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South Dakota Association for Family and Community Education Records

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MA 35


South Dakota Association for Family and Community Education Records


South Dakota Association for Family and Community Education; South Dakota Community and Family Extension Leaders; South Dakota Extension Homemakers Council




20.46 linear feet (20 boxes) sound recordings, photographs




South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.

Access note

This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

Preferred Citation

Name of item . South Dakota Association of Family and Community Education Records. MA 35 South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.


The purpose of this organization has basically remained the same: to promote the improvement of home and community life. The collection is composed of administrative records for the South Dakota Association for Family and Community Education, including president, secretary, and treasurer records, membership records and scrapbooks. Also included are records of various clubs for Brookings County (S.D.), Moody County (S.D.), Pennington County (S.D.), Perkins County (S.D.), and Spink County (S.D.).

Historical Note

The work in home economics extension has from the outset been organized largely on a neighborhood or community basis, with counties having anywhere from one to several individual clubs. When communities had several well-established local home demonstration clubs, a county demonstration council was organized, made up of representatives from the local clubs. One of its main functions was to advise the home demonstration agent in shaping the county program and plans. There was also a state council of home demonstration clubs. The state council usually held its annual meeting during the State Farm and Home Week. From this committee, suggestions for the work of the succeeding year are sent to all county councils.

Farmers' Institute was a program held by universities featuring lectures dealing with farm and home topics. Every institute made homemaking a large part of the program allowing women to share with the men the full benefits of the lectures and discussions. Community clubs of rural women, who belonged to the Farmers' Institute, preceded Extension clubs in South Dakota. These community clubs supplied their own programs and they met in rural churches or in larger homes.

Venia Keller was appointed as the first women Extension worker after the Smith Lever Act of 1914 was enacted. The work of the first Extension specialists was almost entirely in connection with Farmers' Institute and homemakers clubs but some demonstrations were given at county fairs. With very few exceptions each group had a woman member who demonstrated and lectured on some phase of food preparation. In 1918 there were many changes. Work in foods consisted of preservation and conservation; and poultry raising and child feeding were adopted as topics for the specialists. During World War I the Federal Food Production Act provided money for the employment of county home demonstration agents. All of these agents worked with the Food Administration during the war. Their projects included saving wheat, fats and sugar, and the use of meat substitutes and canning campaigns. During the summer special demonstrations were given on uses for cottage cheese.

The 1920's began with plans for holding nine demonstrations of foods and nutrition for organized homemaker's clubs in four counties. More and more home demonstration agent districts were being added. Leader training meetings in foods and nutrition were initiated. In 1923 the nutrition program was broken up to include three food, three clothing, and three home management meetings. During the late 1920's Mary Dolve supervised a drive to find out what the needs of the homemakers were concerning foods and nutrition. Questionnaires were sent to 875 clubs and discussions were held at training schools and local meetings. Extension specialists received a fair indication of what they could do to help the homemakers.

In 1928 money was made available for expansion of home extension work through the Capper-Ketcham Act, which meant that home agents served only three counties instead of four. The founding meeting for the South Dakota Federation of Home Demonstration Clubs was on September 12, 1928 at the State Fair grounds. Mrs. Perry Clifford of Cresbard was named chairman. The first organizational meeting was held during the Farmer's Short Course in February, 1929. Nineteen official delegates from fourteen counties voted to make the Federation a reality and a constitution was adopted. Two yearly meetings were held: a business meeting during the State Fair and an education meeting during Farm and Home Week at South Dakota State University. Individual clubs were encouraged to join.

The purpose of the state council was to exchange ideas about homes and the Extension Service did their part by offering educational materials and planning help. Early projects of the Federation included contests, which supplemented the educational lessons of the clubs. A state wide contest included publicity, awards for poultry and egg recipes; and ironing, bread baking, and vegetable preparation contests.

During the depression of the 1930's, the council managed to stay active by holding district meetings in four areas of the state. This allowed members to attend meeting without having the added expense of travel. In the 1940's, the Farm and Home Week was discontinued, so speakers and demonstrators for that event spoke at the district meetings instead. In 1950, the first money-raising project was begun. Clubs contributed funds to bring an exchange student from Germany to South Dakota to study home economics and extension at South Dakota State University for one year. Extension clubs have also contributed money to the Crippled Children's Hospital and the South Dakota Art Museum.

