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#YearoftheNurseEducator—Alham Abuatiq

alham albuatiq
Why did you decide to become a nurse? 
My mother worked as hospital administrator and seeing her lead in her job inspired my own interest in the health care related field. My father was a forensic technician and this inspired me to serve in the healthcare field too. Nursing has many specializations and several venues to grow, and loved to be an RN in order to help others in their weakest point during their life. I am always inspired by this quote from unknown author, "Save one life you are a hero, save 1000 life's you are a NURSE".
What drew you to become a nurse educator?
To achieve excellence in what I do as a faculty in the College of Nursing, and to get national recognition/certification for my expertise in nursing education. This national certification proofs to the academic community, students and faculty excellence in meeting the nurse educator competencies and standards.

How has your nurse educator certification helped you in your faculty role?
The nurse educator certification process helped me learn about national standards required for nurse educators. On the other hand, I developed competency as a nurse educator and this helped me: facilitate learning for our graduate and undergraduate nursing students in online, campus based and hybrid type of classes. It helped me facilitate students development and socialization to the role to be RNs/NPs/DNPs/PhDs. It improved my skill in creating and using assessment and evaluation strategies to evaluate students learning experiences. It helped me improve my competency in curriculum design and evaluation of program outcomes and it escalated my role as a change agent and leader in nursing education related research and practice.

What is one of your greatest accomplishments? 
There are many that come to my mind, but the best is to be recognized by colleagues as an outstanding scholar, in spring 2022 my colleagues successfully nominated me for the Outstanding Scholar Award offered by College of Nursing.
In addition, in spring 2022, I received the Dr. Sherwood Young Faculty Award which is a SDSU competitive award for young researchers.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I love to cook. My signature dish is from my own creation- Falafel Burger- Vegan.

What you'd like students to know: tips and advice.
Follow your passion, sustain life-long learning expedition by exploring new knowledge and skills to achieve your professional goals and help meet the needs of the community you live in.