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Benjamin Reifel Papers

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MA 9


Benjamin Reifel papers



Physical Description

22.66 linear feet [34 boxes], photographs, sound recordings-nonmusical; moving images


Reifel, Ben, Reifel, 1906-1990




South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library (SBL) Room 241, Box 2115, 1300 North Campus Drive, Brookings, South Dakota, 57007, Email: Telephone: 605-688-5094

Access note

Open. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

Preferred Citation

Name of item, MA 9, box #, folder #, Benjamin Reifel Papers, South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.


Benjamin Reifel was a Lakota Sioux and a Republican United States Congressman from the First District of South Dakota. This collection of his papers is composed of memorabilia, scrapbooks, campaign items, and personal items related to Reifel's career as a public servant, especially his years in the United States Senate and his work with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.


Benjamin Reifel was born on September 19, 1906 in a log cabin near Parmelee, South Dakota, on the Rosebud Reservation. He was the son of a German-American father, William Reifel, and a full-blooded Lakota Sioux, Lucy Burning Breast. Ben Reifel was an enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe; his Indian name was Lone Feather.

He attended both a Rosebud Reservation boarding school and a county school. He graduated from the eighth grade at age sixteen and spoke both the Lakota and the English languages. After working on his parents' farm for three years, he entered the School of Agriculture in Brookings, S.D. Upon completion of this high school program in 1928, he enrolled as a special student at South Dakota State College. He paid his own way through four years of college, with the aid of one of the first loans made available to Indian students under the program for the education of Indians recommended by the Merriam survey. He graduated in 1932 with a Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture. In his senior year, he was elected President of the Students' Association. Mr. Reifel married a college classmate, Alice Janet Johnson of Erwin, SD, on December 26, 1933. They had only one child, Loyce Nadine, who is married to Emery Andersen.

After graduation in 1932, Ben was hired as boy's advisor at Hare's School in Mission, S.D. In 1933, he began a long, distinguished career with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, when he was appointed "farm agent" at Oglala, on the Pine Ridge Reservation. That first appointment lasted only a year before he was promoted to "field agent" at the headquarters in Pierre, SD. He was assigned to promote the new programs under the Indian Reorganization Act signed by President Roosevelt in 1934. This was a period of drought and intense hardship on the reservations, and young Ben, although meeting with counter agitation from some members of the tribes, was extraordinarily successful in winning support for the Reorganization Act, first at Pine Ridge and later on other reservations across South Dakota. He is credited with the major responsibility for making the programs of the Bureau effective on South Dakota reservations.

World War II interrupted his career in the B.I.A. Mr. Reifel had been commissioned as Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserve in 1931. In March of 1942, Ben was ordered to active duty and served in the Army until July 1946. He obtained distinction in France and Germany and achieved the rank of Lt. Colonel. After his discharge, Ben continued his work with the BIA. He was appointed Tribal Relations Officer and later served as Superintendent of the Fort Berthold Reservation in North Dakota.

In 1949, Mr. Reifel felt the need to continue his education. He was awarded a scholarship in public administration at Harvard University, where he received his Master’s Degree in 1950. A John Hay Whitney Foundation Opportunity Fellowship enabled him to further his education. He completed his Doctorate in Public Administration in 1952. After graduation, Dr. Reifel returned once more to the BIA. After a brief period in the Bureau of Indian Affairs office in Washington, D.C., he returned to Fort Berthold as Reservation Superintendent. He then served at the Pine Ridge Reservation and in 1955 was appointed Area Director of the Aberdeen Area Office in Aberdeen, SD. Now responsible for more than a thousand employees, and for application of federal policies and programs among the Indians of South Dakota, North Dakota, and Nebraska, he played his strongest role as administrator, serving to within three years of retirement.

During this period and immediately following, the distinction of Dr. Reifel's career was marked by several awards. He received the Outstanding American Indian Award in 1956 and the Annual Indian Achievement Award by the "Indian Council Fire" in 1960. That same year he received the Silver Antelope Award from the Boy Scouts, also the Silver Beaver, Silver Buffalo, and Gray Wolf Awards in Scouting. He also received the Department of Interior's Distinguished Service Award in 1961 for an outstanding career with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

In 1960, Dr. Reifel resigned from the Bureau to run for Congress in the First District, South Dakota. He was elected by a substantial margin and served for five terms as Representative from South Dakota. His political popularity was reflected in the solid support he received in every election. He was regarded as a "conservative Republican," and a thinker who prepared himself well on legislative matters, always able to give a substantial and thoughtful basis for his stand on issues. He was the first person of Sioux ancestry to serve in the Congress, and the only Native American in Congress throughout the 1960's.

While a member of congress, Dr. Reifel held several important committee assignments. In his first term, he was appointed to the House Agricultural Committee; in his second, to the House Committee on Appropriations. Thereafter, he served as ranking Republican on the House Appropriations subcommittee on Interior Department Affairs.