During the 1970's a new policy was developed and each meeting was to be planned separately by local leaders. The chief function of the meeting is to strengthen county participation, promote the projects and activities of the Council, and foster old and new friendships.

While the council has changed its name over the years from South Dakota Home Demonstration Clubs to South Dakota Home Extension Homemakers Clubs and eventually South Dakota Community & Family Extension Leaders, the main purpose has basically remained the same: to promote the improvement of home and community life.


This collection is arranged into seven series:

Series 1. Administration

Series 2. Brookings County Clubs

Series 3. Moody County Clubs

Series 4. Minnehaha County Clubs

Series 5. Pennington County Clubs

Series 6. Perkins County Clubs

Series 7. Spink County Clubs

Folders are arranged in alphabetical order within each series.

Contents Note

Composed of administrative records for the South Dakota Association for Family and Community Education, including president, secretary, and treasurer records, membership records and scrapbooks. Also included are records of various clubs for Brookings County (S.D.), Moody County (S.D.), Pennington County (S.D.), Perkins County (S.D.), and Spink County (S.D.)

Series 1. Administration

The Administration series is composed mainly of president, secretary, and treasurer records, and scrapbooks. The president's records were maintained by the various presidents and cover the years from 1951-1978. The secretary's records consist of minutes, programs, correspondence, and clippings and span the years 1928-1992. The treasurer's records are financial ledgers for the years 1928-1963. The scrapbooks comprise the largest part of this series and are mainly a history of the organization throughout the years. They contain programs, photographs, clippings, and memorabilia. Also included in this sub-group are chairman handbooks, guidelines, constitutions, newsletters, slide presentations, and program material. Some items of interest include a gavel, podium cloth with the organization's logo, and a bicentennial resolution from 1974.

Series 2. Brookings County Clubs

The Brookings County Clubs series is composed mainly of records for the 49ers Extension Club and the Du Cum Extension Club. This material consists of secretary's record books which contain minutes, programs, correspondence, and clippings. Other items included are club enrollment information, a constitution, a scrapbook, and some historical information. Also included is a small amount of material related to the Mystery Neighbors which is also sometime named Mystery Sisters Extension Club.

Series 3. Minnehaha County Clubs

Minnehaha County Clubs series is composed mainly of club enrollment and membership information. Also included is correspondence, minutes, newsletters, secretary's reports, and yearbooks.

Series 4. Moody County Clubs

Moody County Clubs series is composed mainly of club enrollment information, club histories, and secretary's books. The club enrollment information spans the years 1938-1994 and includes lists of names of clubs which were associated with Moody County Extension Homemakers. The club histories are of individual clubs and include information about when the clubs were organized, members, programs, clippings and some photographs. The secretary's books consist of minutes, programs, correspondence, and clippings. Other items in this series include reports, constitution and by-laws, programs, clippings, photographs, and ephemera.

Series 5. Pennington County Clubs

Pennington County Clubs series is composed mainly of membership records, but also included executive council minutes, record books and a scrapbook for the Southwest Neighbors Extension Club.

Series 6. Perkins County Clubs

Perkins County Clubs series is composed of Moreau River Extension club material. It consists only of three wall hangings promoting membership.

Series 7. Spink County Clubs

Spink County Clubs series is composed of records related to the Neighbors Extension Club and the Spink County Extension Homemakers Council. Material consists mainly of secretary's books and scrapbooks. Also included are scrapbooks related by the Nite Owls and TNT Extension Clubs.

Related Resources

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Call number: Archives: 630.732 So87.84

Key Words

Brookings County Association for Family and Community Education (S.D.)

Brookings County Community and Family Extension Leader (S.D.)

Home economics extension work -- South Dakota

Minnehaha County Association for Family and Community Education (S.D.)

Minnehaha County Community and Family Extension Leaders (S.D.)

Minnehaha County Extension Homemakers Council (S.D.)

Moody County Association for Family and Community Education (S.D.)

Moody County Community and Family Extension Leaders (S.D.)

Moody County Extension Homemakers Council (S.D.)

