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Selected works of W. Carter Johnson


U0.A 53.68


Carter Johnson Papers



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23.42 linear feet [19 record boxes, 1 document case, 2 oversize, flat boxes]
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Johnson, W. Carter




South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections
Hilton M. Briggs Library (SBL) Room 241, Box 2115
1300 North Campus Drive, Brookings, SD 57007
Phone: 605-688-5094

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Open. This material does not circulate and may be used in-house only.

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Name of item, UA 53.67, item #, W. Carter Johnson Papers, South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.


Dr. W. Carter Johnson is Distinguished Professor of Ecology at South Dakota State University. His academic interests and expertise are in climate change, wetlands, and riparian vegetation.

Biographical Note

Dr. W. Carter Johnson is Distinguished Professor of Ecology at South Dakota State University in Brookings. He received a B.S. in Biology from Augustana College in 1968 and a Ph.D. in Botany (Plant Ecology) from North Dakota State University in 1971. Johnson began his professional career as Research Associate and Research Staff Member at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (1971-77), followed by 12 years in the Department of Biology at Virginia Tech. In 1989 he became Head of the Department of Horticulture, Forestry, Landscape, and Parks at South Dakota State University, a position held until 1995.

His research interests include river regulation and riparian forest ecology, climate change and prairie wetlands, seed dispersal in fragmented landscapes, paleoecology (climate reconstruction using tree rings; Holocene seed dispersal and plant migration) and multifunctional agriculture and agroecological restoration. His research program is strongly multi-disciplinary and inter-institutional. Dr. Johnson has published approximately 100 peer-reviewed journal articles, books and book chapters.


Contents Note

This collection consists of born digital images of various research projects conducted by Dr. Carter Johnson during his academic career. The images are of various plants and trees growing in various locations throughout the United States, primarily the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Badlands National park in western South Dakota, Itasca State Park in Minnesota, and North Dakota.

Subject Headings

  • Johnson, W. Carter
  • Johnson, Janet
  • Hubbard, Edmund
  • Keammerer, Warren
  • Lutz, Harold
  • Marr, John
  • Ecology – Research
  • Ecology – Study and teaching
  • Geology – Study and teaching
  • Mountain ecology
  • Mountain plants
  • Tundra ecology

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Grass roots the Prairie Farm story, W. Carter Johnson, Tor Johnson, Peter Carrels, EcoSun Prairie Farms, Eco Sun Prairie Farms, Inc., c2011.
Call number: S451.S8 G72 2011 [Audio visual]

The EcoSun Prairie Farm: an experiment in bioenergy production, landscape restoration, and ecological sustainability. Cody J. Zilverberg, W. Carter Johnson, David W. Archer, Thomas M. Schumacher, Arvid A. Boe, College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, North Central Regional Sun Grant Center, EcoSun Prairie Farms, South Dakota State University, 2015.
Call number: S451.S8 Z54 2015 [Archives]

The Mortenson ranch: cattle and trees at home on the range, a restoration guidebook, Susan E Boettcher; W. Carter Johnson; Scott Kronberg; F. Robert Gartner; South Dakota State University.; South Dakota State University. College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences. Brookings, S.D. : South Dakota State University, 1998
Call number: S451.S8 B64 1998 [South Dakota Collection]

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Selected works of W. Carter Johnson. Open Prairie Institutional Repository,

South Dakota State University, Carter Johnson Papers, Digital Library of South Dakota, South Dakota State University


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This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

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South Dakota State University supports access to the materials, published and unpublished, in its collections. Nonetheless, access to some items may be restricted as a result of their fragile condition or by contractual agreements with donors.


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Researchers may quote from the collection under the fair use provision of the copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code). Requests to publish should be arranged with the SDSU Archives and Special Collections.


