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#MeetSDStateNursing—Jessica Hertel

Jessica Hertel

Name: Jessica Hertel

Hometown: Westport

Site: Brookings

What motivated you to choose a career in nursing? I’ve always had a passion for helping people. When my grandma was diagnosed with AML I spent a lot of time with her and got to see the impact the nurses left not only on her, but our family as well. I decided after that to go into nursing so that one day I might be able to leave an impact and help families just as those nurses had.

Why did you choose SDSU to pursue your nursing degree? South Dakota State University’s nursing program offers both a small community experience in which all your professors and classmates get to know you and support you while also providing many opportunities to grow and explore both related and unrelated to nursing. It really grows on you and begins to feel like your home away from home.

Is there a particular field of nursing you are planning to pursue? I’ve always felt the need to be an oncology nurse and give back to the same community of people that made me want to be a nurse. As I continue to learn and experience other types of nursing I’ve found that I really enjoy critical care and women’s health as well. There’s always so many ways you can use your nursing degree and that’s the great thing about it!

What is your big dream? After gaining experience I would love to be a travel nurse and see more of the country!

What advice would you share with a future nursing student? It’s okay to be nervous or scared when trying new things, the important thing is that you don’t give up! SDSU has a whole community of people that are here to support you and who want you to succeed and do your best!