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#MeetSDStateNursing—Kara Eskins

Kara Eskins

Name: Kara Eskins

Hometown: Crofton, Nebraska 

Site: Brookings

What motivated you to choose a career in nursing: I have always known I have wanted to be a nurse. I attribute that wanting to make a difference in people's lives and assisting them in their healing. After my grandpa was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I would stay the night with him and my mom and seeing the difference she made in his life really solidified my choice to become a nurse.

Why did you choose SDSU to pursue your nursing degree? I chose South Dakota State University to pursue my nursing degree as they are dedicated to your success, and the advisers and teachers are there to help you every step of the way. I have always heard about how excellent SDSU is and how they have helped to create fantastic nurses.

What clinical experience have you enjoyed the most and why? The clinical experience I have enjoyed the most has been my medical surgical experience at Brookings Health System in my second semester. My clinical instructor was amazing at helping us to join in on any opportunities, and she was extremely helpful as we had just started to learn how to start IV's and administer medications. During this clinical, we had surgery observations, and I watched my first ever c‐section.

What organizations are you involved in? I am involved in Student Nurses' Association.

Is there a particular field of nursing you are planning to pursue? I plan to pursue operating room/surgery nursing.

What is your big dream? My goals are to become a surgery nurse, go back to school to become a nurse practitioner and help patients to receive the best care possible.

What advice would you share with a future nursing student? The advice I would give are to find friends who you know are going to support you and not be afraid to ask for help. Having a good support system can make such a big difference in your learning. In nursing school, there are no stupid questions. The teachers and advisers you have are there to help and they are always available to assist you.