Container List

11A case study in Woodland Restoration1995
12A mathematical mode of Forest Succession and land use for the North Carolina Piedmont1977
13Acorn Dispersal by Blue jays1981
14Adaption of Farming practices Could Buffer Effects of Climate Change2009
15Adjustment of Riparian vegetation to River Regulation in the Great Plains, USA1998
16Age Structure and the Maintenance of Pinus Pongens in Pine-Oak Forests of Southwestern Virginia1989
17Airlifting the Oaks1986
18Altered Hydrology of the Missouri River1982
19American Forests - Vol79, No 41973
110An analysis of Forest Dynamics in the Northern European Georgia Piedmont1976
111Biological Monitoring in UNESCO Biosphere Reserves1978
112Biomass Dynamics of the Commercial Forestsundated
113BioScience - Vol 60, No 22010
114Bioscience - Vol 65, No 6205
115Cattle and Wooded Draws: A second look2005
116Characteristics of a Prairie Wetland Complex1990s
117Cis Map Accompanying (Index, Section A)1990
118Cis Map Accompanying (Index, Section B, 1-18)1990
119Cis Map Accompanying (Index, Section B, 19-37)1990
120Climate Change and Northern Prairie Wetlands1996
121Climate Change and Northern Prairie Wetlands: Simulations of long term dynamics1996
122Climate Trends of the North American Prairie Pothole region (1906-2000)2000
123Dams and riparian Forests: Case Study from the Upper Missouri River1992
124Dietary Circumnavigation of acorn tannins by Blue jays1993
125Dispersal of Beech Nuts by Blue jays in Fragmented Landscapes1984
126Dispersal of Leafy Spurge2005
127Diversity of Small Mammals in a Power line Right-of-way1979
128Dynamic properties of Forest ecosystems1981
129Effect of Hydroperiod on Seedbank Composition in Semipermanent Prairie Wetlands1988 - 1898
130Effects of Caching on Acorn Tannin Levels and Blue jay Dietary Performance1997
131Effects of Weevil Larvae on Acorn Use by Blue Jays1997
132Effects of Power line Rights-of-Way on small, nongame mammal community structureundated
133Equilibrium Response of Riparian Vegetation to Flow Regulation in the Platte River, Nebraska1997
134Estimating Dispersibility of Acer, Fraxinus, and Tilia..1988
135Evaluation of the Emergence method in Estimating Seed Bank Composition of Prairie Wetlands1988
136Factors affecting recruitment of Pinus Pongens in the Southern Appalachian Mountains1992
137Farm and Home Research (Vol 50, NO 3)1999
138Fire and Recruitment of Quercus in a Postagricultural Field1994
139Floristic analysis of the Missouri River Bottomland Forests in North Dakota1974
140Forest Overstory Vegetation and Environment on the Missouri River Floodplain1976
141Forest Population Structure in the South Eastern United States1976
142Forty Years of Vegetation Change on the Missouri River Floodplain2012
143Global Warming and Prairie Wetlands1991
144Idaho Snake River - pg. 31-401994-1995
145Ice Photos - Platte River (Aerial and Bridge - 144 colored photos)1988-1989
146Ice Photos - Platte River (Aerial and Bridge - 87 color photos)1988-1989
147Ice Photos - Platte River (Aerial and Bridge - 87 color photos)1988-1989
148Ice Storms and Forest Succession in Southwest Virginia1984
149Idaho Snake River - 200 slides B&W1994-1995
150Idaho Snake River - 200 slide B&W1994-1995
151Idaho Snake River - 190 Slides B&W1994-1995
152Influence of leaf litter and soil moisture regime on early establishment of Pinus Pungens1990
153Influence of Weather Extremes on the water levels of Glaciated Prairie Wetlands2004
154Journal of Biogeography (The Role of Blue jays)1989
155Land and Water1999
156Land and Water1996
157Land use and Carbon Storage in Georgia Forest1981
158Mapping the response of riparian vegetation to possible flow reductions in the Snake River, Idaho1995
159National Wildlife1988
160Nature and Cause of Zonation Discreteness around Glacial Prairie Marshes1985
161Nature and Resources - Management of experimental reserves1977
162Non-linear response of Glaciated prairie wetlands to Climate Warming2016
163North American Forests: Gateway to Opportunity1979
164Noteworthy plants of the North Dakota Prairie Coteau Forest1963
165Nut Catching by Blue Jays1997
166Platte River - 200 slides, color1989
167Phytomass and Detrial carbon storage during forest regrowth1989
168PLATTE - 200 slides, Color1998
169PLATTE - 200 slides, Color1998-1999
21PLATTE - 200 slides, Color1999-2000
22PLATTE - 190, slides color2000
23PLATTE - 115 slides, Color2000
24PLATTE - 200 slides, Color2001
25PLATTE - 200 slides, Color2001
26PLATTE - 190 slides, color2001
27PLATTE - 200 slides, Color2001
28PLATTE - 190 slides, color2002
29PLATTE - 200 slides, Color2002
210Platte - 200 slides, color1995
211Platte - 200 slides, Color1995-1996
212Platte - 200 slides, Color1996-1997
213Platte - 200 slides, Color1997
214Platte - 140 slides, color1997-1998
215Platte River - 181 slides, Colorundated
216Platte River - 190 slides, Colorundated
217Platte River - 200 slides, Colorundated
218Platte River - 153 slides, Colorundated
219Platte River - 175 slides, Color1988-1997
220Plate River - 118 slides, Colorundated
221Platte River - 195 slides, Color1993
222Platte River - 190 slides, Color1993-1994
223Platte River - 190 slides, Color1994-1995
224Platte River - 200 slides, Color2002
31Platte River - 200 slides, Color1993
32Platte River - 200 slides, Color1993-1994