Pennington County Association for Family and Community Education

Pennington County Community and Family Extension Leaders

Pennington County Extension Homemakers Council

South Dakota Association for Family and Community Education

South Dakota Community and Family Extension Leaders

South Dakota State University. Cooperative Extension Service

Spink County Association for Family and Community Education

Spink County Community and Family Extension Leaders

Spink County Extension Homemakers Council

Women -- South Dakota -- Societies and clubs

Container List

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South Dakota Association of Family and Community Education Records Container List. MA 35

1. Administration11Applications for 50 year memberships1983
1. Administration12Calendars - Postcards1989-1990
1. Administration13Chairman handbookundated
1. Administration217Community and Family Extension Folder 1 of 22007
1. Administration218Community and Family Extension Folder 2 of 22007
1. Administration219Community and Family Extension Leaders2008
1. Administration211Community and Family Extension Leaders Folder 1 of 22001-2002
1. Administration213Community and Family Extension Leaders Folder 1 of 22002-2003
1. Administration215Community and Family Extension Leaders Folder 1 of 22004-2006
1. Administration212Community and Family Extension Leaders Folder 2 of 22001-2002
1. Administration214Community and Family Extension Leaders Folder 2 of 22002-2003
1. Administration216Community and Family Extension Leaders Folder 2 of 22004-2006
1. Administration14Constitution1970, 1980-1989
1. Administration15Constitution and bylaws1954-1997
1. Administration16Cross stitch pattern "My Creed"undated
1. Administration17Education for Action - 30 Years History of National Extension Homemakers Council1936-1966
1. Administration18FCE sign with emblemundated
1. Administration19Financial Statement - SD Federation of Home Demonstration Clubs1958-1959, 1964-1965
1. Administration110Folk Festival - Mitchell - Different Nationsundated
1. Administration112Food Bulletins (Extension circulars)1928-1936
1. Administration111Food Economy leaflets (Extension circulars)1935-1937
1. Administration71Gavel1988
1. Administration113Guidelines1980-1991
1. Administration114Guidelines1993, 1997
1. Administration115Honorary certificateundated
1. Administration116Memorandum of Understanding between SD Association of FCE and SD Cooperative Extension Service1999
1. Administration118Minutes - SD Association for Family and Community Education1993-1999
1. Administration117Minutes - SD Extension Homemakers Council1980-1992
1. Administration119National Extension Homemakers Council, Inc. - Occupant Protection Education Project B.E.L.T.S.undated
1. Administration120National meeting - Brookings (Bills)1967
1. Administration121Newsletter - Rays of Sunshine1990
1. Administration122Notecards (blank)undated
1. Administration123Photographs - Hand and Faulk Counties1935-1943
1. Administration124Photographs - National Extension Homemakers Council1984-1985
1. Administration125Photographs - Senior Citizen Committee, Foreign Women, Water Conservation1923-1962
1. Administration72Plates for book - SD: A State to Behold1975
1. Administration73Podium clothundated
1. Administration127President's Records - Christine Gaffin1955-1957
1. Administration129President's Records - Cora Schlim1961-1963
1. Administration131President's Records - Edith Jones1970-1972
1. Administration128President's Records - Elvira Kittoe1958-1960
1. Administration132President's Records - Erna Putnam1973-1975
1. Administration130President's Records - Fayola Muchow1964-1966
1. Administration126President's Records - Mrs. Ray Clark1951-1954
1. Administration133President's Records - Ruth Nelson1976-1978
1. Administration134Program of Work1988-1991
1. Administration135Program of Work - to be used with 1996 Program of Work1997
1. Administration136Release of the SD Federation of Home Demonstration Clubs - Responsibilities relieved1960
1. Administration74Resolution - SD Bicentennial Commission1974
1. Administration31Scrapbook - Associated Country Women trip to Copenhagen, Denmark1950-1952
1. Administration137Scrapbook - District Meetings1982-1988
1. Administration138Scrapbook - District Meetings1992-1993
1. Administration139Scrapbook - District Meetings1994-1995
1. Administration140Scrapbook - District Meetings1996-1997
1. Administration21Scrapbook - District Meetings1998-1999
1. Administration22Scrapbook - Home Demonstration Clubs1945
1. Administration23Scrapbook - Home Demonstration Clubs1957-1958
1. Administration24Scrapbook - Home Demonstration Clubs1962-1964
1. Administration25Scrapbook - Home Demonstration Clubs1964-1967
1. Administration32Scrapbook - Home Demonstration Council1957-1960
1. Administration26Scrapbook - Home Extension Leaders1968-1970
1. Administration42Scrapbook - SD Extension Homemakers1970-1976