Using these important posts, Congressman Reifel gave distinguished service on behalf of his constituents. He worked hard for farming interests in South Dakota and the plains states in general, opposing cuts in farm support programs, pushing the Oahe irrigation project, and similar matters vital to the state. At the same time, he continued to work vigorously for Indian education, with significant accomplishments. A stern opponent of segregation, he believed that the key to the plight of the Indian people lay in educational programs enrolling Indian and non-Indian students together in modern progressive facilities. While in congress Dr. Reifel gave his support to the Civil Rights Act of 1966 and to the act increasing the minimum wage. Reifel was instrumental in getting the Earth Resources Observation Systems center (EROS) located in South Dakota and in keeping Ellsworth Air Force Base as an active military base in the state. On a broader national level, he was instrumental in securing passage of legislation, which created the National Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Despite his popularity and success, Congressman Reifel decided not to seek reelection in 1970. Although intending to retire in 1971, he remained very active. He accepted an appointment by President Nixon as chairman of the National Capital Planning Commission, and served as Special Assistant for Indian programs to the Director of the National Park Service in the Department of the Interior. He also served as Interim Commissioner of Indian Affairs during the last two months of the Ford Administration. Ben also gave many speeches, speaking at Memorial Day and July 4th celebrations and several high school and university commencement exercises.

Throughout the 1960's and 1970's, Ben was a member of several organizations. He was a member of the Masons, Rotarians, and Elks. He also served on the National Council of the Protestant Episcopal Church and the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America. He also served as National president of Arrow, Inc., an Indian service organization. In 1977, Ben became a trustee of the South Dakota Art Museum in Brookings, SD and served terms as their board president in 1982-83. He established the first Native American collection at the Art Museum in 1977, donating most of his personal collection.

Since Reifel's retirement in 1970, he was honored by several South Dakota colleges and universities. He received honorary doctorates from South Dakota State University, the University of South Dakota, and Northern State College.

Ben's first wife, Alice Johnson Reifel, died of pneumonia on February 8, 1972. Ben remarried on August 14, 1972 to Frances U. Colby of De Smet, S.D. Ben died of Cancer on January 2, 1990.


Contents Note

This collection is composed of memorabilia, scrapbooks, campaign items, and personal items related to Reifel's career as a public servant, especially his years in the United States Senate and his work with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The bulk of congressional material is memorabilia and scrapbooks and not records related to his term of office. Other materials are related chiefly to his post-congressional speaking career.

The activities series is composed of files related to activities that Reifel worked on throughout his life. These items include correspondence and miscellaneous items from Reifel's work with the Boy Scouts of America, the National Park Service, the South Dakota Art Museum and the South Dakota Committee on the Humanities. There are four files of Dakota Territory Citizen Certificates which was a project Reifel worked on after being elected for the first time. These include thank you letters from every member of Congress. Also included are items about Native Americans, trips made by Reifel while in Congress, and several activities that were executed by virtue of being a Congressman.

Awards and Plaques are composed of certificates, medals, ribbons and honors received by Reifel over the years. Included are commemorations, certificates of appreciation and honorary degrees. Also included are gavels and medals, some from the Boy Scouts of America. This material is arranged alphabetically except for unusual items (i.e. gavels, medals), which are arranged by size.

The plaques consist of honors received by Reifel over the years. Included is a plaque from the Boy Scouts of America, distinguished service awards, and awards from Sioux tribes and South Dakota State University.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs material is composed of correspondence, newsletters, newspaper clippings, and some office paperwork and miscellaneous items collected by Reifel during his years with the Bureau.

The Campaigns series is composed of donation and expense material, which includes bank deposits, statements and receipts, canceled checks, and receipts related to advertising, travel and general office expenses. Also included are committees, sample ballots, schedules, and the South Dakota Republican Party platform for 1960.

The Collected material is composed of material Reifel collected over the years and includes art books, newspaper clippings, periodicals, programs, poetry, printed material, and miscellaneous items.

The correspondence dates from Reifel's time with the BIA in 1946 until just before his death in 1990. The bulk of the correspondence is from 1961-71, the years Reifel served as U.S. Congressman for the First District, South Dakota. Also included are personal letters from Barry Goldwater, Bob Dole, George McGovern, Gerald Ford, Hubert Humphrey, Karl Mundt, Lyndon Johnson, Nelson Rockefeller, Richard Nixon, and Spiro Agnew.

The Family history material is composed of biographies of Reifel, educational memorabilia, family marriage and death information, information about Reifel's military career, and writing about Reifel written by Reifel.