33Platte River - 200 slides, Color1994-1995
34Platte River - 190 slides, Color1988-1997
35Platte River - 125 slides, color1988-1997
36Platte River MIS Maps (10 color maps )1990
37Platte River MIS Maps (10 color maps )1990
38Platte River MIS Maps (10 color maps)1990
39Platte River MIS Maps (10 color maps, letters, index)1990
310Platte River MIS Maps (9 color maps)1990
311Platte River Slides - b2 - 200 slides, color1992-1993
312Platte River Slides - b2-200 slides, color1992
313Platte River Slides - Book 11990
314Platte River Slides - Book 11990-1991
315Platte River Slides - Book 11991
316Platte River Slides - Book 1 ( 41-491991
317Platte River Slides - 150 slides, color1988
318Platte River Slides - 200 slides, color1988
319Platte River Slides - 190 slides, color1988
320Platte River Slides - 190 slides, color1988-1989
321Platte River Slides - 150 slides, color (and notes)1989
322Platte River Slides (Loose slides and pictures)1992
323Potential effect of Climate Change on a semi-permanent prairie Wetlands1993
324Prairie or Woodlands?2015
325Prairie Wetland Complexes as Landscape Functional Units in a Changing Climate2010
326Prairie Wetlands and Climate Change - Droughts and Ducks on the Parries2005
327Professor, Students, and Nebraskans reap benefits of Platte River Research1997
328Propagule Dispersal Among Forest Islands in Southeastern South Dakota1977
329Reid's Paradox of Rapid Plant Migration1989
330Reponses of riparian vegetation to Stream flows�1999
331Restoration Planning for the Rivers of the Mississippi River Ecosystem1993
332Restoring the pre-settlement Landscape in Stanley County, South Dakota1997
333Riparian Vegetation Along the Middle Snake River1999
41Scale dependent habitat use in three species of prairie wetland birds1999
42Scale-Dependent Habitat use in the Species of Prairie Wetland Birds1999
43Selection, management, and utilization of biosphere reserves1979
44Sensitivity of A prairie Wetland1995
45Simulated Deposition Rates for SO2 on a Southeastern US landscape1978
46Smith Grove Story - Part II1971
47Snake River - Mark Dixon Slides - 190 slides, Black and White1994-1999
48Snake River - Mark Dixon Slides - 195 slides, Black and White1994-1997
49Snake River - Mark Dixon Slides - 200 Slides, Black and White1994-1997
410Snake River Slides - 320 slides, Black and Whiteundated
411Snake River Slides - 200 slides, Black and Whiteundated
412Snake River Slides - 100 slides, Black and Whiteundated
413Snake River Slides - 200 slides, Black and Whiteundated
414South Dakota Conservation Digest2006
415Soviet Union1981
416Sparse Buried Seed Bank in a Southern Appalachian Oak Forest1991
417Spatio - temporal patterns of forest ecosystems1981
418Successional Research and Environmental Pollutant Monitoring Associated with Biosphere Reserves1980
419Surface Mining in South Dakota1975
420The Forest Overstory vegetation on the Missouri River Floodplain1972
421The Mortenson Ranch1998
422The Presettlement Platte2000
423The ration of total to merchantable forest biomass and it's application to the global carbon budget1983
424Tree Recruitment and survival in Rivers1999
425Trillium Cernuum L and Geranium Maculatum L1970
426Using Geographic and Paleo-ecological methods to reconstruct Climate�1999
427Vulnerability of Northern Prairie Wetlands to Climate Change2005
428Watershed Management Workshop1995
429Wetland (265 slides - color)1999
430Wetlands (180 slides - color)1993-1997
431Wetlands (195 slides - color)1993-1997
432Wetlands (199 slides - color)1994-1995
432Wetlands (257 slides - color)1995
433Wild Outdoor World2000
434Woodland expanse in the Platte River1994
435Woodland expansion in the Platte River , Nebraska: Patterns and causes1994
51Negatives and Index1994
52Platte River Photos (100 color - 4107 to 4206)1994
53Platte River Photos (100 color - 4207 to 4306)1995
54Platte River Photos (24 black and white, 48 color - 4307 to 7489)1995-2002
55T4N, R63W - Coloradoundated
56T4N, R62W - Coloradoundated
57T4N, R61W - Coloradoundated
58T5N, R60W - Coloradoundated
59T4N, R60W - Coloradoundated
510T5N, R59W - Coloradoundated
511Assorted Land Survey - Coloradoundated
61Ecology Mongr. - Platte River1992-1993
62Ecology Mongr. - Platte River (Graphs, Maps)1992-1993
63Platte River - Miscellaneous1990-1991
64Daily Weather and Flow Data at Kearneyundated
65Platte River (Land Office, Survey Notes)1988
66Woodland expansion in the Platte Ricer Nebraskaundated
67Platte River - Final Report1936
68Platte River - GLO Survey1899
69Demo Plot Data 85-981999
610Research Data1987
611Demography - Final Reports1990-2003
612Report Prep for 2000-2001 (photocopies)2000-2001
613Reports and Report Prep2001-2003
614Demo RPD + Districts1992-1994
615Demo Report to Districts1991-1993
616Platte - GLO Notesundated
617GLO Final Report1990
618Platte - August 19921992
619Platte (9/92 trip) - data and field notes1992
620Platte - Sept 1993 trip1993
621Platte trip (7/18-7/20)1993
622Platte (May 1993 Trip)1993
623Platte (4/93 trip)1993
624Platte Trip (Jan 1993)1993
625Platte Trip (Oct 1994)1994
626Platte Trip (May 1994)1994
627Platte Trip (July 1994)1994
628Channel Area Modeling (Final Report)1990
629Report - Roosting Habit in Platte River using GIS1990
630Stat Analysis Report (Final)1989
631Platte Trip (Jan 1994)1994
632Platte Trip (July 1995)1995