1. Administration51Scrapbook - SD Extension Homemakers Council1977-1979
1. Administration34Scrapbook - SD Extension Homemakers Council1980-1982
1. Administration41Scrapbook - SD Extension Homemakers Council1983-1985
1. Administration52Scrapbook - SD Extension Homemakers Council1986-1988
1. Administration53Scrapbook - SD Extension Homemakers Council1989-1991
1. Administration33Scrapbook - SD Extension Homemakers Council District X (history and scrapbook)1950-1996
1. Administration54Scrapbook - SD Health Project1974
1. Administration28Scrapbook - State Federation of Home Demonstration Clubs1952-1957
1. Administration27Scrapbook - State Federation of Home Extension Clubs1928-1941, 1948-1952
1. Administration55Scrapbook - State President1961-1963
1. Administration61SD Association for Family and Community Education1998
1. Administration62SD Extension Homemakers Council - National Conference photographs1981, 1984, 1986, 1989
1. Administration63SD Extension Homemakers Council - photographs1952, 1957, undated
1. Administration64SD Extension Homemakers Council - Records1972-1976, 1988
1. Administration65Secretary Book1928-1944
1. Administration66Secretary Book1928-1962
1. Administration67Secretary Book1944-1954
1. Administration68Secretary Book1944-1958
1. Administration69Secretary Book1954-1965
1. Administration610Secretary Book1956-1964
1. Administration612Secretary Book1968-1971
1. Administration613Secretary Book1972-1974
1. Administration611Secretary's Record1964-1967
1. Administration614Secretary's Record1975-1977
1. Administration615Secretary's Record1976-1977
1. Administration616Secretary's Record1978-1979
1. Administration617Secretary's Record1983-1992
1. Administration618Slide presentation: Her Indomitable Courageundated
1. Administration619Slide presentation: History of Home Demonstration1989
1. Administration620Slide presentation: Voices of American Homemakers1987
1. Administration621State Case - Music & You (EMC #624)1970-1972
1. Administration622State Case - Put Poetry in Your Life (EMC #622)undated
1. Administration623State Historian records - County Extension Clubs1949-1984
1. Administration624Susan Wilder Scholarship Committee - Agreement with SDSU Foundation1997-1998
1. Administration625Susan Wilder Scholarship Committee - Correspondence1985-1990
1. Administration626Susan Wilder Scholarship Committee - Correspondence1991
1. Administration627Susan Wilder Scholarship Committee - Ledger1945-1967
1. Administration628Susan Wilder Scholarship Committee - Ledger1968-1999
1. Administration629Susan Wilder Scholarship Committee - Miscellaneous records1958-1987
1. Administration630Susan Wilder Scholarship Committee - Scholarship application (blank)1994
1. Administration81Treasurers book1928-1940
1. Administration82Treasurers book1934-1956
1. Administration83Treasurers book1936-1950
1. Administration84Treasurers book1950-1963
2. Brookings County8649er: 30 years1949-1979
2. Brookings County8849er: Club enrollment1991
2. Brookings County8749er: Constitution1976
2. Brookings County8949er: Miscellaneous correspondence, programs, newsletters1986-1993
2. Brookings County81049ers: Secretary's Record Books1949-1950
2. Brookings County81149ers: Secretary's Record Books1951-1955
2. Brookings County81249ers: Secretary's Record Books1956-1960
2. Brookings County81349ers: Secretary's Record Books1961-1965
2. Brookings County81449ers: Secretary's Record Books1966-1970
2. Brookings County81549ers: Secretary's Record Books1971-1975
2. Brookings County81649ers: Secretary's Record Books1976-1980
2. Brookings County81749ers: Secretary's Record Books1981-1985
2. Brookings County81849ers: Secretary's Record Books1986-1990
2. Brookings County81949ers: Secretary's Record Books1991-1994
2. Brookings County85Brookings County - Safety Report1985-1987
2. Brookings County820Du Cum Extension Club: Citizenship and Community Outreach1991
2. Brookings County821Du Cum Extension Club: From Extension to FCEL1949-2006
2. Brookings County822Du Cum Extension Club: Home Demonstration Club Programs1966-1970
2. Brookings County823Du Cum Extension Club: Miscellaneous records1991-1992, 2000-2002
2. Brookings County824Du Cum Extension Club: Scrapbook (part A)1948-2000
2. Brookings County91Du Cum Extension Club: Scrapbook (part B)1948-2000
2. Brookings County92Du Cum Extension Club: SD Centennial participation and activities1989
2. Brookings County93Du Cum Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1949-1950
2. Brookings County94Du Cum Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1951-1955
2. Brookings County95Du Cum Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1956-1960
2. Brookings County96Du Cum Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1961-1965
2. Brookings County97Du Cum Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1966-1970
2. Brookings County98Du Cum Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1971-1975
