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Valerian Three Irons American Indian Oral Histories Microfiche

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MA 104


Valerian Three Irons American Indians Oral Histories Microfiche


Material collected by Valerian Three Irons




0.42 linear feet (1 document case) 145 microfiche sheets




South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections
Hilton M. Briggs Library (SBL) Room 241, Box 2115
1300 North Campus Drive
Brookings, SD 57007

Access Note

This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. This material does not circulate and may be used in-house only.

Preferred Citation

Name of item, MA 104, box #, folder #, Valerian Three Irons American Indian Oral Histories Microfiche, South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.


Valerian Three Irons, was an American Indian Studies professor and Diversity Association at South Dakota State University from 1997 to 2011. He donated the Listen to Indians microfiche to the Archives in 2004.

The “Listening to Indians” project which was planned executed, and directed by Mr. Samuel I. Meyers as part of the New York Times Oral History Program. The project was funded by the New York Times Oral History Program and completed in 1978. Members of many American Indian tribes are represented.

Content and Arrangement

Contents Note

This collection contains transcripts of 144 interviews with American Indians from across the United States. The interviews were all conducted in the 1970s.

Subject Headings

  • Indians of North America -- Personal narratives


Conditions Governing Access

This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

Researchers conducting extensive research are asked to make an advance appointment to access archival material. Please call or e-mail prior to visiting the collection and indicate as much detail as possible about a particular topic and intended use.

Physical Access

South Dakota State University supports access to the materials, published and unpublished, in its collections. Nonetheless, access to some items may be restricted as a result of their fragile condition or by contractual agreements with donors.


Copyright Status

In copyright

Copyright Notice

Copyright restrictions apply in different ways to different materials. Many of the documents and other historical materials in the Archives are in the public domain and may be reproduced and used in any way. There are other materials in the Archive carrying a copyright interest and must be used according to the provisions of Title 17 of the U.S. Code. The Archive issues a warning concerning copyright restrictions to every researcher who requests copies of documents. Although the copyright law is under constant redefinition in the courts, it is ultimately the responsibility of the researcher to properly use copyrighted material.

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Container list: Valerian Three Irons American Indian Oral Histories Microfiche