The memorabilia is composed of campaign material; bumper stickers, cards, pins, pamphlets and flyers, programs, and a US Annotated Code book with Reifel's name embossed on the front cover. The library received the entire series of the US Annotated Code, but kept only one book due to space issues. Also included is presidential inauguration material from John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter. These are inaugurations that Reifel attended and include invitations, booklets, and ticket memorabilia.

The miscellaneous series is composed of appointment books from 1954-1979, guest books from Reifel's office in Washington, D.C., newspaper clippings, periodicals, programs, press releases, a House of Representatives binder from 1968 and writings by Reifel.

The speeches series consists mainly of speeches Reifel gave at various functions. Included are Memorial Day and July 4th celebration speeches and addresses given at high school and university commencement exercises.

The Scrapbooks are composed mainly of newspaper clippings and campaign advertisements.

The Photographs and Audiovisual are composed of photographs, negatives, audiocassettes, audio reels, films, and videocassettes.

The audio materials consist of campaign advertisements for Reifel and the Republican Party, but also includes radio features for E. Y. Berry and Bill Broomfield. Several audio items detail House bills that Reifel either sponsored or was in favor of, including a health insurance bill, Medicare and several farm issues. Some feature radio spots for fund drives for the Red Cross and the South Dakota Association for Retarded Children. Also included is luncheon and dinner speaking engagements that feature Reifel as a speaker or an honoree. An item of note is an interview conducted by Barbara Fitzgerald for "Kennedy Center Presents." In this interview Reifel talks about his family history and discusses American Indians in South Dakota and the federal government's treatment of the Indian on Reservations. The format of the audiotapes is mainly reels, but also includes a few cassettes. This material is arranged by size.

The films include several filmed speeches, many of which are unidentifiable due to the nature of the media on which they were produced. These will eventually be transferred to a more usable media.

The bulk of the photographs are from Reifel's service as an U.S. Congressman.


This collection is arranged into twelve series:

  • Activities
  • Awards and plaques
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Campaigns
  • Collected material
  • Correspondence
  • Family history
  • Memorabilia
  • Miscellaneous
  • Speeches
  • Scrapbooks
  • Photos and Audiovisual

Material in most of the series is arranged in alphabetical order within each series. Material in the Awards and plaques series is arranged by size. Folders in the correspondence series are arranged chronological order except for the correspondence from dignitaries, which is arranged alphabetically. The Speeches are also arranged chronologically.


Conditions Governing Access

This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

Researchers conducting extensive research are asked to make an advance appointment to access archival material. Please call or e-mail prior to visiting the collection and indicate as much detail as possible about a particular topic and intended use.

Physical Access

South Dakota State University supports access to the materials, published and unpublished, in its collections. Nonetheless, access to some items may be restricted as a result of their fragile condition or by contractual agreements with donors.


This is the collection of Ben Reifel, a distinguished South Dakota State University graduate and native South Dakotan whose achievements include being the first Sioux Indian elected to Congress. Unfortunately, this collection represents only a portion of the material created during his lifetime.

Following Reifel's death in 1990, an extensive search was conducted for the remainder of his papers, specifically materials related to his work in Congress. The search was conducted mainly by Rolly Samp, an associate of Reifel, who contacted many of Ben's Washington contacts, as well as the Senate history office. None of the files, which were presumably left in Washington after he left office, could be located. It can be assumed that the materials were discarded and subsequently lost.

Although the bulk of congressional papers are not extant, the remainder of this collection is not uninteresting. It offers a unique and irreplaceable look at a unique individual, who was extremely important to the history of South Dakota State University, and the history of South Dakota.


  • Dakota Indians
  • Legislators -- South Dakota
  • Reifel, Ben,1906-1990
  • United States. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Aberdeen Area Office
  • United States. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Officials and employees
  • United States. Congress. House. (Member's papers)


Copyright Status

Copyright note

Copyright restrictions apply in different ways to different materials. Many of the documents and other historical materials in the Archives are in the public domain and may be reproduced and used in any way. There are other materials in the Archive carrying a copyright interest and must be used according to the provisions of Title 17 of the U.S. Code. The Archive issues a warning concerning copyright restrictions to every researcher who requests copies of documents. Although the copyright law is under constant redefinition in the courts, it is ultimately the responsibility of the researcher to properly use copyrighted material.