2. Brookings County99Du Cum Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1976-1980
2. Brookings County910Du Cum Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1981-1984
2. Brookings County911Du Cum Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1986-1990
2. Brookings County912Du Cum Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1991-1995
2. Brookings County913Du Cum Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1996-2000
2. Brookings County914Du Cum Extension Club: Secretary's Record books2001-2005
2. Brookings County915Mystery Neighbors Extension Club: Report - Community Service2000
2. Brookings County916Mystery Sisters Extension Club: Safety report1985-1986
2. Brookings County917Mystery Sisters Extension Club: Safety report1989-1990
2. Brookings County231Scrapbook: Mystery Sisters with 16 Color Photos2000s
2. Brookings County231Scrapbook: Mystery Sisters with 29 Color Photos1990s-2000s
2. Brookings County231Scrapbook: Mystery Sisters with 88 Color Photos and 1 B/W Photo1970s-1980s
2. Brookings County222Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1948-1949
2. Brookings County223Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1949-1950
2. Brookings County224Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1950-1951
2. Brookings County225Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1951-1952
2. Brookings County226Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1952-1953
2. Brookings County227Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1953-1945
2. Brookings County228Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1954-1955
2. Brookings County229Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1955-1956
2. Brookings County2210Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1956-1957
2. Brookings County2211Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1957-1958
2. Brookings County2212Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1958-1959
2. Brookings County2213Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1959-1960
2. Brookings County2214Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1960-1961
2. Brookings County2215Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1961-1962
2. Brookings County2216Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1962-1963
2. Brookings County2217Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1963-1964
2. Brookings County2218Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1964-1965
2. Brookings County2219Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1965-1966
2. Brookings County2220Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1966-1967
2. Brookings County2221Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1967-1968
2. Brookings County2222Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1968-1969
2. Brookings County2223Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1969-1970
2. Brookings County2224Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1970-1971
2. Brookings County2225Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1971-1972
2. Brookings County2226Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1972-1973
2. Brookings County2227Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1973-1974
2. Brookings County2228Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1974-1975
2. Brookings County2229Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1975-1976
2. Brookings County2230Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1976-1977
2. Brookings County2231Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1977-1978
2. Brookings County2232Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1978-1979
2. Brookings County2233Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1979-1980
2. Brookings County2234Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1980-1981
2. Brookings County2235Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1981-1982
2. Brookings County2236Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1982-1983
2. Brookings County2237Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1983-1984
2. Brookings County2238Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1984-1985
2. Brookings County2239Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1985-1986
2. Brookings County2240Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1986-1987
2. Brookings County2241Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1987-1988
2. Brookings County2242Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1989-1990
2. Brookings County2243Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1990-1991
2. Brookings County2244Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1992
2. Brookings County2245Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1993
2. Brookings County2246Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1994
2. Brookings County2247Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1995