1127Allen, Noah (Euchee)1978
166Alvarado, Anita (Mexican)1978
1125Antone, Donald (Pima)1978
1121Arciniega, Florencio (Apache)1978
179Aticitty, Eugene (Navajo)1978
178Barton, Ron (Navajo)1978
187Begay, Nora (Navajo)1978
167Bennett, Robert (Oneida)1978
125Bibeau, Don (Chippewa)1978
119Brisbois, Gabriel; Brisbois, Mariane; Gattenby, Georgianna (Chippewa) Part 11978
120Brisbois, Gabriel; Gattenby, Georgianna; Kotschevar, Lorraine (Chippewa) Part 21978
123Buckanaga, John (Chippewa)  Part 11978
124Buckanaga, John (Chippewa)  Part 21978
136Buffalohead, Blaine (Ponca)1978
1144Busch, Carolyn (Cherokee)1978
1105Byrnes, Evelyn (Cowlitz)1978
198Carpio, Joseph manuel (Isleta)1978
141Chupco, Helen (Seminole-Creek)1978
157Clark, Edward (Comanche)1978
116Clark, Josephine; Fairbanks, George; Stone, George (Chippewa)1978
171Cleveland, Morgan (Navajo)1978
126Cook, Lee (Chippewa)1978
163Coriz, Ramona (Santa Domingo)1978
1139Cornelius, Harrison (Oneida)1978
1111Cox, Carl (Crow-Choctaw)1978
188Crowfoot, Deanna (Blackfoot-Saultaux)1978
193Crum, Beverly (Shoshone)1978
161Da, Anita (San Ildefonso)1978
129Deer, Ada (Menominee)1978
168Dennison, Gene (Navajo)  Part 11978
169Dennison, Gene (Navajo)  Part 21978
164Dill, Agnes (Tiwa) Part 11978
165Dill, Agnes (Tiwa) Part 21978
1112Eaglespeaker, Glen (Blackfoot)1978
117Fairbanks, George (Chippewa)1978
1103Folz, Dana (Clallam)1978
1101Folz, John (Klallum)1978
1115Folz, Wendy (Klallum)1978
1130Fontana, Bernard1978
150Ford, Jerry (Gros Ventre-Cherokee)1978
1114Fowler, Michelle (Quinault)1978
1110Frazier, Gregory (Crow-Sioux)1978
1108Garcia, Alex (Mexican Indian); Garcia, Ellen (Puyallup)1978
19Gardner, Jim (Choctaw)1978
194Gray, Jim (Mohawk)1978
144Griggs, Diana (Cherokee-Choctaw)1978
153Hankowsky, Ruth (Choctaw)1978
191Harden, Fred (Winnebago)1978
192Harris, Lacee (Ute)1978
1104Hill, Jackie Wanassay; Hill, Tom; Hill, Tom Jr. (Cowlitz)1978
155Holder, Jimmie (Delaware)1978
146Houston, Don (Cherokee)1978
185Hutchingson, Lyndale (Haida-Tsimshian)1978
1102Irwin, Judy (Creek)1978
184Jeffery, Dennis (Navajo)1978
177Jensen, Walter (Navajo)1978
134Jessepe, Bruce (Potawatomie-Kickapoo-Oneida)1978
135Jessepe, Lester (Potawatomie), Jessepe, Mrs. Lester (Oneida)1978
149Johnson, Donna (Absentee Shawnee-Delaware-Caddo)1978
142Johnson, Herbert (Seminole)1978
138Jones, Velma (Ponca) Part 11978
139Jones, Velma (Ponca) Part 21978
181Kelly, William (Hawaiian)1978
111Kerns, Donald (Cherokee-Sioux) Part 11978
112Kerns, Donald (Cherokee-Sioux) Part 21978
196LaBelle, Errol (Assiniboine-Sioux)1978
1113LaClair, Leo (Muckleshoot)1978
121Leecy, Michael (Chippewa)1978
12Lees, Richard (Chippewa)1978
127Libertus, Ron (Chippewa)1978
160Lujan, Jerry (Taos)1978
186Maetas, John (Nambe-San Ildefonso)1978
130McGeshick, Charles; McGeshick, Albert; Poler, Richard (Sokaogon-Chippewa)1978
176McKenzie, Melvin (Navajo)1978
195Meeks, Edmund (Shoshone)1978
1118Melendy, Patrick (Hupa)1978
154Miller, Bob (Seminole-Creek)1978
114Moltow, Tamecia (Seminole)1978
172Montoya, Timothy (Hopi-Laguna)1978
197Nacke, Janice (Shoshone-Navajo)1978
1126Navakuku, Bernice (Hopi); Carlos, Frank (Papago); Manuel, Francisco (Papago)1978
158New, Lloyd Kiva (Cherokee) Part 11978
159New, Lloyd Kiva (Cherokee) Part 21978
189Nez, Ramona (Navajo)1978
199Peters, Darlene (Klallum) Part 11978
1100Peters, Darlene (Klallum) Part 21978
170Pinto, Karen (Navajo)1978
1107Piper, Lee (Cherokee)1978
182Rainer, John, Jr. (Taos)1978
1128Ramon, Julie (Papago)1978
1120Reams, Lyle (Pima-Papago-Maricopa)1978
162Roberts, V.J. (Pawnee-Chippewa)1978
1122Robinson, George (Hopi-Omaha)1978
180Roessel, Ruth (Navajo)1978
128Rosebear, Robert (Chippewa-Sioux-Cree)1978
133Rowland, Ted (Northern Cheyenne)1978
110Ruobideaux, Sylvester (Sioux)1978
113Ruobideaux, Sylvester (Sioux)1978
140Secondine, Henry, Wilson, Don (Delaware)1978
190Sekaquaptewa, Kenneth (Hopi)1978
1123Sekayouma, Marcus (Hopi) Part 11978
1124Sekayouma, Marcus (Hopi) Part 21978
1106Shopbell, Candy (Santee Sioux); Wright, Chris (Tulaipl-Puyallup)1978
147Smith, Betty (Cherokee)1978
143Spinks, Alice (Apache); Spinks, Roy (Klamath)1978
145Spinks, Roseanna (Nomlackie)1978
156Standing, Nettie (Kiowa)1978
183Stewart, Charles (Sioux)1978
1145Swiftarrow, Bernadine (Quechan)1978
1142Swimmer, Ross (Cherokee)1978
1129Taylor, Arnold (Hopi)1978
17Thomas, Ray (Choctaw)1978
122Tibbetts, William (Chippewa)1978
148Timmons, Boyce (Cherokee)1978
1141Tippiconic, John (Comanche-Cherokee)1978
1143Tonasket, Mel (Okanagon)1978
151Tonemah, Scott (Kiowa)  Part 11978
152Tonemah, Scott (Kiowa)  Part 21978
173Tungovia, Lowery (Hopi-Tewa)1978
118Turney, Joan; Clark, Josephine; Clark, Pearl (Chippewa)1978
131Underwood, Brenda (Comanche-Cherokee); Goodvoice, Mary (Sioux)1978
1109Victorino, Rosemund (Choctaw-Hawaiian-Portuguese)1978
1116Walking Bull, Gilbert (Oglala Sioux); Walking Bull, Montana (Cherokee) Part 11978
1117Walking Bull, Gilbert (Oglala Sioux); Walking Bull, Montana (Cherokee) Part 21978
175Wauneka, Annie (Navajo)1978
132West, Richard (Southern Cheyenne)1978
115Williams, Dave (Shoshone)1978
137Williams, John (Ponca)1978
1140Wilson Forest, Jimmy (Blackfoot)1978
1137Wilson, Brother Maurice Part 11978
1138Wilson, Brother Maurice Part 21978
14Wilson, Cathy (Nez Perce)1978
1135Wilson, Cathy (Nez Perce)1978
1134Wilson, Eugene (Nez Perce)1978
15Wilson, Euguene (Nez Perce)1978
13Wilson, Heather (Nez Perce)1978
1131Wilson, Heather (Nez Perce)1978
1132Wilson, MacDonald (Nez Perce)1978
1136Wilson, Marjorie1978
1133Wilson, Penny (Nez Perce)1978
16Wilson, Plesah; Wilson, Cathy; Wilson, Heather (Nez Perce)1978
1119Wilson, Terry (Potawatomie)1978
174Yazzie, Delphine (Navajo)1978
18York , Baxter (Choctaw)1978