633Platte Trip (Jan 1995)1995
634Platte Trip (Sept 1995)1995
635Platte Trip (May 1995)1995
636Platte Trip (Sept 1996)1996
637Platte Trip (July 1996)1996
638Platte Trip (May 1996)1996
639Platte Trip (Feb 1996)1996
640Platte Trip (Sept 1997)1997
641Platte (July 1997)1997
642Platte (May 1997)1997
643Platte (July 1997)1997
644Platte (Sept 1998)1998
645Platte (June 1998)1998
646Platte (July 1998)1998
647Plate Trip (Sept 1999)1999
648Platte Trip (July 1999)1999
649Platte (May 1999)1999
650Platte (May 2000)2000
651Platte (Sept 2000)2000
652Platte (July 2000)2000
653Platte (Sept 2001)2001
654Platte (July 2001)2001
655Plate (Jan 2001)2001
656Platte (Jan 2001)2001
657Platte (Sept 2002)2002
658Platte (Sept 2002)2002
659Platte (May 2002)2002
660Platte (May 2003)2003
661Platte (Sept 2003)2003
662Platte (July 2003)2003
663Platte (May 2004)2004
664Platte (July 2004)2004
71HJ Andrews Succession Model (Hemlock Zone)undated
72Johnson - Sharpe Ratios (CJ for Res)1981-1982
73Proposal - Wetland Transitions, Corps E1978
74Cottonwood - ND Outdoors1986
75Georgia Piedmont Paper (Forest Science)1976
76Seedling Density - Age Data (Wisconsin)1980s
77Whitney and Johnson (Bull Torrey and Bot. Club)1984
78Reprints - ND Surface Mining (Ecology)1975
79Litter Dynamics (AAAs Paper)1975
710Woodlands Synthesis Volume Paper (BP)1970s
711Johnson - Brahon MS Biological Conversion1977
712Power line Paper - Oak Ridge Schriber et al.undated
713Death as a part of life in a memorial forest1970s
714Noteworthy Plants of the ND Prairie Coteau Forests1970
715N.C. Piedmont Paper (Ball of Torres Bot. Club)1977
716Smith Grove1971
717Newton Transit Method and Programundated
718Great lakes Tabloid - Letter to editor1967
719Shelterbelts - Prairie Naturalists1977
720North Carolina Succession Model1977
721Research Proposal and Grant Application (Nat. Geo)1989
722Spatial Pattern Project - NSF1970s
723Regional Maps Soviet Unionundated
724SAF Meeting - Saint Louis, Missouri1978
725Article of Nature (Journal) - Study of Soviet Ecology1984
726Oecologia - Dietary circumvention of acorn tannins by blue jays1992-1993
727Wetlands Paper - Nature and cause of zonation discreetness around glacial prairie marshes1986
728Rivers - Dams and Riparian Forests: Case Study from the Upper Missouri River1986-1992
729Biogeography - The role of blue jays in the postglacial dispersal of fugacious trees1989
730Assorted Letters (Activity Correspondence)1979-2005
731Blue Jay Data (WS and VA)1981
732Diseases in Trees1984
733Germination of Fagus Nuts1979
734Payback - Virginia Tech1990
735SAF Meetings - Rochester, NY1988
736McCall Idaho Talk - July1992
737Fagus Nuts Research1981
738Faculty Evaluation and Promotion (with student comments)1984
739NAS Trip Report and Application1977-1985
740Acorn Dispersal Paper - Oecologia1981
741Proposal - National Parks Service1978
742Wetland Journal - Woodland Expansion in the Platte River1994
743ESA meetings - 1985, Minneapolis1985
744VAS meetings - Old Dominion UNIV1981
745Corps Pre-proposal1990
746ESA Meetings, Penn State1982
747NSF Proposal - River Meandering rate, flooding, and the steady state composition of floodplain forests communities1979
748Riparian Talk - Lead, SD1992
749Landscape Ecology Symposium - UVA1987
750Winona Oak1991
751Lanesboro Oak Talk - May1992
752Wildlife Society Meeting - Pierre1992
753Sewery Colloquium1993-1994
754Fort Collins Flow Meeting1994
755US F+ WS - Wetlands Grant1984-1990
756Wetlands Workshop - Bismarck1994
757Arborists Keynote - Pierre1994
758NDSU and UC grades and rans. - Augustana College1940-1971
759Lectures USU - Logan1995
760TNC - Steamboat Springs1992
761ESA Meetings -Utah1990
762NABS - Platte R. Talk1990
763Platte R. Research Symposium1991
764Platte River Research Seminar1990
765Nerc Ft. Collins Trip - Dec.1991
766Biostress Symposium Paper1993
767Small Project Proposal (Jefress Memorial Trust)1983
768Landscape Ecology - Minneapolis1995
769Meeting Plan - Nature Conservancy1980-1984
770Watershed Symposium Paper - Vegetation and Stream Processes1995
771A Fish Soc. - Rapid City1992
772Sharik et al. MS Wetlandsundated
773Blue jay Article - Natural History1986-1987
81Bailey Proposal1986-1987
82SD Riparia Conference - Rapid City1991
83Research Proposal1989-1992
84Denver Wetland Symposium1988
85Blue Jay Field Data - WS and VA1980
86Red Lake File1997
87Data and Figures: Cottonwood Lake. Development (MILLAR)1980-1995
88Severson WPA Maps1993
89Well Locations - Severson Waterfowl Areaundated
810Pauline Rey - Evaluation of Wetlands (ecology lab)2005
811Data Files and Graphs1993
812Databases given to Modellersundated
813Platte River Field Notebooks1992
814Orchid Meadows - Rain Gauge1994 -2001
815Typha Muskrats - Keystone species2001
820EPA Proposal1992
821Field Data - Severson Waterfowl Area1992-1993
822Lake Cochrane Articles1994-1999
823data and figures for monographs - Kersey, Colorado1993
825Epa Proposal -Preproposals for preliminary budget on Habitat and biological research1992
826Spreadsheets and Data - Wetlands1993-1995
827Spreadsheets and Data - Wetlands1996-1997
828Spreadsheets and Data - Wetlands1998-1999
829Spreadsheets and Data - Wetlands2000-2003
830Hard copies of Spreadsheets - Wetlands1993-2003
831Assorted reports and correspondences - Wetlands1978-2000