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Benjamin Reifel Papers, MA 9

Activities11Alumni-South Dakota State University Aggie Picnic1983
Activities12Boy Scouts: Correspondence1957-1984
Activities13Boy Scouts: Miscellaneous1959-1981
Activities241Briefing Kit for Ben Reifel's Trip to China1962
Activities14Dakota Territory Citizen Certificates: Abernethy-Everett1961
Activities15Dakota Territory Citizen Certificates: Fascell-Multer1961
Activities16Dakota Territory Citizen Certificates: Norrell-Zelenko1961
Activities17Delegation of the Mexico-United States Interparliamentary Group1962-1967
Activities18Former Members of Congress1974-1988
Activities19Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge1974-1985
Activities21House Committee Assignments1961-1963
Activities22House Wednesday Group1988
Activities23Moral Re-Armament, Department of Racial and Cultural Relations of the South Dakota Council of Churches1965
Activities24National Park Service1970-1974
Activities25Native Americans: Arrow, Inc.1957
Activities26Native Americans: Black Hills Claim1965-1978
Activities27Native Americans: Education1970
Activities28Native Americans: Forum Inc. of the Great Plains1968
Activities29Native Americans: Indian Council Fire1970
Activities210Native Americans: Northwest Indian 4-H Seminar1950-1977
Activities211Native Americans: Rosebud Sioux Tribal Election Dispute1975-1976
Activities213Religion:  Prayer Breakfast Meetings1966-1970
Activities212Religion: Share South Dakota1961-1969
Activities214Retirement from Congress1969-1971
Activities215South Dakota Committee on the Humanities, Distinguished Award in the Humanities1976
Activities216South Dakota Memorial Art Center1976-1986
Activities31Trips: Asia1964
Activities32Trips: Chicago [Indian Council Fire Indian Achievement Award presentation]1960
Activities33Trips: Ethiopia1961
Activities34Trips: Europe1961
Activities35Trips: Israel1961
Activities36Trips: Southern European Task Force1961
Awards and plaques21Item 53 coins: U.S.S. South Dakota Battleship X1942
Awards and plaques29Item 1All American Indian Days award: Outstanding American Indian of the Year [oversize]1956
Awards and plaques29Item 2Americans for Constitutional Action the Board of Trustees has conferred upon Ben Reifel the Distinguished Service Award [oversize]1969
Awards and plaques30Item 4Appreciation from the Dell Rapids High School Band Plaque1966
Awards and plaques30Item 2Boy Scouts of America Appreciation for Service Plaque1967
Awards and plaques22Item 1Boy Scouts of America Silver Antelope Awardundated
Awards and plaques22Item 2Boy Scouts of America Silver Beaver Awardundated
Awards and plaques22Item 3Boy Scouts of America Silver Buffalo Awardundated
Awards and plaques22Item 4Boy Scouts of America Silver Wolf Awardundated
Awards and plaques21Item 8Boy Scouts of America: Signed Print [oversize]1984
Awards and plaques29Item 3Centennial Certificate [oversize]1981
Awards and plaques242Chairman of the National Capitol Planning Commission Appointment1970-1971
Awards and plaques30Item 3College of Home Economics at S.D.S.U. Honorary Home Economist Awardundated
Awards and plaques21Item 7Congressional ribbonsundated
Awards and plaques21Item 2Gavel: Compliments of Odin and Lillian made by Joe Langenundated
Awards and plaques21Item 3Gavel: From 2nd Billionth Board Foot Harvested on the Black Hills National Forest1968
Awards and plaques21Item 4Medallion: City of New York1966 May 20
Awards and plaques30Item 6National Advisory Council on the Education of Disadvantaged Children Award1974-1978
Awards and plaques30Item 5Oglala Sioux Tribal Council Distinguished Service Award1978
Awards and plaques30Item 1Outstanding Service to the Lower Brule Corporation Plaque 1978-19891989
Awards and plaques21Item 6Plaque in velvet box: One fragment of about a million Russian-made shells landed on Kinmen from Commanding General Kinmen Defense Command, Republic of China1962
Awards and plaques21Item 1Rock Pick Hammer: 1720 Inf BOE (M)1964
Awards and plaques29Item 4S.D.S.U. Foundation Distinguished University Benefactor plaque1989
Awards and plaques30Item 7Sioux Falls Development Foundation Award1972
Awards and plaques30Item 8South Dakota Committee on the Humanities Distinguished Award in the Humanities1976
Awards and plaques30Item 9South Dakota State University President's Club of the '80sundated
Awards and plaques21Item 9Victory team1966
Awards and plaques30Item 10Workshop Library on World Humor Award1986
Awards, plaques37Certificates of Appreciation1960-1986
Awards, plaques39Distinguished Service1957-1984
Awards, plaques310Honorary Degrees1971-1981
Awards, plaques311Miscellaneous awards1931-1990
Awards, plaques38South Dakota House commemoration recognizing Reifel's death1990
Bureau of Indian Affairs313Bureau of Indian Affairs Map1923
Bureau of Indian Affairs314Bureau of Indian Affairs; Indian Health and Education1950-1968, undated
Bureau of Indian Affairs312Correspondence related to his appointment as Superintendent of Pine Ridge Schools1954-1957
Bureau of Indian Affairs316Newspaper clippings related to Reifel's appointment as Commissioner of Indian Affairs1953-1976
Bureau of Indian Affairs41Office paperwork1940-1987
Bureau of Indian Affairs315Pine Ridge Agency Bureau of Indians Affairs Newsletters1954-1976
Bureau of Indian Affairs42Testimonial remarks, itineraries, and other documents1948-1965