2. Brookings County2248Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1996
2. Brookings County2264Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1996-2014
2. Brookings County2249Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1997
2. Brookings County2250Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1998
2. Brookings County2251Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters1999
2. Brookings County2252Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters2000
2. Brookings County2253Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters2001
2. Brookings County2254Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters2002
2. Brookings County2255Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters2003
2. Brookings County2256Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters2004
2. Brookings County2257Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters2005
2. Brookings County2258Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters2006
2. Brookings County2259Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters2007
2. Brookings County2260Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters2008
2. Brookings County2261Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters2009
2. Brookings County2262Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters2010
2. Brookings County2263Secretary's Record Book - Mystery Sisters2011
2. Brookings County221Secretary's Record Book - Mystery SistersUndated
3. Minnehaha County102Associated Country Women of the World Triennial Conference1989
3. Minnehaha County103Budget1990-1993
3. Minnehaha County104Club enrollment1951-1952
3. Minnehaha County105Club enrollment1952-1953
3. Minnehaha County106Club enrollment1953-1954
3. Minnehaha County107Club enrollment1954-1955
3. Minnehaha County108Club enrollment1957-1958
3. Minnehaha County109Club enrollment1958-1959
3. Minnehaha County1010Club enrollment1959-1960
3. Minnehaha County1011Club enrollment1960-1961
3. Minnehaha County1012Club enrollment1961-1962
3. Minnehaha County1013Club enrollment1962-1963
3. Minnehaha County1014Club enrollment1963-1964
3. Minnehaha County1015Club enrollment1964-1965
3. Minnehaha County1016Club enrollment1965-1966
3. Minnehaha County1017Club enrollment1966-1967
3. Minnehaha County1018Club enrollment1967-1968
3. Minnehaha County1019Club enrollment1968-1969
3. Minnehaha County1020Club enrollment1968-1971
3. Minnehaha County1021Club enrollment1989-1990
3. Minnehaha County1022Club enrollment1989-1991
3. Minnehaha County1023Club membership and officers1988-1989
3. Minnehaha County1024Correspondence1993-1994
3. Minnehaha County1025Correspondence1995-1996
3. Minnehaha County1026Correspondence from Carol Muller, Extension Agent1990-1991
3. Minnehaha County1027Council1991
3. Minnehaha County1029Council Meetings1966-1989
3. Minnehaha County1030Council Meetings1990-1993
3. Minnehaha County1028Council meetings (Fall programs)1988-1991
3. Minnehaha County1031Council officials1990-1991
3. Minnehaha County1032County chairman notebook1966-1980
3. Minnehaha County1033Cultural arts and internationalundated
3. Minnehaha County111Dedicated Service Award1995
3. Minnehaha County112District meetings, activitiesundated
3. Minnehaha County121Friendly Neighbors Extension Club: Safety Scrapbook1956
3. Minnehaha County113Handbook (Wall Lake)1926
3. Minnehaha County114History1984-1991
3. Minnehaha County115Lesson packets1989-1990
3. Minnehaha County116Members1991-1992
3. Minnehaha County117Members1992-1993
3. Minnehaha County118Members1994-1995
3. Minnehaha County119Membership1996-1997
3. Minnehaha County1110Membership citations1971-1972
3. Minnehaha County1111Membership report1985-1986
3. Minnehaha County1112Memorandum of Understanding between SDAFCE and SDCES1985, 1993
3. Minnehaha County101Merry Mixers Extension Club: Scrapbook1957
3. Minnehaha County1113Minutes1966-1977
3. Minnehaha County1114National Extension Homemaker Week: Moms and babies honoredundated
3. Minnehaha County1115Non-discriminary forms1988-1989
3. Minnehaha County1116Oral history for Centennial project1986
3. Minnehaha County1117Past Chairman Club1988-1989
3. Minnehaha County1118Past County Chairman1985
3. Minnehaha County1119Prairie Chatter (newsletter)1986-1988
3. Minnehaha County1120Prairie Chatter (newsletter)1986-1989
3. Minnehaha County1121Prairie Chatter (newsletter)1988-1989
3. Minnehaha County1122Prairie Chatter (newsletter)1990-1991
3. Minnehaha County1123Prairie Chatter (newsletter)1992-1993
3. Minnehaha County1124Prairie Chatter (newsletter)1994-1996
3. Minnehaha County1125Prairie Chatter (newsletter)1997-1998
3. Minnehaha County1126President's Award (certificate)1992
3. Minnehaha County1127Program of Work1976-1979
3. Minnehaha County1128Program of Work1982-1991
3. Minnehaha County1129Project Leaders' record1968-1969
3. Minnehaha County1130Records1943-1963
3. Minnehaha County122Safety Scrapbook1956