832Cypripedium Candidum (papers, slides, notes)1995-1997
833Mortenson Ranch - Todd's Draw (photos and papers)1990-2000
91Mortenson Ranch - Site One2000-2003
92Mortenson Ranch - Foster Creek1995-2003
93Mortenson Ranch - Remeasurement2000
94Mortenson Ranch - Site Two1992-2000
95Mortenson Ranch - Site Three1994-2000
96Mortenson Ranch - Site Four2000
97Mortenson Ranch - Site Five1992-2000
98Mortenson Ranch - Data and Notes1992
99Mortenson Ranch - Shrubs1992-2000
910Mortenson Ranch - Interview with Clarence Mortenson1992
911Mortenson Ranch - project description (other agencies project)1944, 1992
912Historical notes, references, and maps -Stanley County1930-2000
913Bad River Report1994
914Mortenson Ranch - Slides (165, color)1986-1995
915Mortenson Ranch - Slides (183, color)1996-2001
916Mortenson Ranch - Bird Survey1997
917SD maps and township linesundated
918Foster Creek GLO Notesundated
919Guidebook of economic and ecological sustainability1996-2001
920Epp's - 100 photos, Black and White1997
921Mortenson Ranch - Miscellaneous Image Records2000-2012
922Bob Khol's Plots - Color Prints (44) and B+W Slides (108)1992-1997
923National Wetland Award Nomination2001
924Mortenson - Interview with Clarence1997-2002
925Mortenson White River Project1993-2011
926Restoring Stanley County South Dakota1997
927Mortenson Ranch - Foster Creekundated
928Mortenson - Assorted Articles1993-2004
929Mortenson - Assorted Articles1992-2003
930D and J and R Book - Vegetation scienceundated
931Geobotany Portraits and Preface1976
101Lake Cochrane1993-1994
102Cottonwood Lake1993-1993
103Army Corps Maps of Missouri River1949
104Wetland and Other Natural Resource of the Missouri River Valley1990
105Aerial Photography1981-1991
111Russian Manuscript Translation - "Some Studies of Large Scale Climate Functions"1976
112Vegetation Sciencesundated
113Missouri River Forest Understory in ND1972
114Response of a Wetland1990
115Effects of Altered Hydrologic Regime1981
116Effects of Hydroperiod on Seed Banks1987
117Carbon Storage During the Regrowth and Conversion..1985
118Population Ecology of Pinus Pungens1989
119Environmental Determinism and Forest Structure and Composition1990
1110Dispersal of Acorns and Blue-Jays1980
1111Plant Collection #1 and #21994
1112Snake River Field Journalsundated
1113Field Notes1990
1114Data - Veg. Study 
1115Data - Veg. Study 
1116Lab Rats 
1117Snake River Data - Cross Sections A2-A551990
1118Snake River Data - Cross Sections A59-961990
1119Snake River Data - Cross Sections 106-1581990
121Army Corps Missouri River Maps1949
122Missouri River GLO Maps1870 -1900
123Waubay Lake Complex (Aerial Photos and Maps)1930s and 1990s
124Bathymetric Maps (Orchid Meadow's)1995
125Missouri River Channel Change Maps1880-1950
126Missouri River Maps Warren Commission1855-1856
127Missouri River Pilothouse Maps1867
128Missouri River Commission Maps1890s
129Misc. SD Quad Maps1950-1975
1210Misc. Idaho Topo. Maps1950 - 1990
1211Platte River GLO Maps Annotated1860s-1900s
1212Garrison Reach Mo. River Images1980s
1213Aerial Photography1981-1991
1214Platte River Maps (Historic, Land Survey, Research)undated
1215Mortenson Ranch1956
1216White River Channel Changes1986-1997
1217Missouri River in Dakotas (Land Survey Maps)undated
1218GLO Maps Big Sioux Riverundated
1219Johnson Archive Posterundated
1220Johnson Archive Posterundated
1221Tree Coring Sites - Waubay Lake1998-1999
131The Ecological Significance of Emerging Reservoir Deltas2015
132Acorn Caching and Consumption of Weevil-Infested Nuts1994
133Fly Ash in the Sediments as a Marker to estimate pre-agricultural Bathymetry�2008
134Vulnerability of Northern Prairie Wetlands to Climate Change2004
135Vulnerability of Northern Prairie Wetlands to Climate Change2004
136Prairie Wedge grass2012
137Effects of land-use and climate Variability on Northern Prairie Wetlands2004
138Comparisons of Soil within a till plain across Contrasting Wetlands2011
139Idaho graphs - preliminaryundated
1310Swan falls - Elevation distribution1992
1311Snake River, Idaho - Preliminary Veg. Analysisundated
1312Snake River - Progress Reports, Procedures1990
1313Quadrats - Elev. Freq.1991
1314Tree Reports and Tables1991
1315Snake Riverundated
1316Snake River - Dolman Rapids1991
1317Species Lists - Dolmamundated
1318Plant Lists for Snake River Projectundated
1319Snake River - Swan Falls, Plant listsundated
1320Map of Transects, Scheduleundated
1321Swan Falls Study - Plant lists, Larson1991
1322Swan Falls -Billing, Correspondences, MOA, Johnsonundated
1323DOJ/F+WS Studies1994-1995
1324Correspondences, Etc.undated
1325Snake River - Final Graphs and tables/extras1992
1326Swan Falls - Flow, stace1990
1328Habitat Zone Elevations (New)1992
1329Snake River - Preliminary Soils Data1990
1330Loosestrife, Tamarisle, etc.1991
1331ARC/WFO GISundated
1332Snake River GIS1991
1333Stats for GIS Cover Classes1987-1991
1334Botanical Info2000
1335Final Graphs - Snake River1991
1336Preliminary Report - Snake River Projectundated
1337Swan Falls Settlement, etc. (Proposed Usage Project)undated
1338Geology - Snake Riverundated
141Field Notesundated
142Platte Research - Roll #48 - R26 + 27Nundated
143Fort Kearneyundated
144Platte Research - Roll #37 - R16w + 17wundated
145Platte Research - Roll #35 - R12w + 13wundated