Campaigns44Bumper Stickerscirca 1960s
Campaigns43Campaign Brochurescirca 1960s
Campaigns243Campaign Contributors Ledger1960
Campaigns54Campaign Pinscirca 1960s
Campaigns58Campaign Schedules1960
Campaigns45Cards: Advertisementscirca 1960s
Campaigns46Donations: Bank deposits and receipts1960
Campaigns47Donations: Pledges1960
Campaigns53Episcopal Men of South Dakota Mailing List1960
Campaigns48Expenses: Affidavit of Campaign Expenses1960
Campaigns413Expenses: Campaign Advertising Expenses for the Ben Reifel Campaign1960
Campaigns49Expenses: Campaign financial statements for Alumni for Ben1960
Campaigns410Expenses: Campaign financial statements for the Reifel Campaign Fund1960
Campaigns411Expenses: Campaign financial statements for the Reifel for Congress1960
Campaigns412Expenses: Campaign financial statements for Women for Reifel1960
Campaigns414Expenses: Office Expenses for the Ben Reifel Campaign1960
Campaigns415Expenses: Travel Expenses for the Ben Reifel Campaign1960
Campaigns51Federal Laws relating to campaigns1960
Campaigns52Flyercirca 1960s
Campaigns55Reifel for Congress Committee1960
Campaigns56Reifel's Stand on Campaign Issues1960
Campaigns59Republican Senate Nomination1962-1963
Campaigns57Sample Primary Election Ballots1960
Campaigns510South Dakota Press Service Campaign Advertisingcirca 1960s
Campaigns511South Dakota Republication party platform1960
Campaigns512Stationery (Letterhead and envelopes)circa 1960s
Collected material251Al Hayat: The American Indians-Yesterday and Today1962
Collected material513All American Indian Days1956
Collected material252American Illustratedundated
Collected material514Art Book: Harvey Dunn Paintings and Drawings Exhibition Catalog1974
Collected material515Articles collected by Reifel1959-1981
Collected material518Clippings: Miscellaneous articles on Reifel's activities, events, and notable people1950-1987
Collected material61Clippings: Reifel and other Native Americans1953-1987
Collected material517Clippings: Reifel's work with the Boy Scouts1955-1984
Collected material62Clippings: World Wide Aid Program1951
Collected material254Commemorative Booklets of Congressional Dinners1961, 1970
Collected material63Congressional Pictorial Directory1968, 1970
Collected material64Hearings Before the House of Representatives Committee on Rules and the Senate Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs1966, 1968
Collected material253Hill Country; Lyndon Johnson's Texas1966
Collected material65Historical Overview of the Indian Life in South Dakotaundated
Collected material66How to Go Broke in the Tourist Business (Particularly on an Indian Reservation by Harry G. Clement1973
Collected material67Humor collected by Reifel and material related to the Workshop Library of World Humor awardundated
Collected material68Humor: Orben's Current Comedy newsletters1983-1984
Collected material71Indian Achievement Award of the Indian Council Fire booklet1982
Collected material72Institute of the American West publications1982-1983
Collected material516Miocene Faunas from the Wounded Knee Area of Western South Dakota, Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History1963
Collected material73Miscellaneous articles, pamphlets, and booklets pertaining to American Indian rights1956-1986
Collected material74Newsletters: Flandreau Indian School and Native American Theological Association1967-1982
Collected material76Poetry, American Indianundated
Collected material75Political Pamphlets1952-1987
Collected material77Programs for events that Reifel attended or was a speaker1954-1985
Collected material81Reports on community health at Pine Ridge Reservation1966-1969
Collected material82Wakinyan: Contemporary Teton Dakota Religion by Stephen E. Feraca1963
Collected material255What's New [oversize]1950
Correspondence116Barry Goldwater1964
Correspondence117Bob Dole1970
Correspondence118George McGovern1960-1970
Correspondence119Gerald R. Ford1965-1970
Correspondence1110Hubert H. Humphrey1966
Correspondence1111Karl E. Mundt1960-1965
Correspondence235Linda Hasselstrom (Crazy Horse)1965-1986
Correspondence1112Lyndon B. Johnson1964-1966
Correspondence1113Nelson A. Rockefeller1968
Correspondence1114Richard M. Nixon1962-1970
Correspondence1115Spiro T. Agnew1970
Family history1116Biographies1971
Family history1117Education: Elementary to Doctorate1923-1952
Family history1118Marriages and deaths of family members1905-1972
Family history1119Military1927-1935
Family history1120Passports, tax records, Elks membership certificate1953-1982
Family history1121Writings: poems, biographies, short stories, speeches1949-1950, undated
Memorabilia244Campaign postersundated
Memorabilia121Campaign Promotional Material: Bumper stickers, cards, and pinsundated
Memorabilia122Campaign Promotional Material: Pamphlets, flyers, and stationeryundated
Memorabilia123Membership and Business Cards, Permits, Notes1964, undated
Memorabilia124Naval ships: U.S.S. John F. Kennery CVA-67 and U.S.S. Lake Champlain CV-39 Aircraft Carriers Booklets1962-1967
Memorabilia125Presidential inauguration Memorabilia: Jimmy Carter1977
Memorabilia126Presidential inauguration Memorabilia: John F. Kennedy1961
Memorabilia127Presidential inauguration Memorabilia: Lyndon B. Johnson1965
Memorabilia128Presidential inauguration Memorabilia: Richard M. Nixon1969
Memorabilia129Programs for events that Reifel attended or was a speaker1954-1989