3. Minnehaha County1131Secretary's reports1991-1993
3. Minnehaha County1132Secretary's reports1994-1995
3. Minnehaha County1133Secretary's summary1989
3. Minnehaha County1134Secretary's summary1990
3. Minnehaha County1136Special Recognition Awards file1987-1988
3. Minnehaha County1135Summary of Safety Programundated
3. Minnehaha County123Treasurer's record1968-1989
3. Minnehaha County1137Treasurer's record book1948-1950, 1956-1960
3. Minnehaha County1138Yearbooks1988-1990, 1994
3. Minnehaha County1139Yearbooks, handbooks1990-1993
3. Minnehaha County1140Yearbooks, handbooks1993-1995
4. Moody County131Citizenship and outreach report1985-1986
4. Moody County132Clippings, photographs, ephemera1990-1993, undated
4. Moody County133Club enrollment1938-1939
4. Moody County134Club enrollment1939-1940
4. Moody County135Club enrollment1940-1941
4. Moody County136Club enrollment1941-1942
4. Moody County137Club enrollment1942-1943
4. Moody County138Club enrollment1943-1944
4. Moody County139Club enrollment1949-1950
4. Moody County1310Club enrollment1950-1951
4. Moody County1311Club enrollment1951-1952
4. Moody County1312Club enrollment1952-1953
4. Moody County1313Club enrollment1953-1954
4. Moody County1314Club enrollment1954-1955
4. Moody County1315Club enrollment1955-1956
4. Moody County1316Club enrollment1956-1957
4. Moody County1317Club enrollment1957-1958
4. Moody County1318Club enrollment1958-1959
4. Moody County1319Club enrollment1959-1960
4. Moody County1320Club enrollment1960-1961
4. Moody County1321Club enrollment1961-1962
4. Moody County1322Club enrollment1962-1963
4. Moody County1323Club enrollment1963-1964
4. Moody County1324Club enrollment1964-1965
4. Moody County1325Club enrollment1965-1966
4. Moody County1326Club enrollment1966-1967
4. Moody County1327Club enrollment1967-1968
4. Moody County1328Club enrollment1968-1969
4. Moody County1329Club enrollment1969-1970
4. Moody County1330Club enrollment1970-1971
4. Moody County1331Club enrollment1971-1972
4. Moody County1332Club enrollment1972-1973
4. Moody County1333Club enrollment1973-1974
4. Moody County1334Club enrollment1974-1975
4. Moody County1335Club enrollment1975-1976
4. Moody County1336Club enrollment1976-1977
4. Moody County1337Club enrollment1977-1978
4. Moody County1338Club enrollment1978-1979
4. Moody County1339Club enrollment1979-1980
4. Moody County1340Club enrollment1980-1981
4. Moody County1341Club enrollment1981-1982
4. Moody County1342Club enrollment1982-1983
4. Moody County1343Club enrollment1983-1984
4. Moody County1344Club enrollment1984-1985
4. Moody County1345Club enrollment1985-1986
4. Moody County1346Club enrollment1986-1987
4. Moody County1347Club enrollment1987-1988
4. Moody County1348Club enrollment1988-1989
4. Moody County1349Club enrollment1989-1990
4. Moody County1350Club enrollment1990-1991
4. Moody County1351Club enrollment1992-1994
4. Moody County1352Club enrollment listsundated
4. Moody County1353Club history: Airway Farmerettes1954-1955
4. Moody County1354Club history: Blinismon Belles1953-1973
4. Moody County1355Club history: Bon Nabor1949-1983
4. Moody County1356Club history: Chatter Bees1954
4. Moody County1357Club history: City and Country1949-1973
4. Moody County1358Club history: City Sisters1958-1959
4. Moody County1359Club history: Clare1952-1973
4. Moody County1360Club history: Domestic Daisies1949-1959
4. Moody County1361Club history: Enterprise Extension1952-1959
4. Moody County1362Club history: Friendly Circle1950-1954
4. Moody County1363Club history: Friendly Homemakers1955-1959
4. Moody County1364Club history: Friendly Neighbor1951-1958
4. Moody County1365Club history: Hilltop Winyan Ommiciye1957-1958
4. Moody County1366Club history: Hobby Club1946-1959
4. Moody County1367Club history: Homemakers1941-1975
4. Moody County1368Club history: Jeffersonian Club1934-1973
4. Moody County1369Club history: Kitchen Charmers1949-1955
4. Moody County1370Club history: Lynettes1951-1959
4. Moody County1371Club history: M & M Extension Club1953-1960
4. Moody County1372Club history: Merry Mixers1957-1974
4. Moody County1373Club history: Moody County Rustlers1950-1961
4. Moody County1374Club history: Pleasant Hour Club1920-1954
4. Moody County1375Club history: Pleasant Valley Pals1956-1958
4. Moody County1376Club history: Sioux River Sues1957-1973
4. Moody County1377Club history: Sioux Valley Extension Club1953-1954
4. Moody County1378Club history: Town and Country1960
4. Moody County1379Club history: Wellman Hustlers1937-1975
4. Moody County1380Club history: Western Belles1958-1960
4. Moody County1381Constitution and bylaws1972-1989
4. Moody County1383Cultural arts - Textiles and clothing report1986-1988
4. Moody County1382Cultural Arts report1984-1985
4. Moody County1384Family relations and child development report1982-1986
4. Moody County1385Handbook1989
4. Moody County1386Health and safety project report1985-1986