146Platte Research - Roll #36 - R14w + R15wundated
147Platte Research - Roll #39 - R18w + 19wundated
148Platte Research - Range Survey - 8 to 12wundated
149Platte Research - Roll #33 - R10w + R11wundated
1410Platte Research - Range Survey - 13 to 18wundated
1411Platte Research - Roll #40 - R19w + R20wundated
1412Platte Research - Roll #41 - R20w + 21wundated
1413Platte Research - Roll #43 - R21 + 22wundated
1414Platte Research - Roll #44 - R22 +23wundated
1415Platte Research - Roll #45 - R23 + 24wundated
1416Platte Research - Roll #46 - R24w + 25wundated
1417Platte Research - Roll #70 - R52 + 53Wundated
1418Platte Research - Roll #71 - R53 + 54w +55wundated
1419Platte Research - Roll #72 - R55 + 56wundated
1420Platte Research - Roll #74 - R58w + 59wundated
1421Platte Research - Roll #73 - R56 + 57 + 58wundated
1422Platte Research - Roll #52 - R30 + 31wundated
1423Platte Research - Roll #53 - R31 + 32wundated
1424Platte Research - Range Survey - 32-36undated
1425Platte Research - Colorado - T12N, R44Wundated
1426Platte Research - Colorado - T11N, R44Wundated
1427Platte Research - Colorado - T5N, R65Wundated
1428Platte Research - Colorado - T5N, R64Wundated
1429Platte Research - Roll #63 - R41 + 42 + 43wundated
1430Platte Research - Roll #34 - R11W + R12wundated
1431Platte Research - Colorado - T6N, R53Wundated
1432Platte Research - Colorado - T9N, R52Wundated
1433Platte Research - Colorado - T8N, R52Wundated
1434Platte Research - Colorado - T7N, R52Wundated
1435Platte Research - Colorado - T9N, R51Wundated
1436Platte Research - Colorado - T8N, R51Wundated
1437Platte Research - Colorado - T9N, R50Wundated
1438Platte Research - Colorado - T10N, R50Wundated
1439Platte Research - Colorado - T10N, R49Wundated
1440Platte Research - Colorado - T11N, R48Wundated
1441Platte Research - Colorado - T10N, R48Wundated
1442Platte Research - Roll #64 - R43W + 44Wundated
1443Platte Research - Roll #65 - R44 + 45Wundated
1444Platte Research - Roll #66 - R46 + 47Wundated
1445Platte Research - Roll #67 - R47 + 48W + 49Wundated
1446Platte Research - Roll #68 - R49 + 50Wundated
1447Platte Research - Roll #69 - R50 + 51W + 52Wundated
1448Platte Research - Colorado - T11N, R46Wundated
1449Platte Research - Colorado - T11N, R45Wundated
1450Platte Research - Colorado - T11N, R47Wundated
1451Platte Research - Range Survey - 28 to 31Wundated
1452Platte Research - Roll #50 - R28 + 29Wundated
1453Platte Research - Roll #49 - R27 + 28Wundated
1454Survey of Dark Islandundated
1455Platte Research - Roll #51 - R29 + 30Wundated
1456Platte Research - T4N, R59Wundated
1457Platte Research - Colorado - T4N, R58Wundated
1458Platte Research - Colorado - T4N, R57Wundated
1459Platte Research - Colorado - T4N, R56Wundated
1460Platte Research - Colorado - T4N, R55Wundated
1461Platte Research - Colorado - T4N, R55Wundated
1462Platte Research - Colorado - T4N, R54Wundated
1463Platte Research - Colorado - T5N, R54Wundated
1464Platte Research - Roll #47 - R25 + 26Wundated
1465Platte Research - Roll #38 - R17W + 18Wundated
1466Platte Research - Roll #54 - R32W + 33Wundated
1467Platte Research - Roll #55 - R33 + 34Wundated
1468Platte Research - Roll #56 - R34W + 35Wundated
1469Platte Research - Roll #57 - R35W + 36Wundated
1470Platte Research - Roll #58 - R36 + R37undated
1471Platte Research - Roll #59 - R37W + 38Wundated
1472Platte Research - Roll #60 - R38W + 39Wundated
1473Platte Research - Roll #61 - R39W + 40Wundated
1474Platte Research - Roll #62 - R40 + R41Wundated
1475Platte Research - Range Survey - 18 to 22Wundated
1476Platte Research - Colorado - T10N, R47Wundated
1477Platte Research - Roll #3-4: T + R Surveyundated
1478Platte Research - Ranges 36-39W: Roll 22undated
1479Platte Research - Ranges 40-44W: Roll 16, 23undated
1480Platte Research - Ranges 45-48W: Roll 23undated
1481Platte Research - Ranges 49 - 50W: Roll 16, 24undated
1482Platte Research - Ranges 51-55W: Roll 24undated
1483Platte Research - Ranges 56-58W: Roll 24undated
1484Platte Research - Ranges 23-27W: Roll 21undated
1485Platte Research - Colorado - T5N, R63Wundated
1486Platte Research - Colorado - T7N, R53Wundated
151Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
152Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
153Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
154Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
155Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
156Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
157Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
158Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
159Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1510Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1511Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1512Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1513Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1514Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1515Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1516Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1517Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1518Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1519Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1520Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1521Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1522Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1523Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1524Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1525Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1526Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1527Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1528Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1529Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1530Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1531Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1532Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1533Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1534Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1535Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1536Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1537Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1538Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1539Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1540Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1541Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1542Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1543Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1544Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1545Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1546Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1547Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1548Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1549Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1550Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1551Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
1552Platte Research (Microfilm)undated
161Effects of Hydroperiod on Seed Banks1987
162Sewery Faculty Colloquium Research Papers - Carbon Dioxide and Climate�1994
163Snake River Research - Lab Notes1991
164Report on Effects of Swan Falls Water Agreement1993
165Ice Storms as a Disturbance Factor in Appalachian Oak Forests1982
166Wetland Research Data1980-1995
167Waubay Lakes Research1869-1939
168Wetland Summit Report2007
169Wetland Symposium - Prairie Ecosystem1993
1610Wetland Research Program - Use of Delineating Wetland Borders1982
1611Field Data - Buffalo Slouch - Transect #71979
1612Wetland Research - Anderson Slough - Transet #21979
1613Wetland Research - Ordway (Pond 1, Trail #2, 17)1979
1614Wetland Research - Ordway (Pond 3, Trial #1, 19)1979
1615Wetland Research - Ordway (Pond 3, Trail #2, 20)1979
1616Wetland Research - Ordway (Pond#1, Trail #1, 16)1979
1617Wetland Research - Ordway (Pond #2, Trail #1, 18)1979
1618Wetland Research - Engelhardt Slough (12), Transet #21979
1619Wetland Research - Buffalo Slough (04), Trail #81979
1620Wetland Research - Engelhardt Slough (13), Transect #31979
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1622Wetland Research - Buffalo Slough (07), Trail #11979
1623Wetland Research - Buffalo Slough (06), Trail #101979
1624Wetland Research - Buffalo Slough (05), Trail #91979
1625Wetland Research - Anderson Slough (08), Transect #11979
1626Wetland Research - Anderson Slough (10), Transect #31979
1627Wetland Research - Platte Lake (14), Transect #11979
1628Wetland Delineation - Site Locations1979
1629Wetland Delineation1979
1630Wetland Research - Engelhardt Slough (11), Transect #11979
1631Wetland Research - Field Data - Buffalo Slough (02), Transect #11979
1632Wetland Research - Assorted Photos and Records1979
1633Wetland Research - Red Lake (Assorted Files)1957-1990
1634Wetland Research - Red Lake (Assorted Files)1957-1990
1635Wetland Research - Photos (Red Lake, Mortenson Ranch)1997
1636Wetland Research - Photos (Wanby Island)1998-1999
1637Wetland Research - Photos (Deuel County)1999
1638Wetland Research - Assorted Film/Floppy Disks1993-1999
1639Platte River Recovery Implementation Program2003
1640The Platte River Channel: History and Restoration2004
1641Platte Reports, Manuscript1989-1992
1642Platte Research - Historic Map1847
1643Platte River Data - Demographic, Seedlings, Environment, Physiology1990-1991
1644Platte Research - Graphics, Maps1992
1645Platte River Basin Ecosystem Symposium - Equilibrium Response�1997
1646Platte Research - Federal Energy Regulatory Commission1995
1647Platte River Data1992
171Blue jay research - Photos (14 color)undated
172Blue jay Research - popular articlesundated
173Blue jay Research - popular articlesundated
174Blue jay Research - AOU meeting - New York1982-1983
175Blue jay Research- Field Data, Iowa Falls1986
176Blue jay Research - Iowa Jay Studiesundated
177Blue jay research - Iowa1988
178Blue jay research - Iowa jays Field Data1987
179Blue jay Research - Oak funding Iowa1981-1988
1710Blue jay Research - Artificial Caches, Germination Dataundated
1711Blue jay Research - NSF proposal1983
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1713Blue jay Research - Diet, Paper/STAR1993
1714Blue jay Research - Iowa Caching Report1990
1715Blue jay Research - Caching Analyses, M. Dixon1992
1716Blue jay Research - Banding Recordsundated
1717Blue jay Research - Caching Report1992
1718Blue jay Research - Field notes1976-1989
1719Blue jay Research - Notes/Artifactsundated
1720Blue jay Research - Peer Articlesundated
