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UA 52.2


Student Essays




1.05 linear feet (2 document cases. 1 small document cases)




South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.

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This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

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Name of item . Student essays. UA 52.2. South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M .Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.


An artificial collection consisting of student essays written between 1890 and 1900.

Contents Note

This is an artificial collection of student essays written between 1890 and 1901. The essays do not appear to be theses, nor do they appear to be only senior class essays. Some authors appear more than once, and none appear to be graduate students. While all of the essays have an author and title, many include only the graduating class of the author, not the date the essay was written.

The physical makeup of the essays is interesting. Most of the essays are around 20 pages in length, indicating work of some depth. A few are bound, while others are sewn together and some are stapled. Some are handwritten, but most are typewritten. Many of them have ribbons or other decoration on the cover or holding the piece together. Illustrations found in them are hand drawn, sometimes in great detail.

The essays themselves are of some interest, although their informational content is most likely dated. The topics covered by the essays are quite diverse, ranging from bread to bridge construction. A large number of the essays seem to relate to the study of the English language, the mechanical arts, with agriculture, engineering and woodcarving. Some other topics include entomology, molds, music and sewing.

Key Words

Student writings

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Student Essays Container List. UA 52.2

11Austin, S.E.: Tempering Steel1892
12Beck, Milton: Slide Valves1893
31Brown, C. Oscar: Designing and constructing a self-governing windmill1894
32Brown, C. Oscar: Macauley’s vocabulary. An Essay1894
13Brown, Ida D.: History of, and practical work in woodcarvingundated
33Brown, J.A.: DeQuincey’s sentences and paragraphs. An Essayundated
14Brown, J.A.: Study of some mature grasshoppers1894
15Brown, Sarah: Some practical methods of propagating the rose1895
16Burr, Jennie: Essay on biography of Thomas Carlyle1891
17Colgrove, Una May: The Human voice as a musical instrument1899
34Crane, Austin B.: Irrigation in South Dakota1891
18Curtis, Allen L.: Addison’s sentences and paragraphs. An Essay1891
19Curtis, Kate L.: DeQuincey as a writer. An Essayundated
110Davies, Alma: Macauley’s figures of speech. An Essay1891
111Davies, S.H.: Development of agriculture. Ancient and modern1892
35Davis, Homer: Economic value of Experiment Stations1891
36Dillon, H.C.: Sheep raising in South Dakota1891
37Doughty, Hettie: Floriculture as a pursuit for womenundated
112Fike, C.A.: Emotional qualities of DeQuincey’s style1895
113Findeis, P.: Are acquired characters inherited?1899
114Fjerestad, H.C.: Brain parasites of domestic animals1898
115Freudenfeld, H.H.: Macauley’s sentences and paragraphs1891
38Grove, Robert W.: Commercial law1901
116Hall, Mamie: Aesthetic qualities of Addison’s style1891
117Hamlin, J.R.: Food habits of the striped gopherundated
118Harm, J.B.: House building1891
119Hatfield, I.H.: Irrigationundated
120Hopkins, Mrs. E.: Treatment of childhood by American poets1984
121Ingalls, Kittie: Macauley’s style aesthetic qualities. An Essay1981
39Irish, Henry C.: Smuts of the farmundated
122Keaney, Emma A.: Bedbugs1892
123Keith, H.A.: The Intellectual qualities of Macauley’s style1892
310Korstad, Mary: Evolution of religious thought as interpreted by Lowell and Browning1891
124Larson, Lloyd R.: Soybeans. Comparative analysis of varieties and influence on date of cutting on protein, ash and oil.undated
125Lawrence, M. Minerva: The Making of a gown1899
126Lawrence, M[innie]: Study of moulds. In relation to foods1899
127Lawrence, W.H.: Embryological study1899
12Ledger: Minutes1884-1895
21Loveland, Addie Adelle; A Study of some fruits of Brookings Countyundated
22Madden, M.F.: The Drift1892
23McLouth, B.F.: Bridge construction1893
24McLouth, Ida B.: Breadundated
25Nacthigall, Isaac: Are acquired characters transmitted1899
26Parker, F.: Study of  Macauley1891
27Ramsdell, L.C.: Opium1892
311Robinson, Alice: Breadundated
214s.n.: History of music and hymnology1898
28Salisbury, E.: Embryology of the chick1895
29Sasse, E.G.: Study of the burrowing mammals1896
210Schlosser, A.B.: Intellectual qualities of Addison’s style1895
211Schlosser, M.J.: Aesthetic qualities of Addison’s style1895
212Schlosser, T.F.: Action of plant roots1892
213Sevy, I.B.: Study of comparative anatomy1895
312Shannon, Fanny L.: Value of systematic study on domestic scienceundated
313Sherwin, F.E.: Comparative Study of Urine1896
215Tanzy, M[Arvin] F.: The Astronomical constants1894
216Tanzy, Marvin F.: Critique on digest of critic’s view of Dequincey1893
217Thornber, John J.: MacAuley figures of speech essay1895
314Updyke, Nora: Agnostic evolution and geology1891
218Walters, E.A.: History and physical theory of music scales1899
315West, Hugh E.: Forestry in South Dakotaundated
219Whitehead, B.T.: Alimentary tract of domestic sheep1897
220Whitten, John C.: Study of underground stemsundated
221Wilcox, A.E.: Home floriculture1897
222Winegar, A.J.: Bridge constructionundated
316Wolgemuth, Lee E.: Forest fires and their preventionundated
223Young, Gilbert A.: The biography of Thomas DeQuincey1891

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This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

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Arranged and Described by

Elizabeth B. Scott, 1998 March 6.