Memorabilia1210United States Code Annotated Title 11 Bankruptcy Sections 53 to 931968
Miscellaneous13Item 1Appointment Book1955
Miscellaneous13Item 2Appointment Book1960
Miscellaneous13Item 3Appointment Book1954
Miscellaneous13Item 4Appointment Book1960
Miscellaneous13Item 5Appointment Book1959
Miscellaneous13Item 6Appointment Book1958
Miscellaneous13Item 7Appointment Book1957
Miscellaneous13Item 8Appointment Book1956
Miscellaneous13Item 9Appointment Book1955
Miscellaneous13Item 10Appointment Book1961
Miscellaneous13Item 11Appointment Book1961
Miscellaneous14Item 1Appointment Book1964
Miscellaneous14Item 2Appointment Book1962
Miscellaneous14Item 3Appointment Book1962
Miscellaneous14Item 4Appointment Book1964
Miscellaneous14Item 5Appointment Book1965
Miscellaneous14Item 6Appointment Book1963
Miscellaneous15Item 1Appointment Book1966
Miscellaneous15Item 2Appointment Book1968
Miscellaneous15Item 3Appointment Book1968
Miscellaneous15Item 4Appointment Book1967
Miscellaneous15Item 5Appointment Book1966
Miscellaneous15Item 6Appointment Book1967
Miscellaneous16Item 1Appointment Book1970
Miscellaneous16Item 2Appointment Book1977
Miscellaneous16Item 3Appointment Book1979
Miscellaneous16Item 4Appointment Book1976
Miscellaneous16Item 5Appointment Book1969
Miscellaneous16Item 6Appointment Book1969
Miscellaneous16Item 7Appointment Book1971
Miscellaneous181Glenard P. Lipscomb: Memorial Addresses Delivered in Congress1970
Miscellaneous16Item 8Guest book: Faulkton, South Dakota1960
Miscellaneous17Item 04Guest book: Retirement1970
Miscellaneous16Item 9Guest book: Washington, D.C.1964-1965
Miscellaneous16Item 10Guest book: Washington, D.C.1961-1963
Miscellaneous17Item 01Guest book: Washington, D.C.1966-1967
Miscellaneous17Item 02Guest book: Washington, D.C.1967-1970
Miscellaneous17Item 03Guest book: Washington, D.C.1970
Miscellaneous231House of Representatives Binder1968
Miscellaneous182I Am A Sioux Indian1967
Miscellaneous183Miscellaneous Papers on Indian Health and Education1956-1971
Miscellaneous186Newspaper Clippings on Ben Reifel's Campaigns1960-1988
Miscellaneous184Newspaper Clippings on Ben Reifel's Career in Congress and Director of National Park Service1952-1985
Miscellaneous185Newspaper Clippings on Ben Reifel's Outstanding Indian Award1956-1970
Miscellaneous187Newspaper clippings on Ben Reifel's Speaking Engagementsundated
Miscellaneous189Periodicals University of South Dakota Institute of Indian Studies1979
Miscellaneous188Periodicals: American Indian Article on Reifel1960
Miscellaneous1810Press Releases Regarding Ben Reifel1960-1971
Miscellaneous1811Programs for Events Attended by Ben Reifel1960-1971
Miscellaneous1812Writings by Ben Reifel1967
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0012Barbara Fitzgerald interview Congressman Ben Riefel where he talks about his background, American Indians, and reservations. [1/4" Open-reel tape]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0023Ben Reifel  on flaxseed #1 [2-16mm films]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0067Ben Reifel being interviewed at an outdoor campaign rally. There is no sound. [MV4]undated
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0019Ben Reifel Campaign Advertisements for Primary Election: Three 1 minute campaign advertisements for Ben Reifel sent to radio stations to be aired during the primary election in June. [6-1/4" Open-reel tapes]undated
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0020Ben Reifel Campaign Advertisements for Primary Election: Three 1 minute campaign advertisements for Ben Reifel sent to radio stations to be aired during the primary election in June. [6-1/4" Open-reel tapes]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0059Ben Reifel congratulates the University of South Dakota for the dedication of South Dakota's first educational television station, KUSD-TV. [MV4]undated
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0008Ben Reifel for Congress Radio Advertisements: Two Ben Reifel radio advertisements, 'Reifel for Congress'. Included is a Republican song. [1/4" Open-reel tape] 
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0065Ben Reifel introduces his family and talks about his reasons for running for Congress in the First District of South Dakota. He also thanks his supporters and other candidates and asks constituents for their votes. Ben Reifel introduces his granddaughters, Lisa and Laura Anderson, his daughter Loyce, his niece, Monica Johnson, and his wife Alice Reifel. [MV4]1960
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0025Ben Reifel introduces 'Your Man on the Hill', a short film showing the day and life of a Congressman. There is a short clip of the film at the end, but does not show the film in its entirety. [2-16mm films]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0062Ben Reifel makes remarks on Memorial Day of the price of liberty and recites the poem 'The Golden Key' by Carrie Jacobs Bond. He ends asking for listeners support in the upcoming election. There is a sign on the desk Reifel is seated at that reads ' Ben Reifel for Congress'. [MV4]undated
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0011Ben Reifel on Farm Bill, government controls on agriculture. [1/4" Open-reel tape]undated
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0017Ben Reifel on outlook for sugar beet hearings. [1/4" Open-reel tape]1964 April 16