1721Blue jay Research - Peer Articlesundated
1722Grand River Project (reports, color photos - 30)1993
1723Missouri River and Grand River (B&W photos - 62)1960-1971
1724Missouri River Photos (B&W Photos - 50)1976
1725Missouri River and Grand River - OWRT (PHD Research)undated
1726Missouri River and Grand River - Line Strip Datasheets2011
1727Missouri River and Grand River - Quadrat Datasheets2011
1728Missouri River - NRG (Ecosystem Report, Press Info)undated
181Platte River - Seeding Mort And Demographic Analyses1990-1991
182Platte River Demographic Data1991
183Missouri River - OWRTundated
184Missouri River ND - Graphs1976
185Committee on Missouri River Basin Ecosystem Science2000
186Missouri River - research plan on Environmental Monitoring/Assessment planundated
187Missouri River - Missouri River Synthesisundated
188Vertebrate Ecology and Zoogeography of the Missouri River Valleyundated
189Missouri River - Notes and cottonwood growth1969-1970, 2008
1810Missouri River - Digital Imaging, Photos (B&W - 16, Color - 11)1969-1998
1811Missouri River - How Corn Travelsundated
1812Missouri River - Liana Frequency and Stand age grandundated
1813Missouri River and Grand River - Keammerir Shrubs by SPundated
1814Missouri River - Early Stand ordinations and environmental factors plottedundated
1815Missouri River - Biomass vs Age gradientundated
1816Missouri River - Bulk Diversity Regressionsundated
1817Missouri River - Oaks1970
1818Missouri River - Shrub Dataundated
1819Missouri River and Grand River - PQ Datasheets1969-1970
1820Missouri River - Tree core Data and bark thickness references1948-1970
1821Missouri River - Seedling and sapling totals in Cottonwood Forestsundated
1822Missouri River - Disturbance Indexundated
1823Missouri River - Stand Summariesundated
1824Missouri River - Soil Characteristics (all levels in all stands)undated
1825Missouri River - Overstory Vegetation vs Environment Gradientsundated
1826Missouri River - Proposals, Correspondence, and seminars1969-1971
1827Missouri River - Explorations (Lewis and Clark, Audubon, Sargent)undated
1828Missouri River - Glossy Printsundated
1829Missouri River - Raw Soils Data1971
1830Missouri River - Stands in relation to Prim. Terraundated
1831Missouri River - Specifics Presence tallyundated
1832Missouri River - Climactic Data (Precipitation at Bismarck)1940-1970
1833Missouri River - Stand Size - Class Dataundated
1834Snake River, Idaho - Riparian Vegetation1992
1835Snake River, Idaho - Miscellaneous1990-1995
1836Snake River, Idaho - Ketchup Island1998
1837Snake River, Idaho - Snake River Islands (GIS)undated
1838Snake River, Idaho - Pruitt/Resch Islands1998
1839Snake River Island - Suzy Island1998
1840Snake River Island - Rabbit Island1998
1841Snake River Island - Blind Island1998
1842Snake River Island - Boise Island1998
1843Snake River Island - Cigar Island1998
1844Snake River Island - Silo Island1998
1845Snake River Island - Deer Flat1998
1846Snake River Idaho - Disc, Photos (color - 35)undated
1847Department of Energy on Vegetation and Climate Change1990
1848New Platte River Graphs and Dataundated
1849Platte River - ICE graphs1991
1850Platte River - Response to Proof of Factundated
191Platte River Research - Assorted Articles1833-1990
192Platte River Research - Seedling demography1985-1986
193Platte River Research - Reports on vegetation Encroachment1987-1989
194Platte River Research - Platte River Basin Flyover Book2003
195Platte River Research - Newspaper, Magazine, Articles, etc.1996
196Platte River Research - Attachments to accompany Nebraska Public Power District1995
197Platte River Research - Photos (Color - 22)1999
198Platte River Research - Field Notes1989
199Platte River Research - Articlesundated
1910Biology Notesundated
1911Ecology Notesundated
1912Carter Johnson - Press1997
1913Biostress Poster Session/Plains and Prairie Forest Association1994-1997
1914Carter Johnson Photos - (Color - 10, B&W - 14)undated
1915Woodlands Synthesisundated
1916Correspondences for US Academy of Science Exchange Visit - USSR1971-1977
1917Soviet Ecology - Book Chapter1976
1918UNESCO Nature and Resourcesundated
1919Soviet Trip Reports1976-1977
1920Assorted Correspondencesundated
1921USSR Exchange Visit1986
1922Rodin's Visit - Professional Recordundated
1923Reserve Cluster Poster - USSR Visit1976
1924Oak Ridge National Laboratory1978-1982
1925Prairie Wetland Conferences and Recovering Lewis and Clark's Rivers2006, 2010
201USSR Exchange Visits - Correspondencesundated
202USSR Exchangeundated
203Program and Preliminary Examination (NDSU)undated
204Honorary Marshallundated
205ESA Meetings - Ohio State1987
206Seminar Overheads - Iowa1982-1989
207Virgin E. NA Forests (B&W Pgotos - 4)undated
208Miscellaneous Graphics (Platte River, McCrory Gardens)undated
209ORNL - Staff pictures (B&W - 4)undated
2010Designs on the Land2003
2011Assorted Correspondences 
2012Assorted Correspondences 
211Tree Core Samples (grand River, Goat Trail, Waubay Lake)undated
212Assorted cloth posters and name stampundated
221Reinventing a landscape in South Dakota Rangeland Collection1995
222Prairie Wetlands and Global Warmingundated
223Platte Articles and Maps1996-2003
224Atlas of the United States Treesundated
225Collection of River Maps - Lewis and Clack Expeditionundated