4. Moody County1387Health, food and nutrition report1986-1987
4. Moody County1388History1949-1998
4. Moody County1389International report1985
4. Moody County1390Membership report1986
4. Moody County1391Minutes1974-1976
4. Moody County1392Miscellaneous club reports1974-1989
4. Moody County1393Package program: Attitudes can help us enjoy life1986
4. Moody County1394Package program: Enjoying your teenager1985
4. Moody County1395Package program: Learning to listenundated
4. Moody County141President's notes1972-1984
4. Moody County142Report1994
4. Moody County143SD Citizenship Project report1989-1990
4. Moody County144Secretary's book1950-1981
4. Moody County145Secretary's book1965-1972
4. Moody County146Secretary's book1981-1995
4. Moody County147Secretary's book - miscellaneous1967-1994
5. Pennington County148Executive Council minutes1938-1939
5. Pennington County149Executive Council minutes1967-1988
5. Pennington County1410Membership records1923-1924, 1925-1926
5. Pennington County1411Membership records1930-1935
5. Pennington County1412Membership records1935-1937
5. Pennington County1413Membership records1937-1939
5. Pennington County1414Membership records1939-1945
5. Pennington County1415Membership records1945-1948
5. Pennington County1416Membership records1948-1950
5. Pennington County1417Membership records1950-1952
5. Pennington County1418Membership records1952-1953
5. Pennington County1419Membership records1953-1954
5. Pennington County1420Membership records1954-1955
5. Pennington County1421Membership records1955-1956
5. Pennington County1422Membership records1956-1957
5. Pennington County1423Membership records1957-1958
5. Pennington County1424Membership records1958-1959
5. Pennington County1425Membership records1959-1960
5. Pennington County1426Membership records1960-1961
5. Pennington County1427Membership records1961-1962
5. Pennington County1428Membership records1962-1963
5. Pennington County151Record book1945-1954
5. Pennington County152Record book1954-1956
5. Pennington County153Record book1956-1959
5. Pennington County154Record book1965-1968
5. Pennington County155Southeast Neighbors Extension Club : Scrapbook1962-1968
6. Perkins County161Moreau River Extension Club: Wall hanging - "Bake Up a Storm - Join Home Extension" (pink felt)1982
6. Perkins County162Moreau River Extension Club: Wall hanging - "Pulling for Members - Join Our Team" (mustard felt)1983
6. Perkins County163Moreau River Extension Club: Wall hanging - Home Extension - Something to Crow About" (burlap)1984
7. Spink County201Associated Country Women of the World banner (green and white linen with black lettering)undated
7. Spink County171Certificates of Achievement/Recognition1966, 1983-1984, 1988 , undated
7. Spink County191Executive Board record book1962-1976
7. Spink County172Histories of clubs1985
7. Spink County173History1949-1978
7. Spink County202Home Demonstration Achievement banner (gold felt with blue lettering)1944-1965
7. Spink County174Literacy Program1996
7. Spink County175Neighbors Extension Club: 25th Anniversary, 1947-19721972
7. Spink County176Neighbors Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1947-1950
7. Spink County177Neighbors Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1951-1955
7. Spink County178Neighbors Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1956-1960
7. Spink County179Neighbors Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1961-1965
7. Spink County1710Neighbors Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1966-1970
7. Spink County1711Neighbors Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1971-1975
7. Spink County1712Neighbors Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1976-1980
7. Spink County1713Neighbors Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1981-1985
7. Spink County1714Neighbors Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1986-1990
7. Spink County1715Neighbors Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1991-1995
7. Spink County1716Neighbors Extension Club: Secretary's Record books1996-2001
7. Spink County192Nite Owls Extension Club: Scrapbook1973-1988
7. Spink County193Nite Owls Extension Club: Scrapbook1988-1992
7. Spink County1717Record book1937-1955
7. Spink County1718Record book1951-1967
7. Spink County1719Record book1975-1976
7. Spink County1720Record book1976-1977
7. Spink County1721Record book1977-1978
7. Spink County1722Record book1978-1979
7. Spink County183Scrapbook1955-1968
7. Spink County184Scrapbook1969-1974
7. Spink County185Scrapbook1975-1979
7. Spink County186Scrapbook1980-1984
7. Spink County187Scrapbook1985-1996
7. Spink County181Scrapbook: Cultural Arts1988-1989
7. Spink County182Scrapbook: Mini-Course Day2000-2001
7. Spink County194TNT Extension Club: Scrapbook1980-1983
7. Spink County195TNT Extension Club: Scrapbook1984-2000
7. Spink County1723Treasurer's record book1943-1945

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