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0018Ben Reifel Radio Spots for Red Cross Fund Drive: Four 20 second radio spots of Ben Reifel for fund drive  the Aberdeen, South Dakota Chapter of the Red Cross.  [1/4" Open-reel tape]1962 February 23
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0013Ben Reifel remarks about two bills he introduced to Congress. A nationwide health insurance program to those over the age of 65 and an amendment to the Social Security Act.  [2-1/4" Open-reel tapes]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0057Ben Reifel remarks about two bills he introduced to Congress. A nationwide health insurance program to those over the age of 65 and an amendment to the Social Security Act. [MV4]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0063Ben Reifel talk of his background of growing up on a small farm on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, his education at South Dakota State College and Harvard University, his time in the military, and his career with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He also speaks of his decision to run for Congress. His wife, Alice, appears near the end to stand by her husband in a show of support. He ends by asking listeners for their vote in the primary election in 1960. [MV4]1960
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0016Ben Reifel talks about the medicare bill and its features, as well as other things he has supported, such as social security. [1/4" Open-reel tape]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0058_01Ben Reifel talks of his support of the Medicare Bill. [MV4]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0058_02Ben Reifel talks of his support of the Medicare Bill. [MV4]undated
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0022Ben Reifel, Earl Crook, and Don Hunter on beet allotments for beet growers before the Agriculture Committee meeting in Washington, D.C. Guest represent two separate South Dakota Beet Growers Associations. [8-1/4" Open-reel tapes]1961 May 19
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0056Ben Reifel's statement of the business operations of Billie Sol Estes with the U.S. Government. [MV4]1966
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0021Ben Reigen Campaign Advertisements: Campaign advertisements for Ben Reifel sent to radio stations to be aired during the election. [10-1/4" Open-reel tapes]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0026Boy and Brother Gravy Train [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0015Campaign advertisement for E.Y. Berry and  Ben Reifel. Berry talk on spending tax dollars and how the spenders plan is to condition citizens to go with their programs by saying Russia is better and the United states is second rate giving the scenario of if the United States traded places with Russia. [1/4" Open-reel tape]1960 August 29
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0066Campaign advertisements for Bill Avery, Kansas Republican candidate in 1954; and Fred A. Obley, Pennsylvania Republican candidate for Congress in 1955. The recording consists of film clip of old time movies, such as Laurel and Hardy and Buster Keaton, and photographs of various babies. The clips are followed by a sign that reads 'Vote Bill Avery Experience Counts!' or 'Fred Obley for Congress Nov. 8th'. One of the ads has an image of Richard Nixon and another of President Eisenhower speaking. There are 28 ads in total: 21 for Bill Avery and 7 for Fred Obley. This does not have sound.1954-1955
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0061Congressman Ben Reifel announces his decision to not run for Senate in the 1968 election. [MV4]1968
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0005Congressman Ben Reifel Senate Seat Announcement: Congressman Ben Reifel announces his decision to not run for Senate in the 1968 election. [2-1/4" Open-reel tapes]1968
Photos and Audiovisual234Correspondence and documents that accompanied photographic material1953-1988
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0014E.Y. Berry Campaign Advertisements: Six 30 second radio advertisements to re-elect E.Y. Berry to Congress. An advertisements for Gambil's in Mobridge, South Dakota is also on the recording. [1/4" Open-reel tape]undated
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0010Earl L. Bailey Memorial Service  January 13, 1985 South Dakota Wales Church of God. Contains hymns and sermons from a church service.  [1/4" Open-reel tape]1985 January 13
Photos and Audiovisual110Earth Day Development Foundation Meeting in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Speakers talk about ecology, the environment, and the EROS Data Center. South Dakota Governor Frank Farrar, Congressman Ben Reifel, and other dignitaries are speaking. [DVD]1970
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0004Electoral College System Unconstitutional: States asking supreme court to declare electoral college system unconstitutional. [1/4" Open-reel tape]undated
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0002_01EROS luncheon Industrial Development: Contains speeches from numerous people, including Ben Reifel, which were given at the EROS luncheon Industrial Development. [1/4" Open-reel tape; Audio cassette]undated
