (UA 8.7)

Women's Studies Program Records (UA 6.17)


Young Men's Christian Association Records (UA 35.13)

Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor Records (UA 35.14)