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0003Farmers Interviewed at the South Dakota State Fair: WNAX Farm Advisor Lyle Hanson interviews farmers at random at the South Dakota State Fair for their opinions on the feed grain program and the wheat program for Congressman Ben Reifel. [1/4" Open-reel tape]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0068Footage shows a man shooting at a target with a rifle. Also included is footage of a young boy. There is no sound. [MV4]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0060Footage shows a sugar beet field with close-ups of sugar beets. An irrigation system is visible in the field. There is no sound. [MV4]undated
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0009Job of the Field Support Committee: Man explaining the jobs and responsibilities of the Field Support Committee. [1/4" Open-reel tape]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0064KELOLAND-TV anchor introduction to documentary 'The Campaigners' that was filmed in South Dakota and featured Congressman Ben Reifel from South Dakota and Sir Harry Legge-Bourke, Member of Parliament from the Isle of Ely. The documentary showed the different techniques between  elections in the United States and elections in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. [MV4]undated
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0001Minnehaha County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner: Contains numerous speeches from different people that were given during the Lincoln Day Dinner, which Ben Reifel was honored at for his years of service. Topics covered included economic slavery, leadership, future growth of the republican party, and freedom. [1/4" Open-reel tape; Audio cassette]1977 March 25
Photos and Audiovisual330001-0860Photographs1930-1988
Photos and Audiovisual340861-1059Photographs1930-1988
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0027Reifel Little Boy Jingle [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0006Republican Campaign Advertisements for Bill Broomfield [1/4" Open-reel tape]1950 May
Photos and Audiovisual31MA09_AV_0007South Dakota Association for Retarded Children Fund Drive [2-1/4" Open-reel tapes]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0024Track tales Cong. Reifel Pre-Election Spot [4-16mm films]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0028Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0030Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0031Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0032Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0035Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0036Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0037Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0038Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0039Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0040Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0041Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0042Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0043Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0044Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0045Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0045Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0046Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0047Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0048Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0049Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0050Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0051Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0052Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0053Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0054Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0055Untitled [16mm film]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0029Untitled [2-16mm films]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0033Untitled [2-16mm films]undated
Photos and Audiovisual32MA09_AV_0034Untitled [2-16mm films]undated
Scrapbooks26Item 3Newspaper clippings1960-1962
Scrapbooks26Item 2Newspaper clippings1960
Scrapbooks27Item 1Newspaper clippings1966-1967
Scrapbooks27Item 2Newspaper clippings1968-1970
Scrapbooks28Item 1Newspaper clippings1963-1965
Scrapbooks26Item 1Reifel Shots1964-1965
Speeches20Item 1Ben Reifel Campaign Advertisements Scrapbook1964
Speeches20Item 3Ben Reifel Campaign Scrapbook1969-1970
Speeches20Item 2Ben Reifel Correspondence Scrapbook1965
Speeches1917Clyde Gilman Doyle Memorial Addresses Delivered in Congress1963
Speeches192Joseph Ward Statute Unveiling Speech by Ben Reifel1963
Speeches193Lincoln Day Speech by Ben Reifel1964
Speeches1912Speeches: 19801980
Speeches1910Speeches: August 11, 19711971
Speeches197Speeches: February 10, 1968 to November 11, 19681968
Speeches195Speeches: February 12, 1966 to November 10, 19661966
Speeches1911Speeches: July 4, 19791979
Speeches196Speeches: June 16, 1967 to September 16, 19671967
Speeches199Speeches: June 2, 19701970
Speeches194Speeches: May 14 , 1965 to November 11, 19651965
Speeches1914Speeches: May 19821982
Speeches1913Speeches: May 25, 1981 to July 3, 19811981
Speeches1915Speeches: May 7, 19831983
Speeches198Speeches: October 13, 19691969
Speeches191Speeches: Problems in Indian Education, March 19, 19551955
Speeches1916Speeches: undatedundated